Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok


Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok – When you create a Tiktok account, you are asked to add your age and date of birth. So how to change age on Tiktok and date of birth on Tiktok? Here is the complete information.

The Tiktok app is currently one of the most popular video apps, with more than hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Tiktok is a short (only 15 seconds) music video app developed in China that has been launched worldwide since 2017, but in its home country Tiktok is known as Douyin.

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The goal of its global launch is to help its users become their own version of video creators by taking advantage of the features available on Tiktok.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Before it became very popular in Indonesia, Tiktok was considered a bad music video app and was even banned by the Ministry of Communications and Information.

But since the beginning of this epidemic, the number of users has increased, even in Indonesia, almost the majority of smartphone owners have the Tiktok app, especially young children.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Mengganti Tanggal Lahir Di Tiktok

Tiktok videos are very diverse, from educational videos to unique videos that you can find on Tiktok. However, there may be more than 18 rated videos, so if there are children, they are not recommended to watch.

So what if when you sign up for Tiktok there is an error when entering your age or date of birth? Does tiktok provide age change feature?

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Why is there an age limit for each app? This is without reason because not all videos or images shown in the programs are suitable for children.

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Not only that, Google itself also uses the minimum age for its users, which cannot be less than 13 years. This age limit is used for all areas in Indonesia with the cooperation of Kominfo and Google, which is a proposal of KPAI.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Before turning 13, the minimum age for a Google Account user was 12, but this clause has been changed to a minimum of 13.

If the app knows you’re under 13, after that your application will be frozen and you’ll have to create a new account all over again.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

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So if you are going to use any app, you can see the minimum age you can reach for the app in Play Store or App Store before downloading it.

In fact, Tiktok itself does not offer an age change feature, this is expected so that users do not change their date of birth carelessly.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

The Tiktok app age follows the account you used when you registered and there is an approval confirmation. Therefore, you must use the account to register at least over 13 years old.

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After submitting the Tiktok age change request above, you will need to wait about 3 working days for a response from the Tiktok core team.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

The response from the Tiktok team will be in the form of an email sent to your email address. Also make sure to use a valid email account so that when there is a response from the Tiktok team you can get it immediately.

Then you can try this second method to change your age on Tiktok if the above method has not received response from Tiktok main team for more than 3 working days.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Mudah Mengaktifkan Akun Tiktok Shop

You can change your date of birth in your Google Account. Here are the steps to change age on TikTok and Google.

You will have to wait for the decision of the main team of TikTok. You should consider changing your date and year of birth.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

But you should know that if you have done two ways to change your age in Tiktok above and there is no change, Tiktok channel will not respond to your request.

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So if it was a mistake in the first place, like it or not, you’ll have to follow the app’s policies.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Your birthday on Tiktok can be changed according to your wishes. However, you will need to create a new account first.

This is how to change your age on Tiktok and how to change your birthday on Tiktok that you can try. You can do the above three methods according to your Tiktok account status.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Mengisi Biodata Di Tiktok

This age setting is used for the benefit of its users, namely access to age-appropriate and age-inappropriate content. Previously, there was an agreement on viewing inappropriate content or an 18+ rating, but if the user’s age is known to be under 18 or older, the video will be filtered by the app Tiktok

In this age change, some users cannot play or watch live on Tiktok if they are under 16 years old. Perhaps the change in age can be one of the reasons for this.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

So far our discussion this time is about how to change age on Tiktok and how to change date of birth on Tiktok and age policy on Tiktok. I hope I can help you.

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If you have any questions, please leave them in the column provided. Don’t forget to share on all the media platforms you have. How many creators, especially beginners, can see your birthday on TikTok? You have to guess that most users don’t know about it yet. After all, in 2022, not everyone knows this little thing.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

This time Viral News team will show how to find date, month and year of birth on TikTok. Also, this may be important to know because it will affect the age of the creator to view adult content.

There’s no denying that in 2022, TikTok will limit adult content or break community rules to prevent young creators from watching it. However, this way you can see your date of birth and adult content.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Membuat Tiktok Aman Untuk Anak

The first step to do this is to open the TikTok app on your mobile phones. The reason is that users can now view and change the date, month and year of birth on your account.

After opening TikTok, you need to click on the profile icon which is usually the head and half body on the right side. This will lead to opening a TikTok profile account to view your birthday.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Next, the user has to click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right. This icon will help you enter the settings section.

Cara Mengubah Tanggal Lahir Di Tiktok Dari Hp Dan Laptop

In this fourth step, there will be two options which are Developer Tools and Settings & Privacy. If you want to check and change your birthday, click Settings and privacy.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

One step for the birthday. You will see 26 options. Then click Manage Account to enter the account information field.

It’s 6 very simple steps to check or change the date, month and birthday. And that, no need to watch video tutorials because the method is very simple, especially for newbie creators who want to watch adult content on TikTok. (fre) Do you want to change our tiktok account birthday but don’t know how to do it? Although I have tried many times but it still doesn’t work change date of birth in tiktok. This is usually found by people who are sloppy or not very careful when filling birthdays on their tiktok account. Or carelessness when filling in the date of birth. Results may vary, one of the most common is that we can’t buy online or sell online in the tiktok store. Because the requirement to be able to access the Tiktok store is that the account holder must be 18 years or older.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Untuk Memulihkan Akun Tiktok

But don’t worry, we can change date of birth on tiktok with any device whether we are using mobile phone or laptop. So, check out the full discussion in the next article!

An example of a sentence we can write to request a birthday change on tiktok is as follows.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

“Hi, I’m 18 now. Please help me change my age on this tiktok account so I can shop on tiktok store. Thanks.”.

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Uploaded attachments can be in the form of an ID card, SIM, or family card (KK) or other data in the form of an image file.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

The success or failure of sending a birthday request instead of tiktok depends on the written report and the validity of the data we have entered. For this reason, we write more clearly the response to the request to change the date of the tiktok account, the greatest opportunity or success.

If we are successful, we will have a response from tiktok time varies. There are 5 hours after sending the report, some take days.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Cara Mengubah Usia Anda Di Tik Tok Untuk Membalik Larangan Di Bawah Umur

As we know, TikTok does not directly provide the feature to change user profile date of birth. However, there is another solution, that is by using the reply feature, we can change the date of birth in tiktok even though it takes a long time to wait for a reply from tiktok. tiktok easily You can use this method if you cannot change your date of birth.

Many are confused. Why can’t I put my birthday on TikTok? When you enter a new date of birth it will be clearly visible

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

Actually, what makes Tiktok unable to change the birthday? Let’s find out first. Then we watch it together.

Cara Mengganti Profil Tanggal Lahir Tiktok

You might have wondered why in the Tiktok app you can’t change your age freely? There are many reasons for this.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

TikTok’s terms and conditions regarding age are self-explanatory. Tiktok has implemented a policy that only users over the age of 13 can register. This is because TikTok wants to prevent children from uploading or watching pornographic videos.

Because they are not old enough and still need to be guided by their parents. Now, when users can broadcast live they must be over 18 years old.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

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Therefore, users must prove they are 18 years old on TikTok. After the user verifies their age and has 1000 followers, they can do live ads.

So Tiktok can’t achieve age change. Because it has to do with the security and privacy of the content. Like it or not, TikTok offers such strict rules. But that doesn’t mean age on tiktok can’t be changed.

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

If you change your age using your profile settings, it cannot be changed immediately. Due to tiktok strict policy.

Cara Ganti Umur&tanggal Lahir Tiktok Mudah!

Please note that it is difficult to change your date of birth. You can change it too

Cara Mengganti Umur Di Tiktok

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