Full Size Hyper Front Lite and Android 2022 Minimum Specifications

Full Size Hyper Front Lite

Hyper Front Lite was officially released last June. This 5v5 First-person Shooter-themed game is quite interesting for gamers because it gameplayis thought to be similar to Valorant. So, what is the full size Hyper Front Lite on Android?

Talking about full size or size, all games with the “Lite” label must have been designed for devices with low specifications.

Even so, the graphics and other components in the game are still comfortable to play.

Well, if you are a fan of Valorant or other 5v5 FPS games, you might want to know what the full size of Hyper Front Lite is. So before installing the game, read the following reviews to the end, OK!

How to Download Hyper Front Lite

Hyper Front Lite is an FPS game or its other name Tactical Shooter. Graphically and gameplay, this game is most similar to Valorant. In fact, each character (called a Hero) has a special ability.

For the Lite version, Hyper Front is only available on Android devices. While in the new iOS App Store, the regular version (app size is 1.5 GB).

If you are interested in playing this game from NetEase, how to download Hyper Front Lite is very easy. You can directly install it on the Playstore. When you’re done, open the game and log in using your FB or Google Play account.

After that, follow the tutorial before going to the real battle arena. Later each team is divided into 5 players each, you have to sweep each round to win the game.

Full Size Hyper Front Lite

The concept of the First-person Shooter game is currently trending. Especially with the presence of Valorant as the best FPS game on PC. Many Indonesian gamers often play this game, for example Reza Arap.

But, is gameplay Hyper Front Lite on mobile is as comfortable as playing on PC? Given that there are many buttons, it’s different from battle royale games like PUBG or Free Fire.

According to a personal admin who often plays PUBG Mobile, it’s quite difficult and not used to playing mobile games with lots of buttons.

But, it all goes back to each other, maybe you guys are better than the admin.

So, what is the size of Hyper Front Lite? From Google Play itself, the size of the app is 743 MB. But, this is just basic size from developers. If you have logged in and downloaded the resource, the size will definitely increase.

After the admin tries to login and play some matchhere’s the full size Hyper Front Lite on Android:

Full Size Hyper Front Lite
App Size 0.96 GB
User Data 259 MB
Cache 1.89MB
Total 1.22GB

From the initial size of only 743 MB, the full size Hyper Front Lite has increased by 50% to 1.22 GB.

So in conclusion, the minimum specifications for playing Hyper Front Lite are not enough for Android 5.0.

To get gameplay and smooth visuals. At least a cellphone with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

Admin tries to play Hyper Front Lite on Infinix Hot 10S 6 GB RAM, and gameplayits pretty good. Even though there are many heavy games installed, FIFA Mobile, Farlight 84, PUBGM, and Warnet Simulator.

Difference between Hyper Front and Hyper Front Lite

Actually there is no significant difference between Hyper Front and Hyper Front Lite. However, because this game is specifically for gamers with low-end devices, the Lite version’s graphics are not as good as the original Hyper Front.

In addition, the full size Hyper Front Lite is also smaller. But, you can still feel the adrenaline when playing 5v5 using the best heroes.

Hyper Front Lite Game Online or Offline?

Are Hyper Front Lite games online or offline? If we look at the genre, namely battle royale, it is certain that this is an online game. Just like FF or PUBG Mobile.

All games played by multiple players must be connected to an internet connection. The goal is of course so that we can interact with other players.

It’s different with games like Sniper 3D or Zombie Hunter. In this game we fight BOT which means all game data is stored in memory without the need to connect to the network.

After all, if you play Hyper Front Lite offline, you can’t enter the lobby. Even when opening the game, the “no connection” notification immediately appears.


If your smartphone is still Android 5.0 Lollipop, you should upgrade to the latest version before downloading this game. Because the overall size of Hyper Front Lite is quite large and will definitely interfere with the performance of other applications.

So, that’s a full review for those of you who are curious about the full size Hyper Front Lite on Android. Hopefully it can be a reference before deciding to download this 5v5 FPS-themed game.

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