4 Ways to Overcome This Site Can’t Be Reached, It Will Be 100% Successful!

how to solve this site can't be reached on chrome android

Some time ago while looking for information on Chrome Android, suddenly Google error and displays a message, “This site cannot be reached”.

After being traced, it turns out that this is caused by several things, one of which is a server down.

But basically, Android Chrome errors are very common considering that Google is a search engine largest in the world.

More than 80% of internet users use Google to search for information, whether it’s entertainment or material and Brainly or others.

How To Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached On Chrome Android

There are many ways that we can do to overcome this site can not be reached when opening Chrome on Android. Of course, each method is definitely 100% effective because it has been tried before.

Just take a look at the guide below:

1. Clear Browser History, Cache Data, and Cookies

The cause of this site cannot be reached on Chrome Android, one of which is the browser experiencing over capacity or too many sites being opened, causing garbage/cache to accumulate.

To fix this, you can delete your browsing history, cache, and cookies, as follows.

  • Please open the Chrome browser on Android
  • Tap the dot or three lines in the upper right corner, then select History
  • Then tap Clear Browsing Data
  • Checklist all options except “Saved passwords”
  • Finally tap Clear Data

After all history is deleted, close the browser, wait a few moments and try to revisit the site you wanted to open before. This site can’t be reached notification is it still there or is it gone?

2. Force Stop and Clear Application Data

If the previous method doesn’t work, you can force stop or force stop Google Chrome and delete application data. Actually this step is very easy. What? Don’t know how? Mmm, well, pay attention to the following tutorial.

  1. Go to Settings/Settings on your smartphone
  2. Next tap Application Manager
  3. Then select Google Chrome
  4. Scroll down, tap Clear Data and Force Stop

3. Restart Smartphone and Enable Airplane Mode

Furthermore, if the way to solve this site can’t be reached on Chrome Android at the point above it still doesn’t work, please restart or restart your device. After that, try to access the site via Google Chrome.

Still no changes? Try turning on airplane mode for 2 minutes, then turning it off again.

4. Internet Problem, Change Network Settings

In some cases, unstable internet can also cause access to Google Chrome to be disrupted, especially if the network only has 1 stick left.

If the problem is like this, the best solution is to change the network mode or APN.

The cause of this site cannot be reached on Android Chrome can also be because the site you are opening has been blocked by the government because it contains pornographic or illegal elements.

In addition, server down problems can also be the cause.


By following some of the guidelines above, possible Google error issues can be resolved. However, if there are no changes, of course you have to be a little patient because there is a problem on Google’s servers or is being downloaded.maintenance.

Here are some ways to fix this site can’t be reached on Chrome Android. Hopefully this article can help those of you who are working on assignments or looking for information about the world of entertainment.

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