4 Ways to Invest in Magic and the Benefits Especially for 2022 Beginners

How to Invest in Magic

Magic is one of the online platforms that helps in making investments. With this kind of investment application, of course, many young people are interested in investing, but in a simpler way.

Like Bibit or Bareksa, Ajaib offers a variety of features that make it easier for users to invest in stocks, money markets, and bonds.

Well, for those of you who are confused but curious about investing through digital platforms, here’s a review of how to invest in Magic complete with a variety of benefits for beginners.

How to Invest in Magic

Choosing the Magic application to invest in mutual funds online is the right choice. As is known, mutual funds are safe and liquid investment products.

Meanwhile, the Magic application has been registered with the OJK and IDX, so it is safe to use. If you are interested in investing in mutual funds in this application, see the following steps:

1. Create a Magic Account

Before starting to invest in the Magic app, users must first have an account. To do this, it can be accessed through the official Magic website or through the Magic application.

The required information includes mobile phone number, email address and password. After that the user will get a verification code which will be sent to the user number.

After successfully verifying, the next step is to fill in the data to make an investment.

2. Filling Data

There are 4 stages of filling out the profile required by OJK. The first stage contains information about your investment experience, income, goals and duration of the investment you want to make.

The second stage is to fill in information related to the user’s identity such as the NIK number and upload a photo of the ID card.

The third stage, the user is asked to fill in the home address and the last is to fill in the account number to make it easier for users to withdraw investment returns.

After that click ‘continue’ to complete the registration process. Thus, the user’s Ajaib account can already be used to invest in mutual funds in the Ajaib application.

3. Buying Mutual Fund Products

To buy mutual funds, users can enter on the application homepage and you can find various mutual fund products there. To buy it just need to click on the desired product.

Later users will get information about the mutual fund product, ranging from performance to returns that can be generated.

After that click ‘invest now’ to continue the payment. Choose the payment method used, either via BCA or OVO manual transfer.

If the user’s account does not use a BCA account, a fee of IDR 6,500 will be charged. After that enter the desired investment nominal.

4. Payment Confirmation

If you have made a payment, make sure to screenshot the proof of payment. Next do the conformation on the ‘transaction’ menu by uploading the evidence earlier.

That was how to invest in Magic and the profits and the movement of the investment can be monitored through the ‘invest’ menu.

Advantages of Investing in Magic

This online investment method has more advantages than conventional investment methods. Investing in mutual funds in Ajaib can save time because you can see many mutual fund products from that platform alone.

In addition, with this kind of online application, investing can be done at any time.

Another advantage of investing in mutual funds online at Ajaib is that it is easy to withdraw. Mutual funds, which are known to be liquid, make this one investment product in great demand.

To withdraw it, users only need to enter the ‘invest’ menu then select the mutual fund that you want to withdraw.

Enter the desired withdrawal amount, then click ‘withdraw’. The withdrawal process will take 2 to 6 business days.

How to invest in Magic and the benefits obtained from this application certainly make investing easier and more enjoyable.

That was a review of how to invest in Magic and the benefits that beginners can understand when investing in Ajaib mutual funds.
How to invest in Magic is very easy to do so that it can be done by everyone. However, it should be noted to always choose the best investment application that has been supervised by the OJK.

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