AGTLive Site New Site to Replace AGTantors? This is the explanation

AGTLive Site New Website to Replace AGTOffices

After AGTKantors com could not be opened, a new website appeared called AGTLive site which was said to be a replacement for AGTKantors. Is that right? To answer this question, consider the following explanation so that you are not deceived.

As the admin explained in the previous article, the AGTantors com site began to have problems so that users could not open it, either through a VPN or Google search engine.

This is certainly very worrying, considering that many members have already deposited. Moreover, not a few of them failed to do the disbursement or withdrawal process.

What is AGTLive Site?

When the admin opens the AGTLive site, the initial display is only a form to login and the AGT account registration button. Nothing else explains whether this site is related to AGTantors.

On the other hand, from the Advanced Global Technology Facebook group, someone suggested logging in and withdrawing the money from the old AGT site deposit.

But, from other members, they say the site is working normally, but we can’t log in to the account. So you have to create a new account.

One of the members also said that don’t get caught up in fake sites. Because in conditions like this, there must be people who take advantage of the AGTKantors site that has an error.

Is AGTLive a Substitute for AGTantors?

A few hours after AGTKantors com could not be opened, an AGTLive site appeared with the domain extension “.site”. He said this is a temporary replacement until the AGTKantors site can be opened normally.

So, is AGTLive a replacement for AGTantors?

From admin’s search, the AGTLive site domain was registered on May 28, 2022, which means it’s only 1 month old (when this article was written). Still relatively new to a financial-based website.

AGTLive registration date 28 May 2022

Besides that, the .site domain extension is very unnatural to use for websites that run a financial business. Because the .site domain itself is a cheap domain that is not included in Google’s priority domain.

You can buy a domain with a .site extension for around Rp. 16,000. Just imagine, which company has a domain for Mie Ayam?

Well, from this it can be concluded that AGTLive is very doubtful as a replacement for AGTantors.

Don’t be tempted by things like this. Because it is possible that AGTLive is made by pranksters who take advantage of conditions for personal gain.


After AGTOffice disappeared, AGTOffices appeared, then disappeared again and came AGTLive. This pattern is actually very suspicious. The admin is sure that in the future there will be many new money-making applications that offer instant benefits.

So, that’s the full review for those of you who are curious if AGTLive is the new site to replace AGTantors. If this article is useful, please share it with other members so that they are not deceived by fake sites.

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