4 Easy Solutions How to Overcome Microsoft Word Not Responding 2022

How to Overcome Microsoft Word Not Responding

The Microsoft Word Not Responding notification appears, which is the most hated thing, especially when working on a task. This problem often occurs which makes the page freeze or won’t operate.

In general, the cause of Microsoft Word not responding can be due to the AutoCorrect feature or an add-in installed on the laptop. But in some cases, software legality issues can also contribute to this problem.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to solve Microsoft Word not responding, see this article. Because the admin will explain in full so that your activities can be resumed.

How to Overcome Microsoft Word Not Responding

All problems related to Microsoft software must have a solution. So when Ms Word is not responding, you don’t need to panic. To overcome this problem, you can do it yourself without the need to go to a repairman.

In addition to technical factors, usually the cause of not responding in Microsoft Word is because the laptop or PC memory exceeds the safe limit. Thus, the system performance is less than optimal.

Here are some ways to solve the latest Microsoft Word not responding for all versions, such as 2010 and 2016.

1. Delete Unimportant Software or Data

The performance of the device, whether it’s a smartphone or a PC, is highly dependent on memory capacity. Data or software that accumulates, let alone rarely used, will make the system run not as it should.

Therefore, you should check your storage space often and delete all the things that are not important. This is the basic solution to Microsoft Word not responding. If there is no change, follow the next method.

2. Try Disabling AutoCorrect

AutoCorrect functions to correct typos or incorrect typing. If you type a word incorrectly, the AutoCorrect feature will change the word as it should.

So, why does this feature cause Microsoft Word not responding? If you use a PC/laptop with low specifications, it will load a lot of memory when AutoCorrect is enabled.

For this reason, it is important to disable it so that the not responding problem does not reappear. Follow the steps below.

  • First click the File menu
  • Then select Options > Proofing
  • After that, look at the “Change how Word corrects and formats text as you type” section.
  • Then click the “AutoCorrect Options” button
  • Then remove the checklist on “Show AutoCorrect Options Buttons”
  • If so, click the OK button

Until this stage, the way to solve Microsoft Word not responding should have been completed. If the problem is in AutoCorrect, it is guaranteed that you will not experience this problem again.

3. Try Disabling Add-ins

Furthermore, you can also try how to overcome Microsoft Word not responding by disabling Add-ins. What are Add-ins? In short it is a feature to run commands on programs.

But actually Add-ins are rarely used and are considered less useful for some users. In addition, sometimes Add-ins also cause problems for Ms. Word, one of the systems is not responding.

Well, to overcome Microsoft Word not responding, follow the steps to disable Add-ins below:

  • Go to File menu
  • Then click Options > Add-ins
  • At the bottom near the words COM Add-ins, you click “GO”
  • Then remove all the checklists in the column, if you have clicked OK

It looks simple, but in some cases it is very effective in dealing with Ms. Word is not responding, even in all versions.

4. Perform Manual Repair

The last way you can try is with a manual repair. That is, fix the problem by fixing system errors in the Control Panel. This method should be able to overcome Microsoft Word not responding.

Perform the following steps:

  • Go to Control Panel menu
  • If you don’t know how, click Start > Control Panel
  • Next select Programs and Features
  • Then search for “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 or 2016”
  • Once found, right-click the mouse and select “Change”
  • Then click Repair > Continue
  • Finally, please wait for the repair process to finish

When it’s finished, you have to restart your PC/laptop so that the repair process is successful. Next, please try to reopen the Word worksheet. This should be successful and the not responding notification will no longer appear.


Actually another cause of problems in Ms. Office due to the use of illegally downloaded software or through pirated sites. Because generally, the software does not have support if a problem occurs.

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