12 Hero Names in Hyper Front Lite with the Most GG and Skills

Hero Name in Hyper Front Lite

Hero Name in Hyper Front Lite – Characters or heroes in the game have an important role so that players don’t get bored when playing. Especially if the character has skills or abilities like in Hyper Front Lite.

Hyper Front Lite was released recently, but this 5v5 FPS game has captured the hearts of gamers because of its Valorant-like gameplay and graphics. Moreover, its size is quite light and does not burden the memory too much.

Well, for those of you who are new to playing but confused about choosing a character, the following admin gives a list of the names of the heroes in Hyper Front Lite that are the most GG complete with their skills or abilities. Listen to the end, OK!

List of Hero Names in Hyper Front Lite

For now, there are 12 heroes in Hyper Front Lite, but only a few are free. While some, for example Nemesis and Valkyrie, you can claim using StarCoins or Star Quatz currency.

But don’t worry, free heroes have abilities that are no less good. If you practice often and understand the character, you will eventually become good at it.

Here’s a collection of hero names in Hyper Front Lite:

1. BlaZ Blast

Blast is a basic hero that all players must have. This hero is very suitable to be in the forefront because of the attacking type. Moreover, Blast is very easy to use with high Damage and Mobility.

Profile blast
Name Blaz
Title blast
Class Brawlers
Style Damage/Mobility
Free/Paid Free

As for the Blast skill, all of them produce damage, except for the Jetpack which can be used to monitor the opponent from a height.

  • Triple Shot – Three grenades that can be thrown and will explode if they touch the surface
  • Jetpack – Fly high up to spy on enemies or dodge attacks
  • Mega Shark Rocket – Shoots high-explosive rockets

2. Pix Sentinel

Pix which has the Sentinel title is also a basic hero. All players must get this hero at the beginning of logging in. His appearance is quite cool and impressed Hypebeast. Pix is ​​more suitable for use in the middle or back row.

Profile Sentinel
Name Pix
Title Sentinel
Class Scout
Style Drones/Homing
Free/Paid Free

Because of his Drone/Homing style, Pix Sentinel’s skills are very useful for knowing the opponent’s position. Moreover, there is a Stun Grenade skill that will make the enemy freeze for a few seconds.

Here’s a list of Pix Sentinel skills:

  • Drones – Remotely control the drone to see where the enemy is
  • Stun Grenade – Throws a grenade with explosive effect to slow down the opponent’s movement
  • Homing Grenade – Throws two grenades which when they explode will stun the enemy for a few seconds

3. Sumine Faith Arrow

As the name implies, Sumine is a hero in Hyper Front Lite who has archery skills with Area Scan and Pashing styles. This hero can also be obtained for free, but you must complete the mission first.

Profile Faith Arrow
Name Sumine
Title Faith Arrow
Class Scout
Style Scan/Phasing Area
Free/Paid Free

All characters in Hyper Front Lite have 3 different skills, some of which produce damage and some to stun or spy on enemy positions.

  • Scouting Arrow – Shoots arrows that will reveal the enemy’s location, even behind walls
  • Burning Arrow – Shoots fireball arrows which if hit by the enemy will do damage continuously
  • Flaming Arrow – Releases an arrow in the shape of a Pheonix bird, the effect is damage and reveals the opponent’s position

4. Viento Storm

Next there is Viento who is a hero with the Tactician class. Storm or Viento are experts in the field of technology because he is so eager to prove that humans are better than robots or Artificial Intelligence.

Profile Storm
Name Viento
Title Storm
Class Tactician
Style Style Shrouding/AOE
Free/Paid Free

Viento’s trademark is that he uses glasses to open the map and launch skills that can determine enemy locations or deal damage.

  • Tornado Burst – Viento will open the map to produce spherical clouds, thereby reducing enemy visibility
  • Cyclone Burst – Throws a grenade that creates a vortex, sucks up nearby objects and makes enemies vulnerable to fire
  • Tornado – A hurricane at a location marked on the map, dealing damage to nearby enemies

5. MIA Cure Light

MIA is a hero in Hyper Front Lite with a half human and robot appearance. With the title Cure Light, this hero is a Supporter type and has the ability to restore a friend’s HP after being hit by enemy fire.

Profile Cure Light
Name MIA
Title Cure Light
Class Supporters
Style Heal/Revive
Free/Paid 20000 SC/500 SQ

Because of the Supporter type, MIA Cure Light is more suitable in the back row and becomes a “doctor” when a friend is dying. If the intensity of the game is high, you can pick MIA during matchmaking.

Here are three Cure Light hero skills in Hyper Front Lite:

  • Nano Treatment – Recover HP of friends or yourself after being hit by an opponent’s attack
  • Blockade Area – Create a hexagon-shaped blockade, the enemies in it will slow down
  • Body Reconstruction – Revive a dead friend and restore his HP to 100%

6. Frost Coldcast

Coldcast or Ice Snow is a female hero in Hyper Front Lite who is a Guardian type. With the Trap/CC style, you can rely on this hero to create traps and control the path of attack.

Profile Coldcast
Name Frost
Title Coldcast
Class Guardian
Style Trap/CC
Free/Paid Free

Because the type is Guardian or Guard, Frost is very suitable to be chosen if you use a defensive strategy. Moreover, his ability is dominated by stun and inhibit the opponent’s movement.

