Full Size Dragon Raja and Minimum Specs on Android 2022

Full Size Dragon Raja

Full Size Dragon Raja – Dragon Raja is an open world MMORPG that features attractive gameplay and graphics. We will be stunned with every step because of the amazing visualization effects.

Dragon Raja is developed by Archosaur Games very well and satisfactorily. In fact, from reviews on Google Play or the App Store, the average user praises the visual quality, animation effects, and other components in the game.

As for the gameplay itself, Dragon Raja lets players choose a character and explore a huge world. In addition to carrying out missions, you can also try the Career mode which is very exciting.

More curious right to try? But before that, first check the full size Dragon Raja and the following minimum Android specifications. Who knows your device is not compatible with the game.

Full Size Dragon Raja MMORPG

Like Genshin Impact and other MMORPG games, Dragon Raja is a very heavy game. Every time you explore a new world or go on a mission, the total size increases.

So you could say Dragon Raja can only be played on smartphones with high specifications. In fact, even though the 6GB RAM is compatible, the game becomes less exciting because the graphics are not HD.

If you like this game, maybe the following explanation of Dragon Raja’s full size on Android can be considered before downloading.

Full Size Dragon King
App Size 2.1GB
User Data 55MB
Total Size 5.70GB

For the record, the above is admin’s data, it may be different depending on the resources in each account.

If we look at the Playstore, the size of the Dragon Raja game is only 1.7GB. Actually this is not surprising because all the games on the Playstore are “raw” versions.

The size will increase many times after we login and download the resources in the game. Even the further we explore, we will definitely feel “why is it getting heavier, huh?”.

Android Minimum Specifications

After knowing what the total size is, then we will discuss the minimum Android specifications needed to be able to play the Dragon Raja game smoothly.

To get the best experience while playing, make sure your device has enough memory. Because the first download requires 3GB of memory as well as 1.5GB of in-game content.

The following are the minimum and recommended specifications to be able to play the Dragon Raja game smoothly on Android.

Minimum Recommended
Android OS 5.0 Android OS 10
Free Space 6GB Free Space 8GB
Snapdragon 660 Snapdragon 765G

The specification table that the admin recommends is made so that the performance of the cellphone remains optimal. Because if you stick to the minimum specifications, it is certain that the game will not be optimal, and even interfere with the path of other applications.


Even though the total size is very large, the Dragon Raja game is very worth playing, especially for MMORPG game lovers. Moreover, the visualization of the characters and components in the game arena is very pleasing to the eye.

Thus a full review of the full size Dragon Raja and the minimum Android specifications needed. After knowing the original size, are you still interested in playing this game?

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