Ciyaa TikTok Viral 12 Videos, Here’s the Link and Explanation

Ciyaa TikTok Viral

What’s the viral TikTok? Why is the name “Ciyaa” suddenly being talked about by many people? Even not only on TikTok, on Twitter there are also many users who browse Ciyaa TikTok. Are you curious too? Check out the explanation below.

Recently, the name Ciyaa TikTok has become a topic of conversation everywhere. Actually this is not something strange, considering Ciyaa is a TikTok celebrity who has almost 300 thousand followers.

Usually, Ciyaa makes a simple dance video that shows her body shape. Every time I upload a new video, the reply column is immediately flooded with comments that are mostly male.

Well, for those of you who are curious about why Ciyaa TikTok is viral, here the admin will provide a complete explanation along with a video link on why Ciyaa can be talked about by many people.

Ciyaa TikTok Viral

Ciyaa TikTok why is it viral? The first reason is because he often makes videos of dancing in tight clothes. Her dance is simple, but people notice her because she has an above average bust size.

The second reason, some time ago Ciyaa’s videos spread, not just one, but 12 videos with short durations.

There Ciyaa was seen recording her face, then the camera switched to the breasts, and so on.

Well, from there, people finally raided Instagram accounts and TikTok accounts to just validate that the videos that were spread were really Ciyaa.

So, is it true that the girl in the viral video is Ciyaa TikTok?

Based on Ciyaa’s story upload on Instagram, he said that the video that was spread was true to him. However, it was an old video that somehow got around.

Ciyaa also apologized for his negligence in making the video. He explained that at that time he was often asked by PAP to his boyfriend.

Because at that time he was still unstable, Ciyaa agreed until finally the video was spread everywhere.

Viral TikTok Ciyaa Video Link

Ciyaa’s clarification of the viral video

So it’s clear, yes, if Ciyaa’s video that went viral was an old video that was spread by irresponsible people.

In fact, many on Twitter are selling these videos at a price of 50 thousand for 12 videos.

For those who want the viral Ciyaa TikTok video link, sorry the admin can’t give it, afraid that the sin of jariyah will continue to flow.

Besides that, the admin also hasn’t seen the full video. Only screenshots that have been censored.

But, if you want to see Ciyaa’s photos and videos, you can visit the account @ciyaadua TikTok and @nr.chya_ on Instagram.


That’s the explanation about Ciyaa TikTok viral complete with everything you want to know, from Instagram accounts, videos, links, and so on. Hopefully this article can answer your curiosity, yes!

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