Embarrassed Low KD? Here’s How to Hide PUBG Mobile 2022 Statistics

How to Hide PUBG Mobile Stats

Everyone has a different view when playing PUBG. Some are serious, and not a few are just having fun. For serious players, it is important to hide PUBG Mobile statistics so that they are not called noobs.

As we know, PUBG Mobile is so popular all over the world. Even made an official game in e-Sports tournaments. This battle royale-themed game is still in demand even in the midst of the onslaught of new games.

Talking about Statistics and Career Result, this menu shows game data for 1 season. To see it, you can check the player profile section.

But if you feel embarrassed because the KD Ratio is low, there is a way to hide PUBG Mobile stats that you can do. Check out the following review to find out!

Minimum Statistics/KD Ratio is Good

Based on the statistics of players who are in the Platinum, Diamond, or Crown rank, a good minimum KD Ratio must be above 2. Players who have KD less than 2 can be said to be noobs or rarely involved in battle.

Generally, they get the highest rank only by relying on their survival instinct to survive and hide in buildings or grass.

While players who are said to be good, at least PUBG Mobile’s KD Ratio is above 4 or even 8. Look at the pro players or Youtubers, on average each match they kill 4 or 5 enemies.

But of course, if you are a new player who has played for less than 1 year, don’t expect to get a high KD. The first and second seasons must be used to hone skills and understand the map.

How to Hide PUBG Mobile Stats

All current pro players are actually noobs when they first play. As time goes by and play diligently, they become better in terms of skill and understanding of the map.

The most important thing to increase KD or stats is to keep playing even though it is “too soon” or always turns off when you just land. With this experience, our mentality becomes honed and calm when dealing with enemies.

Here’s how to hide PUBG Mobile stats. This will prevent others from seeing your game statistics, be it KD Ratio, Headshot, Chicken Dinner, and so on.

  • First open your PUBG Mobile
  • Then click the up arrow button at the bottom right
  • Select the “Settings” menu
How to Hide KD PUBG

  • Scroll down and tap Privacy and Social
  • In this menu you can adjust general settings
  • To hide PUBG Mobile stats in the “Connection” section

  • Click “Off” on Allow others to see results
  • Done
By doing how to hide PUBG stats above, there is no gap for others to see game statistics. This also applies so that the result of the match or the number of kills cannot be known, including by teammates.

In essence, PUBG stats and KD Ratio can be a reference for the player to be good or still a noob. But if you’re new to playing, don’t mind the stats. Most importantly, diligently practice so that mental and skills are more honed.

So that’s how to hide PUBG Mobile stats that can prevent others from seeing your match results. May be useful!

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