8 Ways to Advertise Goods Product Promotions on WhatsApp, Let It Sell

How to Advertise Goods Product Promotion on WhatsApp

How to Advertise on WhatsApp – Whatsapp has become a very popular chat application. With the ease of use, now Whatsapp has tens of millions of users in the world.

Whatsapp plays a role not only as a chat application. If you have Whatsapp, you will meet many people who advertise on WhatsApp and advertise their products.

Of course we can use this to promote or advertise the products that we will sell. So if you want to advertise your product then you can use the Whatsapp application.

Besides being free for product promotion, you can also create an ad style on WhatsApp according to your own wishes.

Then how do you advertise on whatsapp?

The following is a way of advertising on whatsapp or how to promote products on whatsapp that you can do. Read more below.

How to Promote Products on WhatsApp

1. Expand WhatsApp Contacts

Expand Whatsapp contacts. You can search for Whatsapp contacts starting from your own friends and even people you don’t know.

Look for Whatsapp contacts that are active all the time. Do not save Whatsapp contacts that are rarely active because it will make your product promotion useless later.

If the product you are going to sell is a woman’s need, then you can look for many female contacts.

Please note that women will be easily attracted to buying the products you sell if the products and the way to promote goods on whatsapp are done correctly.

2. Using WhatsApp Groups

Like groups in general. Groups are created to share information with each other. There are groups that only discuss one particular topic, some even discuss all topics in one group.

This is an opportunity that we can use to advertise our products. But the thing to note is that you have to keep the existing rules.

It’s better if you contact the group admin first to ask for permission to advertise the product. If it is allowed, you can start advertising goods on whatsapp. But never advertise products in a spam way.

Even though your product looks good but advertise it by spamming it you will not get anything.

It’s even possible that many of your numbers have been blocked because they have spammed the group. Want it to happen like that? Certainly not.

3. Broadcast

Broadcast messages make it easy for us to send all messages to all Whatsapp contacts. If you have many Whatsapp contacts, then you can send Broadcast messages in which you have placed ads on WhatsApp such as banners or promotions for your products.

To send a Broadcast message you can click the three dots in the upper right corner > select New Broadcast > Add all Contacts.

You can send 256 messages to Whatsapp contacts in one delivery. But what you need to pay attention to when you want to send a Broadcast message, you must have determined when you will take it.

If you send the message during business hours maybe your friends in your Whatsapp contacts will also work so they don’t open it.

They will open Whatsapp after the job is done. If that’s the case, the message you sent will not be read even if they have opened Whatsapp after working hours.

Why? Because they are more concerned with important messages that come in from someone. They can even delete your message immediately because they feel annoyed.

4. Using WhatsApp Status

How to promote products on whatsapp status is the same as in Broadcast messages, easy to see by all contacts. But unfortunately they don’t see the Whatsapp status if the image you make is less attractive.

We all also know that by promoting items on WhatsApp status, we can immediately see even though they are small and without opening them.

But after all we have to really make the image design for your product advertisement as attractive as possible so that they want to open your status.

5. Using WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp Business is a business application specifically for people who do business. By using WhatsApp Business for business, advertising on WhatsApp Business will be easier and certainly more efficient.

If you use Whatsapp Business, your customers can find various things such as location, website, opening schedule, closing schedule and others.

It’s not necessary anymore, but it is needed. You need the app to advertise products and start a business.

6. Send Direct Message

You can also advertise your products by sending messages directly to your Whatsapp contacts. Your product will be able to get an immediate response from people. So there you can find out how interesting your product promotion is on WhatsApp.

7. Using a Dedicated Business Account Number

You can view some official products also using official numbers and accounts. This will help the trademark to be of higher quality.

Suppose if you use a personal number and account for your product then many people think that you just want to play around for a while. But it doesn’t matter if the product you’re selling doesn’t have a brand that’s too big.

You can temporarily use your number and personal account. After being famous, immediately change to an official number and account.

8. Using Click-to-Chat

Click-to-Chat is one of the most extraordinary features of Whatsapp. Taking advantage of this feature makes it easier for you to start a chat without having their number stored in your contacts.

You can start a chat via the link created. To create a link, you can copy the code below:


Enter your cellphone number in the link, for example:


Then you can share the link to several social media. When someone clicks on the link, that person can be directly connected to your Whatsapp number.

But if the person who clicks on the link uses the desktop version of Whatsapp, that person will be directed to Whatsapp Web.

You can also see what types of social media are often used for promotion, READ HERE.

You can easily do various ways of advertising goods on the Whatsapp application. Even though WhatsApp doesn’t yet provide advertiser features, at least we can create ads on WhatsApp in our own way.

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