Can’t Watch FIFA Mobile 2022 Ads? Here’s How To Overcome It

Can't Watch FIFA Mobile Ads

Recently, EA Sports introduced a new feature to enhance the FIFA Mobile 2022 playing experience. Yes, this feature is an “advertisement”, with this players will be rewarded with gems to coins.

However, some players have experienced problems, namely the notification “no ads available now”, so they can’t watch ads.

How to fix not being able to watch ads on FIFA Mobile

At the beginning of the Kickoff Rivalries event, I also had this problem. So lose some important prizes to get players.

However, on the third day, the problem of not being able to watch ads on FIFA Mobile 2022 was finally resolved. As for what I do is quite simple, here are the steps.

1. Disable DNS Adguard

FIFA Mobile ads not showing up could be because the user is using DNS Adguard on the network. As we know, this type of DNS is often used to make the network more secure and remove ads on sites.

Although many users find Adguard DNS very helpful, it also has an impact on advertising activity on FIFA Mobile. Yes, the ads in the game won’t appear either.

To solve this, all you need to do is disable DNS Adguard. How to follow the steps below.

  • First go to Settings on your cellphone
  • Then select another connection (on other brands of cellphones it may be different, I use Infinix)
  • Then go to Private DNS
  • Select “Disable”
  • Finally click Save

At this point, the problem of not being able to watch FIFA Mobile ads has been resolved. But before entering the game, you should first exit or clean Recent Apps.

2. Delete the Adblocker app

If disabling DNS Adguard still doesn’t work, the next way to overcome being unable to watch FIFA Mobile ads is to delete the Adblocker application.

Adblocker is an application to block or prevent ads from appearing when we open sites or games. The way it works is not much different from DNS.

Well, if you want to get additional rewards besides completing FIFA Mobile missions, try deactivating the Adblocker first. Later if you want to use it, just activate it again.

Missing cross when watching FIFA Mobile ad?

The two methods above are guaranteed to be able to overcome not being able to watch FIFA Mobile 2022 ads. Well, for this one review, there are also many crossword questions that are not present when watching ads.

Actually this is not a bug or error, because the duration of the ad is usually 15 seconds to 30 seconds. After the duration ends, a new cross will appear and you can click on it.

So wait for me, huh! Not even 1 hour. Very comparable to the reward obtained.

That’s an explanation of the causes and how to overcome not being able to watch FIFA Mobile 2022 ads. With the above review, you can see a variety of advertising options to get coins, gems, or tokens at the event.

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