Ascension Symptom: What’s Ringing in My Ears?

Many people have reported an increase in what medical professionals call tinnitus and ringing in the ear or in both ears.

Then others have reported earaches, and often this pain travels down the ears to the teeth and jaw or up to the head where it becomes dizziness and headaches.

This can be scary as these areas affect our daily functioning.and our ability to maintain balance on a daily basis.

However, this process is part of the shift to a multidimensional lightbody energy signature.

The ear and inner ear are located between chakras 5, 6 and 7 or in other words, the area of ​​our spiritual anatomy that connects us to the higher dimensions. It follows that as we realign and reconfigure to connect more fully with our solar and galactic heritage, we will feel shifts and movements in this area.

Ascension Symptom: What's Ringing in My Ears?

Archangel Michael led me to look at an image of the ear to explain what happens to our body in this transformation. If you look at the inner ear, you will see an organ called the cochlea, which is shaped like a spiral.

This organ is responsible for translating received sounds into impulses that can be sent along the nerve pathways to the brain and to be heard and understood. But in the Higher Dimensions, the cochlea also functions as a galactic antenna that can receive sounds/signals from the Higher Dimensions.

Ascension Symptom: What's Ringing in My Ears?

Inside each ear is a cochlear coil that works together to facilitate the body’s hearing function.

But spiritually, the left ear cochlea works with the left brain to receive and ground Information about life on earth, while the right ear cochlea receives and translates information from the galactic plane associated with the spiritual and mystical realms.

Both are connected to the nervous system and the brain. However, the impulses that activate the spiralization of the cochlea at the higher consciousness level are transmitted through the pituitary gland and then through various neural pathways and light meridians into the cochlea.

This means that the galactic light codes are being transmitted very heavily by the waves of Golar and Galactic radiation, then the pineal gland becomes more activated and likewise for those who are prepared, the cochlea begins to vibrate with the messages of the Language of Light!

In a balanced individual, the activation of the left and right cochlear spirals ensures that there is balance, both literally and emotionally/mentally and spiritually. In our planetary culture we were very unbalanced, with heavily activated left brains and not right brains.

We live in a left brain society where little is valuedon the activities and functions of the right brain hemisphere that begin in school and continue into adult life.

So when the right brain cochlea begins to vibrate in harmony with the transmissions of light code from the galactic spiral, you begin to hear transmissions that you have not heard before.

That may only sound like it "White noise" right now that your brain has no idea how to translate it into a "language" significant. But as you begin to work with your right brain and expand into the higher magical dimensions, these transmissions will begin to take shape and meaning.

You can begin expressing the language of light through painting, music, poetry, or any other right brain activity you prefer to express the flow of galactic light codes.

It’s one of the reasons so many people are feeling imbalanced right now.Trust in the left brain becomes so imbalanced that people are at risk of moving into left brain “shadow” energy, into paranoia, psychosis and depression.

As such, many people may have no idea why they are suddenly feeling depressed, anxious, paranoid, and even psychotic. And because this is so prevalent, even if you don’t feel it yourself, you can sense it in other people’s interactions with you.

Certainly this is a challenging time in our transformation process. We just have to acknowledge what is happening and work to achieve a balance. Activate this right brain cochlea with creative activity, with magic, art, dance and music.

He dreams and dances, paints and writes, sees the patterns and magic in all things. Don’t get sucked into the dark side of the left brain’s “downward spiral.” We all need the downward spiral to connect to a healthy relationship with the earth, but when it gets out of whack it becomes a pathology.

I also have to say that I’ve found that avoiding dairy during this time can also help when earaches occur. Dairy products cause fluid to build up in the ears, and if there is already pressure in the area, it can cause pain.

And when the pineal gland is very active, this pain can be intense.

So dear friends, I think this is the time to “listen” and start listening to these new transmissions that are coming our way. I work with painting and light language transmissions are part of what I do now.

Keep your balance, try to stay away from drama and paranoia, and spend as much time as possible in the right-brain creative world.

Soon our planet will rediscover that magic and creativity are the keys of time and that if we understand time and how to work with time, we will create a very different world on a very different timeline.

The key is within us, as above so below. we have our own "Galactic Broadcaster" which is online now!

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