5 Ways to Borrow Money at KoinWorks for Fast and Easy 2022 Approval

How to Borrow Money at KoinWorks

KoinWorks is a platform that helps financial problems that often occur in society by providing loans.

Loans that can be applied for at KoinWorks can be in the form of money for business capital, education funds, to health costs.

How to Borrow Money at KoinWorks

1. Download and Install the KoinWorks App

KoinWorks provides financing services based on Peer to Peer Lending or often abbreviated as P2PL. This platform is quite safe to use, because it has been supervised by OJK.

KoinWorks is an official application, so it can be downloaded through the Play Store and Appstore for free. Prospective borrowers can download via any device.

After the download is complete, just install the application so that KoinWorks is available on the menu on your smartphone.

2. Register Account

Next, open the previously installed KoinWorks application, for easy operation, please select Indonesian. Click the Register Account button and select the Private option.

Complete all required personal data, such as full name, phone number, email address for account verification and some other data.

Don’t forget to make sure all the data entered is correct before clicking the Register button.

Verify the phone number by entering the OTP code that has been sent by KoinWorks in the number that has been entered for registration. Then, generate a KoinWorks account security code and the account registration is complete.

3. Prepare the Required Documents

In order for the loan application process at KoinWorks to be completed quickly, it would be better to prepare the required documents first.

Applying for loans for individuals requires documents in the form of ID cards, NPWP, Family Cards and Account Mutations for the last 3 months.

Special NPWP, only used if you want to apply for a loan of more than 50 million.

Please note that the more complete the information provided when applying for a loan, the higher the chance for the application to be approved by KoinWorks.

So, as much as possible to provide complete information as required by KoinWorks.

4. Apply for a Loan

Before applying for a loan, make sure you are over 21 years old, this is one of the mandatory requirements for applying for a loan.

How to apply for a loan at KoinWorks is quite easy. Click Dashboard in the KoinWorks app, select the Commerce Stores option, click See Details to complete the form and upload the required documents.

The perpetrator of the loan application must fill out the form provided with valid data. When filling out the form data, press the Save Data button and confirm the loan application by clicking Submit.

If so, a notification of Apply Data Successfully will appear and the submitter will receive an email from KoinWorks.

5. Loan Confirmation

KoinWorks will confirm the loan if the person applying for the loan has met the applicable terms and conditions.

KoinWorks will of course process the data that has been sent by the person who made the loan first, before giving confirmation.

If KoinWorks approves the loan application that has been made, the money you want to borrow will be immediately disbursed.

KoinWorks itself provides a monthly loan interest of 0.75%-1.67% and an administration fee of approximately 100 thousand.

This fee will only be charged if the loan application has been approved.

That’s how to borrow money at KoinWorks, it’s easy, isn’t it? For borrowers who can pay off the loan before it is due, KoinWorks will not impose any fines or penalties.

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