Discover key qualities of your personality. Which picture do you choose?

Your personality traits are based on your temperament, morals, ethics, and beliefs. When you know your best qualities, you can develop them and use them to your advantage in life. From writing a compelling resume or cover letter to applying for a promotion.

Today’s test will present you with images with special characteristics and will guide you in your selection and reveal something about you.

As always, just look at the four animal characters and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Each image has special characteristics that will guide your choice and reveal something about you. which one do you choose

Test: Discover key qualities of your personality.  Which picture do you choose?

If you chose…

1. Seahorse: Sensitivity

You have chosen the only character whose profile is to the left, which tells us that you are even more conditioned by past experiences than you should be and carry heavy emotional burdens. You are probably a nostalgic person and certainly very sensitive. Your sensitivity is not only emotional but also sensory: smells, tastes and sounds can make a difference for you!

They are very good at distinguishing smells and tastes, but this sensitivity can backfire. For example, sounds bother you, especially if they are repeated: the ticking of a clock or a leaking faucet falling down can bother you a lot. In addition to noises, strong smells are also not sympathetic to him. You are very alert and aware of your surroundings!

you are a person instinctivelyYou have a good nose for business, but less so for people: you have often placed your trust in those who later disappointed and hurt you.

2. Giraffe: Emotional maturity

You are an aspiring and determined person who wants to build your future. Like a tree, one has roots and needs to grow. There is a desire or goal that you want to achieve that draws your attention. You are a loving person who cares deeply about your affection and family values. You have a sensitivity, but at the same time you think carefully about what to do.

3rd dog: Creativity

You are a person with very deep wounds who sometimes lives with melancholic backgrounds, but despite everything you want to emerge, redeem yourself and live your life to the fullest. They project themselves into the future and leave conflicts behind.

The sufferings that marked your past are of a family nature. To this day you work a lot on your inwardness and as a result you have largely succeeded in freeing yourself from the burdens of the past.

You are undoubtedly a creative person and have high emotional intelligence. You can understand others. You are a person with good empathic listening.

4. Elephant: rationality

Everything you process on the inside, you want to finish on the outside, give it shape. You are a volcano of ideas with great initiative.

You have known suffering but you managed to overcome it, these fragments that you throw at yourself are rich in spikes, symbolic of a person who has suffered. You remain calm in the face of difficulties and deal rationally with adversity; You have good problem-solving skills.

Don’t let fear overwhelm you. Over time, one has learned to cultivate a healthy emotional awareness, as can be seen from the colors.

As rational as you are, you are connected to your emotions and able to give meaning to them. self-consciousness refers to the ability to recognize the feelings and emotions we feel.

What was your result?

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⚠️ Important Announcement: ⚠️ The test is for recreational purposes only and has no scientific basis and cannot replace a psychological analysis of the subject. These evaluations, even if they were created according to statistical criteria, have a curious and entertaining character.

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