  • Icecore Trap – This skill is a trap which if activated will slow down the enemy’s movement
  • Ice Barrier – Use this skill if you are in a difficult position, Ice Barrier will create an ice wall that will block enemy fire
  • Freezing Storm – In the form of ice crystals which when destroyed will make the enemy freeze for a few seconds

7. Necrys Nemesis

You could say Nemesis is the best hero in Hyper Front Lite. Besides being only available with Star Quartz top up, this hero has cloning and illusion skills. Very suitable for provoking enemy movement.

Profile Nemesis
Name Necrys
Title Nemesis
Class Brawlers
Style Clone/Mask
Free/Paid 500 SQ

With a mysterious and scary appearance, Nemesis is the mainstay of almost all players. The following skills are owned by Necrys Nemesis.

  • Void Illusion – A skill that casts an illusionary shadow, when pressing the button, you will quickly switch positions
  • Dark Oblivion – Take out the dome to protect from attacks, use this skill wisely because time is very limited
  • Clone – Create a clone that can advance forward to find the location of the enemy, while the original body stays in the starting place

8. Akila Veil

The next hero name in Hyper Front Lite is Akila. Veil is the title of this Tactician-type hero. The hallmark of Akila is being able to issue gold-colored sand to attack or defend.

Profile Veil
Name Akila
Title Veil
Class Tactician
Style Divide the Battlefield/Shelter
Free/Paid 500 SQ

But to be able to use Akila Veil, you have to top up 500 Star Quartz or around Rp. 170,000 at Codashop. Here are some of Akila’s skills:

  • Shrouding Sandstorm – Casts a thin wall of golden sand, passing opponents will be vulnerable and easily defeated
  • Quicksand Desert – Casts quicksand near the enemy which will slow down movement and deal damage
  • Scorching Sand – In the form of a golden sand dome that blocks the enemy’s view

9. Ray Thunder

Entering the Brawler class, Ray can be a mainstay if you need an attacking type hero. Especially with the title Thunder, Ray is equipped with lightning strike skills to produce high damage to nearby enemies.

Profile Thunder
Name Ray
Title Thunder
Class Brawlers
Style Propel/Auto-aim
Free/Paid 20000 SC/500 SQ

The skills of Thunder all have lightning elements, some are for defense and attack.

Lightning Dash – Runs as fast as lightning in the intended direction, can be to chase or avoid the enemy

Plasma State – Turns transparent to avoid damage from enemy fire

Ion Shock – Releases lightning energy to enemies and deals consecutive damage

10. Claretta Blink

Claretta is the name of the hero in Hyper Front Lite who is female. His appearance is quite cool with his tight clothes and digital effects when issuing skills. Use Blink heroes for attack strategies.

Profile Blink
Name Claretta
Title Blink
Class Tactician
Style Shrouding/Teleport
Free/Paid 20000 SC/500 SQ

Here are three of Claretta’s skills that are dominated by teleportation:

Horizon Blocked – Release the cube that will limit the enemy’s visibility

Spacetime Leap – Teleport to a selected location

Dimension Jump – A disappearing skill that can be used to attack enemies stealthily

11. Krove Blood Raider

Have you ever watched One Punch Man? There’s a name for it, Genos, now Blood Raider is very similar to Genos. The whole body and face are made of steel, making it look like a robot.

Profile Blood Raider
Name Krove
Title Blood Raider
Class Brawlers
Style Self-healing/Invincible
Free/Paid 20000 SC/500 SQ

Blood Raider is a paid hero in Hyper Front Lite, but you can buy it with yellow coins. Here are the various skills that Krove aka Blood Raider has.

  • Blindness – Throws an object that when it explodes will produce a red effect that makes the enemy unable to see
  • Bloodthirst – After killing the enemy, you can use this skill to increase HP
  • Berserk – Blood Raider can rise from the dead by activating this skill

12. Targh Valkyrie

The last Hero in Hyper Front Lite is Valkyrie with the real name Targh. This is a Guardian class hero whose style is Shield/Suppressing Fire. You could say Valkyrie is the best hero because her skills are very complete.

Profile Valkyrie
Name Targh
Title Valkyrie
Class Guardian
Style Shield/Suppressing Fire
Free/Paid 20000 SC/500 SQ

Here are some of the Valkyrie’s skills:

  • Auto Turret – Ejects a turret that will automatically shoot enemies continuously
  • Shield of Perseverance – Basic skill in the form of a shield that is useful for protecting from gunfire
  • Explosion Area – Use this skill to scan the enemy’s location, and blow up the area where the enemy is

If you are confused about which one to choose, you can see the recommendations for the best heroes in Hyper Front Lite for each class below:

  • Nemesis – Brawler
  • Faith Arrow – Scout
  • Valkyrie – Guardian
  • Cure Light – Supporter
  • Veil – Tactician


If you want to buy a hero but are confused which one is the best, you can try all Hyper Front Lite heroes in Training mode. After it feels right, you just top up Star Quartz and buy the hero of choice in the Heroes menu.

That’s the review that admin can share about the name of the hero in the most GG Hyper Front Lite complete with skills or abilities. Hopefully this can be a reference for those of you who are confused about choosing the best hero.

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