6 Aesthetic Luxury House IDs in Sakura School Simulator 2022


One of the fun that we can enjoy in the game Sakura School Simulator is visiting a luxurious house and see what’s inside. Especially if the house displays luxury and looks very aesthetic.

The house that is currently quite viral and is often discussed by Sakubers is Rina’s Luxury House which can be found using ID Props.

Aesthetic Luxury Home ID in Sakura School Simulator

There are many aesthetic luxury house IDs in Sakura School Simulator. But here the admin wants to share the 7 most interesting IDs. So, so you don’t miss the ID, make sure you watch it to the end, OK!

1. Home Girl Home Decoration

The first is a house from Nazwa KH with a dark gray exterior. Uniquely, if you walk to the side, you will see a watermelon garden that is already fruiting.

On the inside it is also quite nice, the decoration is very aesthetic and modern. You can collect this ID in the Sakura School Simulator game.

20162038028426 by Nazwa KH

2. Home Girl Baby Room

If you want to see a luxurious house with a baby’s room, Frha Eve’s house can be an option. Although it looks minimalist, it has a luxurious and nice decoration.

In addition to the nursery, there is also a work area, seating area, kitchen and dining room. You will also find an aquarium and a mini swimming pool.

2216282066929 by Frha Eva

3. House Girl’s Luxury House

Next there is a pink luxury house that has 4 floors and a rooftop. From the street you can already see how luxurious this house is. When you enter the house, you are immediately faced with the living room.

You could say that the Hause Girl house is very complete, there is a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and even a piano place. Anyway, it’s really good, guaranteed satisfaction if you visit this aesthetic house.

67165181355960 by Salinchan/Queenzia

4. Girl’s House

The next luxury home ID belongs to Helen Mardiana. Here he added a new house on the side, making it look more spacious like a sultan’s house.

The interior of the house was redecorated, including the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Even though it has two floors, unfortunately we won’t find anything there because the Props have run out.

25161749286810 by Helen Mardania

5. Rina Gold House

We enter the ID of the most aesthetic luxury house in the next Sakura School Simulator, namely VAP’s Golden House. Starting from the outside, you will be amazed by this house, even the roof tiles are also made of gold.

In addition, the dining table is also made of gold. This house looks so luxurious, sultan class! Although it looks small, this house is actually very spacious. In the backyard you will find stairs to go up to the second floor.

37164792611024 by VAP

6. Home Girl + Warung

Finally, there is Rina’s house which is decorated by the Asma Family. Here it looks very good because in the yard there is a playground and a place to relax. Interestingly, here you can also find Bu Suki’s grocery shop.

Inside the house is also not much different from other aesthetic luxury house ID Props. There is a kitchen, bedroom, and gaming room. Meanwhile, the attic has also been decorated with additional pianos, seats, and a bag collection area.

71161984930018 by Asma Family


You can copy all the IDs above, so don’t forget to visit them to make the game more exciting. So many reviews about the collection of aesthetic luxury house IDs in Sakura School Simulator that admin can share. May be useful!

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