7 Ways to Unbind COC Clash Of Clans Account From Latest Supercell ID

How to Unbind COC Account From Supercell ID

How to Unbind COC Account From Supercell ID – Hello clasher, meet again with me in this blog. In this latest article I will try to show you a way to unbind a supercell id account. For those of you who can’t unbind the supercell coc Clash Of Clans account, you can read it below.

There are various goals that everyone has when he wants to unbind an account. One of the goals is because they want to change the email in the old account to the email in the new account. Another goal when trying to login may be a little difficult.

Fortunately, unbind coc accounts can indeed be done with certain steps. But try to understand each step correctly so that there are no mistakes.

For how to unbind a Supercell ID account, please read the following carefully.

How to Unbind COC Account From Supercell ID

1. Before that you must have entered the Clash Of Clans game and go to Settings, select Help and Support > select Supercell ID > select Why is a verification code prompted every time you enter Supercell ID.

2. Tap or select the message menu located at the top right and don’t forget to write a message like this:

Hello Supercell ID

I am currently in need of your help regarding unbind coc account or disconnecting my village supercell id. For me the Supercell ID feature is too complicated for a beginner like me. So I hope you can help me to decide or unbind Supercell coc account.

Thank you

3. If you get a reply message from Supercell, please answer all questions correctly and in as much detail as possible.

Some of the questions include:

  • When was the last month or year you played that village or account
  • The name and type of cellphone you use to play
  • Your village name or account name
  • The name of the clan you join or join

You have to answer all the questions properly because when Supercell checks the data, it will find a match against your coc account. That way, the Supercell ID account unbind will be successful.

4. After you send the information or data to Supercell it turns out to be correct and suitable, then your Supercell ID account will soon be unbind.

5. Then you exit the Clash Of Clans game and later there will be an option to enter, then choose Sign In Without Supercell ID.

6. After that, please re-enter the Clash Of Clans game with that account or village.

7. Done.

Now you can see in the settings whether the Supercell ID button is red or not. If it’s red, it means that you have successfully unbind your Supercell ID account, but if you haven’t, it means you have to repeat the steps from the beginning.

That’s how to unbind a coc account or change the email of a coc account. The method is very easy, you only send real information when conversing with supercell, then unbind the coc account from Supercell ID successfully.

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