16 Hero OP ML Meta Season 25 Now, Really GG


Hero OP ML Season 25 – Every new season there will be a buffed or nerfed hero. Just like season 25 for now there are many heroes of op ml season 25 that must be known because with the hero op ml season 25 they can bring you to victory easily.

The previous ml season has passed and now we have entered a new one where some things have also changed not as usual. In addition, this change is common in mobile legends games and many people already know.

But about the hero op ml season 25, not all players understand it because there are definitely many players who are trying to find heroes in meta op meta now. Starting from ordinary players to famous pro players.

Therefore, with this article which will show the hero op ml season 25. Surely this meta hero season 25 has also been eagerly awaited, let’s get started.

Hero Meta Season 25

  • Julian
  • Franco
  • Valentine
  • Wanwan
  • Cecilion
  • Johnson
  • Beatrix
  • Akai
  • Karina
  • Xavier
  • Vexana
  • Thamuz
  • Terizla
  • Leomord
  • Esmeralda
  • Atlas

Here’s a full explanation of the 16 heroes meta season 25 mobile legends.

Hero OP ML Season 25

1. Julian

Even though he doesn’t have the ultimate skill, Julian ml can be said to be the hero op ml season 25 because all of his skills can be improved at the beginning of the match and will certainly do a lot of damage.

In addition, Julian, who is a season 25 meta hero, must admit that he is included in the list of heroes in the draft pick mode. Although a hero role fighter mage but he is very good when placed in an offlaner or jungler.

The damage and agility that can be said are not kidding, making him a hero op season 25 which is very scary for opponents.

2. Franco

Who doesn’t know Franco? Tank users must know it and almost everyone likes it. Besides being easy to use, he can also attract opponents from a distance and lock one opponent’s hero until he can’t move.

Franco became a season 25 meta hero because he could heal himself without having to press skills. Although not too fast, but it can make the opponent think twice about beating him.

3. Valentine

Maybe in the previous season valentina mobile legends got nerf but don’t get me wrong, this time valentina is a season 25 op ml hero which is quite well played by user mages.

The thing that makes valentina a season 25 meta hero in mobile legends is that she will be able to trouble opponents. How not, his ultimate skill can change like the opponent’s hero so that all the skills are the same.

4. Wanwan

Although at the beginning of the game Wanwan looks slow, but in the middle to the late game he will become a very strong marksman. That’s why wanwan is included in the line of hero op ml now.

On the other hand, it can be said that this Wanwan is very agile and can dodge several attacks. It’s appropriate for Wanwan to be in the hero meta season now.

5. Cecilion

Hero meta season 25 or hero op meta is now next to cecilion. Cecilion is a hero mage with terrible damage. Even when the late game comes, he can attack the opponent with only two attacks.

Actually not only in season 25 but before and until now Cecilion is still the sickest hero of season 25 who has high damage.

6. Johnson

Even though he’s only a tank, Johnson is still very scary because he could suddenly attack the opponent using his ultimate skill.

On the other hand, his defense is also very strong and not easily defeated with burst damage.

7. Beatrix

This season, the strongest marksman who can fight in close and long range. He came back again with great strength that would make all players in the land of dawn eliminated quickly.

In the end, beatrix was included as the sickest hero of season 25. It’s still as usual that he can be placed as an offlaner or midlane.

8. Akai

Maybe in the past, players have forgotten about Akai, but for this season 25, Akai is one of the heroes in season 25. He can help the team when attacking jungle monsters or bothering opponents who are farming.

The cellphone has an absord and the skill also has a crowd control effect. It’s no wonder that Akai is one of the meta heroes available today.

9. Karina

Since several buffs and effects were added, until now Karina is still using it because it is very simple but has high assassin mage power.

There is no doubt that karina is also in the hero meta season 25. The current season maybe she will get stronger with the new game.

10. Xavier

The last hero meta season 25 or Hero op ml season 25 is xavier. He is a mage hero in mobile legends whose strength cannot be underestimated. Many use it in tournaments and for this season xavier is still the hero op ml.

It is recommended to use xavier if you want to push rank. You can choose two conditions for vaxier either in the mid as a mage or as a support.

11. Vexana

In the past, no one liked vexana and almost no one played it. But it turns out that with the existing revamp it makes it a meta season hero now. Since being revamped, Vexana has often been included in the hero ban.

But it doesn’t matter as long as you are still the sickest hero of season 25. Later, if anyone forgets, they will definitely pass in draft pick mode.

12. Thamuz

Hero meta season 25 after vexana is thamuz. It’s true because previously he was also strong and sick so in the current season he became a very important hero.

Even so, Thamuz is still used as a strong offlaner because most of the fighter role heroes are in the side lane or offlaner position.

13. Terizla

You must know Terizla, a hero role fighter whose movement is very slow so many players don’t like it. But in the current season, it’s different from the past in that there are several things added to Terizla.

Terizla gets a new buff that is so cool that it will affect the damage and defense he has. Those two increased until he would be hard to beat.

14. Leomord

The hero who likes to ride horses is Leomord. With his ultimate, he can attack the opponent while riding a horse. Actually, the damage from the previous season’s leomord was also quite painful, what’s more, coupled with the current season, it must be a season 25 meta hero.

Leomord has been revamped so a buff has also been added to make it even more powerful than before.

15. Esmeralda

The next season 25 meta hero is Esmeralda. He is a hero role mage tank who is quite good when fighting 1 vs 1. Surely he will be the winner because he has strong absorption and defense.

Currently, Esmeralda is very suitable to be used as a hero offlaner or hero roam. But back again to the players themselves that must know the situation.

16. Atlas

Hero meta season is now the last, namely the atlas. Maybe in the previous season atlas was not like tigreal or khufra but in the current season atlas dares to go forward because he is different.

Atlas has a crowd control skill that can gather opponents into one and then after that Atlas will throw the hero.

Those are some of the hero op ml season 25. In your opinion, which of the list of heroes meta season 25 on mobile legends like above is the best? You can adjust it yourself, I hope it’s useful.

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