12 Ways to Pamper Your Girlfriend Through WhatsApp, Add Sticky

How to Pamper Your Girlfriend Through WhatsApp

How to Pamper Your Girlfriend Through WhatsApp – Some people who are in a relationship may need a way to pamper their boyfriend via whatsapp. It’s true, how to pamper your girlfriend to make it more sticky must be known so that the relationship is always durable.

Basically you have to really give the best for your boyfriend even if it’s just an expression. This is what will make your boyfriend always miss the good things you have done to him.

So if you don’t do it again then he will ask about his longing when you spoil your girlfriend.

Pampering a boyfriend is not something that is not needed but is very much needed for the comfort of every relationship that is lived.

If you have never spoiled your boyfriend, then it is certain that he will become bored in time and choose to leave your relationship with him because there is nothing new or interesting that he has felt so far.

How to pamper your girlfriend to make her more affectionate can be started in close proximity or even if you are not there beside her, you can still do it with the help of other tools such as whatsapp or wa.

Pampering your girlfriend when you are in a long distance relationship is not difficult and later your boyfriend will always remember how to pamper his girlfriend via WhatsApp that you have shown him so that a sense of longing will always appear in his heart.

For example, if you want to pamper your girlfriend via WhatsApp to make her love you even more, try to make the right words, sentences or speech for her. If you think it’s good then you can immediately send it to your boyfriend so he can read it.

Then how do you pamper your girlfriend through wa?

How to pamper your girlfriend via WhatsApp can be tried by following some of the instructions provided below. Let’s look at the steps of how to pamper your girlfriend via whatsapp to make it even more dear.

How to Pamper Your Girlfriend Through WhatsApp

1. Wake up

To pamper your girlfriend via WhatsApp, the first is when she just woke up from sleep. Use words to pamper your girlfriend, for example you can see as follows:

Morning my queen, let’s wake up now because you are waiting for a prince and that prince is me who will always accompany you anytime.

2. Go to work

The second way to pamper your girlfriend is when your boyfriend is going to work. It’s also the same as above where you have to send something via chat or by phone as in the example below:

Dear, be excited for today’s activities, I am the same because in order to be able to take advantage of today’s results to build the future for both of us later.

3. When eating at noon

Pampering girlfriend at lunch is necessary because it includes free hours or hours of rest. That way you can encourage him with the following examples of pampering your girlfriend:

Yank, eat a lot at break time so you can keep smiling and so that I can always see your very charming smile.

4. Finished work

How to pamper your boyfriend when he comes home from work or after work must be cultivated because so that he remains excited even though he has worked all day:

Honey, how are you doing today? Even though there are things that are not good but you must always be enthusiastic so that our desire to live together is achieved.

5. Eat at night

Remember when he eats at night that is the right time for you to pamper your girlfriend via whatsapp. There are steps you can take, which are as follows:

Eat a lot, honey so that you are fatter than you are now because I don’t want to see you not eating because you think about our love all the time.

6. Give a surprise

How to pamper your girlfriend to add more love next by giving a surprise. The surprise doesn’t have to be in the real world, but via WhatsApp you can too. To pamper your girlfriend in this case for example:

  • Send love pictures.
  • Send romantic stickers.
  • Send heart pictures
  • Send a photo of you and him.
  • Send a surprise or something else related to your love and her.

7. Always in the heart

Tell him that you will always be there when he needs you. This includes pampering your boyfriend so he doesn’t think of a replacement to replace you:

Honey you should know that I will always be there when you need it or not. Even though I will come unreal but I will always be in your heart.

8. Rest

Then you also have to understand and give him time at night or even when he doesn’t feel well, all of this for the sake of maintaining his health:

Rest dear because there is no other heart but you that can make me happy and I want you to always be healthy so that you are always there for me.

9. Give support

There are many things that you can use to provide support to pamper your girlfriend via whatsapp to make her more affectionate, see examples:

You must always be excited, dear, even though there are many obstacles that hinder but believe that all of it is a test of love so that we can be together in the future.

10. Good night wishes

How to pamper your girlfriend through chat you have to do in this section because you say goodnight to or for the boyfriend in a long distance. This is the same as how to spoil a boyfriend over the phone:

Don’t forget to decorate your dreams with me, honey, I will definitely dream of you with this sincere heart, good night dear.

11. Thank you

A thank you should be given to your girlfriend who has been accompanying your days. How to pamper a girlfriend via whatsapp with a thank you is as follows:

Thank you for today dear you have accompanied my dark days so they are full of color. Never get tired of being the color in my life.

12. Remind him

The last way to pamper your girlfriend via whatsapp is to remind her of something that will separate you and her, such as how to spoil a boyfriend over the phone:

Honey, even though there will be many trials that will hit us, but don’t ever run away from me. Hold on because I believe we will be together forever.

That’s how to pamper your girlfriend via whatsapp. How to pamper your girlfriend via WhatsApp to make it even more dear will definitely make your boyfriend afraid of losing and also waiting for you to pamper his girlfriend again.

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