How Much Energy Does A Lasko Fan Use

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This summer will always be known as one of my favorites. When I moved into an apartment with horizontal sliding windows, I realized that this meant I had to remove my window air conditioner. As someone who likes to stay cool all the time—especially while sleeping—I was looking for a fan that was uniquely cool. Enter the popular Lasko Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan (available on Amazon), which has over 20,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

How Much Energy Does A Lasko Fan Use

The Lasko Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan claims to run silently at any of its three speeds. It rotates over 90 degrees for diffused cool air. It’s 38 inches to 54.5 inches long, so you can adjust it where you want, and the head wraps.

Lasko 3542 20

The fan has Lasko’s signature blue plug. The fuse in the plug detects the electrical hazard, and shuts off the current to the fan to prevent damage.

While an air conditioner can change the room temperature and reduce humidity, a large fan can still keep you cool and circulate air throughout the room. They are more efficient than air conditioners because they only cool the room, not the entire room.

When the fan blows air on your skin, it causes moisture. When water vapor in the air absorbs heat, it turns into steam. This method helps to keep you cool on brutally hot summer days.

When the Lasko fan arrived, it was easy to install. Instead of needing a set of tools, it needs to be changed and pressed into pieces. The instructions were straight forward and within 10 minutes I had the custom fan mounted on the base and the fan head in place.

Lasko 20 In. 3 Speed Gray Air Circulator Floor Fan

If you can’t afford a full fan, this is the next best thing. In total, the fan weighs 13 pounds. The pieces other than the motor in the fan head are simple but the pieces are also functional.

I have a number 1 fan, anyone who cares about me? I usually turn the fan on at night when I sleep and sit at my desk during the day.

The first night I used the Lasko pedestal fan, it was a typical Boston, summer night: high 80s with high humidity. But, this pan makes me feel so cool that I can sleep comfortably under the blanket, which is not easy for me on hot nights.

In the afternoon I sat at my desk pointing at the leaves and sitting comfortably. Plus, it runs very quietly, so it doesn’t bother me when I’m in a meeting.

Lasko 16 In 3 Speed Indoor Black Oscillating Pedestal Fan In The Portable Fans Department At Lowes.com

I find that I stay cooler when the fan is pointed directly at me. I tried using it in different lengths and I decided to cut it short so that it would be gone while sleeping. When it was up, I felt the air flow but I didn’t feel like I was getting cold.

The great thing about this Lasko pedestal fan is that it can be placed anywhere. With a wide fan head, it can cover a large area. Depending on where you want to point it, it can be four and a half meters long.

Adjust the height directly. Turning the knob on the foot of the fan to the left releases the pedal which can then be raised and lowered vertically. When it is at the desired height, rotate the connector to the right to lock it.

If you want it higher, the head of the fan can be raised so that it can be tilted. To raise your head, you don’t need any special steps, you just need to raise it.

Lasko 53.5 In 3 Speed Indoor White Oscillating Pedestal Fan In The Portable Fans Department At Lowes.com

The settings on this Lasco fan are clear and labeled 1, 2, and 3: 1 is the lowest order and 3 is the highest order. The settings are controlled by knobs that you can turn to the settings.

While it is easy to use, I wish this Lasko fan had more settings. The top coat is very strong and while I enjoy it on very warm nights, I find that it is strong enough to make my eyes look puffy in strong winds.

I like to have a setting between 2 and 3 when I want something less intense.

The lowest setting also runs faster. It’s great for quick cooling, but I often have to turn the fan on because the direct airflow can be less than strong.

Lasko Launches Limited Edition, Usa Made Box Fan To Celebrate Fourth Of July

Living in a small apartment in the city, I have limited space. The powerful Vornado fan I usually use sits easily on my dresser so it doesn’t take up floor space. Adding a Lasko pedestal fan to my room was very easy and prevented some movement in my room.

Should you buy a Lasko Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan? Yes, if you need a fan to keep you cool 24/7.

If you are looking for a new fan, this Lasko fan is a great choice. For around $50, you can get this Lasko pedestal fan that’s guaranteed to keep you cool this summer.

Despite the limited configuration, it still has a strong airflow that is great for keeping you cool. The adjustable height and tilting head provides a lot of flexibility so you can use this fan however you want.

Amazon.com: Lasko, Black, S18610 Elite Collection Quiet Blade Pedestal Fan With Remote Control And Adjustable Thermostat

Although not ideal for small spaces, it is a good option for those who have space or want to make some floor space available.

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