100+ Collection of Building House IDs in the Complete Sakura School Simulator 2022

Sakura school simulator house building id collection

Sakura School Simulator is one of the most popular games right now. Presenting exciting gameplay, you will play a high school student character and be transported through a small town called Sakura Town.

Carrying the theme open world, here you are free to go anywhere without limits. However, to do so, you need to enter the Sakura School Simulator ID that the players have created with cool houses and buildings.

Well, for those of you who are tired of going to monotonous places, please refer to the following collection of house IDs for the Sakura School Simulator building. There are at least more than 100 lists that I have compiled from various sources, including the Krusty Krab.

How to Enter ID Props in Sakura School Simulator

Before giving the Sakura School Simulator ID collection, maybe I should explain first how to enter the ID into the game. The first step of course is to copy or copy the ID Props you want, then follow the guide below.

  1. Open Sakura School Simulator game from smartphone
  2. After that, tap the Item menu and select Props
  3. Then select the Search by Props ID option
  4. Then paste or paste the ID that was copied earlier
  5. Tap the Apply button and OK

Usually, it takes a while to bring it up, just wait a minute. If so, please explore the building. If you want to login to another ID Props, follow the steps above from the beginning.

Sakura School Simulator House Building ID List

Playing this simulation game will be more exciting if you know the ID Props Sakura School Simulator. In addition to presenting the wisdom of choice, we can also look for references if one day we want to make it.

1. ID Sakura School Simulator Mosque

Building House Name ID number
Mosque 4316162123986
Cianjur Square Mosque 33161687116617
Baitul Ikhlas Mosque 44161675203753
As-Sholihin Mosque 38161734755620
Tempe Gaming Mosque 50161529264313
Mole Relax Mosque 9116151739356

2. ID Sakura School Simulator Luxury House

Building House Name ID number
Luxury House Near Villa 50161591735223
Park Front Luxury House 78161591728622
Simple House Near Repair 81161591709931
Chocolate Milk Account 93161591717923
Chocolate Milk II Account 73161562325210
Cute Luxury House 74161485646621
Gold Luxury House 57161854876736
Blue Luxury House 17161975212529
Aesthetic Luxury Greenhouse 75161521239626
Seven to Six Account 67161596710223
Dimas Aditya Putra 99161785700020

3. ID Sakura School Simulator Waterpark

Building House Name ID number
Water park 48161718836410
Animated Tia Waterpark 4816181132819
Waterpark Khansa Ardelia 97161590675110
CittCatt Waterpark 81161605990326
Waterboom Nafisa Fidela 23161586694724

4. ID Sakura School Simulator Haunted House

Building House Name ID number
Haunted house 78161763717515
Castle Haunted House 90161655622818
Quarry Village Haunted House 42161665044721
Golden Cat Haunted House 35161681698622

5. ID Sakura School Simulator Cafe and Shop

Building House Name ID number
Seveners Mall 96161559562312
Handphone store 10161529071914
Z Mart 96161559625317
Indomaret 80161572531923
Boba Store 81161528571910
Boba Cherie Kafe Cafe 7516150236708

6. ID Parkour Sakura School Simulator

Building House Name ID number
Parkour by Angelina Jess 81161571781812
Parkour by Kafa Only (1) 13161685212314
Parkour by Kafa Only (2) 37161685185914
Parkour by Rizna Putri 621616221155019
Parkour by Putri Azzahra 82161578291539

7. ID Sakura School Simulator All Houses in Upin Ipin

upin ipin's house id sakura school
Building House Name ID number
Upin Ipin’s House, Sis Ros, Oma 79161522015915
Meimei’s house 17161531249813
Susanti’s house 3716153127
Fizi’s House 78161531267010
Tok Dalang’s House 76161518870516
Home Mail 48161531261610
Jarjit’s House 93161531285412
Kindergarten Tadika Mesra 85161531232912

8. ID Sakura School Simulator BTS Home

house id bts sakura school simulator
Building House Name ID number
BTS House by Pony Toto 6316158962739
BTS House by Ayu Raisya 3416150598539
BTS house by 99velyn 57161629128911
Blackpink’s house by Dahler Putra 92161620808811

9. Best Sakura School Simulator Home and Building ID Collection (1)

Building House Name ID number
Pink House (Small House) 9316 1499 2867 11
Tree House 4516 1499 1804 16
Country House 4416 1499 2608 13
Minimalist House Above the Cafe 1416 1499 2111 9
Simple house 7116 1494 1177 15
Minimalist House Level 3 4516 1494 0931 25
Mediterranean House 9116 1494 1398 17
Car Shaped House 8116 1494 0843 21
Upin Ipin’s House 3816 1486 6859 19

10. Best Sakura School Simulator Home and Building ID Collections (2)

id krusty krab sakura school
Building House Name ID number
Tok Dalang’s House 8216 1491 0731 16
Spongebob Squarepants Rumah house 9116 1491 0632 27
ID Krusty Krab 7316 1494 1044 11
Blackpink’s house 4816 1492 3103 16
Beachside Restaurant 8416 1499 2385 20
Home Girl Decoration 9016 1499 2734 18
Heart Home Decoration 7216 1499 2267 11
Minimalist Villa 1416 1499 1957 11

There are approximately 100 Sakura School Simulator IDs that you can use and enjoy with friends or alone. Please use the ID properly as you wish. If there is something new, I will update this list gradually.


Since the Sakura School Simulator game features an open world theme, you can set your own style of play and go to your favorite places. In addition, you can also create a house or other property as you like and share it with friends.

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