Cut the etheric cords that can drain your life energy

Have you ever felt completely stuck and exhausted? Do you think that feeling gets worse when you try to cut someone out of your life?

Have you ever cut someone out of your life only to find them popping up in your thoughts regularly, as if you are in control of your mind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing an energetic connection between you and another person through something called an ‘etheric cord’.

Etheric cords are like an energetic bond that develops between two individuals. This can be a sibling, parent, ex-partner, child, lover, current spouse, close friend, or even a co-worker. These cords form like tubes, connecting them from chakra to chakra. Energy flows freely back and forth between people along these tubes, however, there are times when the flow of energy is one-way, leaking from one person to another.

Cut the etheric cords that can drain your life energy

Unfortunately, this means others can access your energy field (unconsciously, of course), which isn’t ideal for you.

Therefore, when the other person is having a hard time, they can draw on your energy supply for their own needs, leaving you tired and exhausted. But the good news is that you can drop those cables.

Removing etheric cords is excellent for releasing the negative effects that some relationships can have on you. It is also very good for those in healing or caring roles who form unconscious energy bonds with many others.

Rest assured that severing these connections will not affect your relationships with others in any way.

Your emotional and intuitive connection will remain the same; it simply releases the dysfunctional energy drain that can be part of close relationships.

If you wish, you can first set the intention to only sever the nerve cords that are preventing you from experiencing your greatest joy, happiness and vitality.

How to cut the laces

First, stand in a quiet and private place when you know you won’t be disturbed. Imagine seeing multiple cables of energy emanating from your body. They can all come together in different places depending on the nature of the relationship with that particular cable.

You don’t need to know who the cable is connected to, and if you’re having trouble visualizing those cables, it doesn’t matter. This exercise will still be effective.

Next, visualize holding a large golden sword in your hands and holding the intention to sever all of your etheric cords. Raise your arms and start cutting those strands wherever you imagine them. Imagine cutting the cords on your back and under your feet too, even if you can’t reach your arms there, it will still work.

When cutting you can say:

“I am now ready to let go of all fear-based attachments.”

Imagine all the remains of the falling ropes. Next, imagine a beautiful golden white light entering your crown chakra and filling your entire body. Also see how it expands outward to surround you and fill your aura with that light.

No matter how simple this exercise seems, even if you can’t imagine shoelaces or have trouble imagining yourself cutting the laces, rest assured that it will still work.

Before you begin, if you wish and believe it, you can ask Archangel Michael to assist you with this cord cutting exercise. Just ask him to come and he will be there. No fancy words needed.

How do you feel? You may not notice anything right away, but over the next few days you may feel more peace, vitality, or just more clarity.

Doing this exercise regularly is great for your energy system and your physical and emotional health.

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