How To Make Resin Coffee Table

How To Make Resin Coffee Table – The IKEA coffee table is very cheap and looks good. If that's not enough for you, here's a great DIY project for enthusiasts: I made a beautiful coffee table out of epoxy and white oak to replace the missing table.

I've been making (small) furniture for a long time, like my headphones and some shelves. Sometimes I'm looking for a new project and decide to replace my cheap lack table from IKEA with a better one.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

However, the overall shape is quite nice, so I decided to stick it on a square table about 55 x 55 cm. I am looking for thin tables and long legs for sophisticated furniture.

Gorgeous Diy Coffee Table Ideas To Build This Weekend • Insteading

The colors and materials are too bright for me. Most of my furniture, as well as the floor, in the room is made of white oak, so I decided to use the same wood here. At that time, epoxy “table river” was all the rage. I had never worked with epoxy before, so I decided to give it a try. I have a lot of black accents in the room, so I'm looking to combine white oak with black epoxy.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Now a lively riverside table is great…but there are so many. I wanted something a little different. I drew some hexagons on the wall. Looking at them, I decided to go here in the same way: easy to do, but still interesting to see. The idea is to place hexagonal pieces of wood on the workbench with epoxy flowing around them.

I finished the project. I started cutting wooden hexagons and placed them on Lecky's old table to try out different designs.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

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During this project, I collaborated with my friends. Instead of building just one table, we decided to build two: a small coffee table for me and a larger one with a slightly different design for him. In this way, we can share materials and work and just have fun.

We start with purchasing materials. He ordered epoxy, hardener, black paint, and various specials from an online store, and we went to a local hardware store to find white oak. Fortunately, they had nice raw wood on hand.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

We also got laminated plywood and lots of tape to create the shape needed to pour the epoxy.

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Table — Blacktail Studio

The first step is to create a shape where we can fit the wood together and then pour epoxy around it. The trick here is to keep the epoxy from sticking to the mold so they can separate properly after curing. We do this by applying tape (transparent) to the entire surface of the wood. Laminate wood will give us a flat enough surface to do this.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

The of these models is quite simple. We cut a few pieces of wood to the rough size of the table and attach them with wood screws . In fact, it takes most of the time to glue the entire page (inside). The most difficult part is to make the edges of the tapes together without creases that will show later with water.

The internal dimensions of these boxes will later determine the size of the table. It is also a good idea not to glue them, but use screws instead. Therefore, they can be easily dismantled later when the leak leaves them.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

My Take On A Epoxy Resin Coffee Table. First Table I Made Myself.

The next step is to prepare the oak tree. First, I cut the wood into very rough squares on the table saw. Then I drew a final square shape on each piece. Again, using a table cutter, I began to cut the first side according to the desired diameter of the hexagons installed on the fence. Then, flip them to the opposite side.

Then I made a small jig at a 60° angle to put all the pieces back into the table saw to cut the other side. Then use the fence to cut through the opposite side. Then I repeated the process for the last two sides.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Then, after a lot of sand, I had a small tower of wooden hexagons to work with. .

Spalted Maple W/black Resin Coffee Table

My friend prepared firewood for a bigger table. It is mostly about finding the best looking part of the tree, cutting it to size and removing the bark to clean the edges.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Now we need to prepare for casting. During several tests, we learned the first important lesson here: when the epoxy is mixed with the coolant and the reaction starts, you can't wait too long before casting. Epoxy heats up very quickly. Make sure you use the right equipment. Ever tried using a normal plastic cup to mix it! Also, be sure to wear a mask and work outside to avoid breathing in the epoxy.

Before casting, I have to decide on the final arrangement of my schedule. For testing, I placed the wooden hexagons on the existing Lack table until I found the version I liked.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Tabletop

Then it is time to create the hexagon. To prevent them from moving when casting the epoxy, we decided to fix them with reduced adhesive. I was also hoping this would prevent epoxy under them, but no luck with that. In some places, a small amount of epoxy got into the wood. If you want to avoid this, try to seal the edges with something like silicone before molding.

For the second table, we attached two pieces of wood, taking care to use pieces of wood sacrificed to avoid damaging the beautiful oak.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Now here's another important lesson: make sure your form (or the table they sit on) is real! Although you can see the alcohol level in the picture, we forgot to check it properly, which caused a lot of work afterwards.

Diy Coffee Table Inspiration For Every Home And Style

Adding epoxy to the table is a multi-step process. When the epoxy and hardener are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs that generates a lot of heat. If you pour too much epoxy at once, the heat will not dissipate properly. According to our research, pouring epoxy about 1 cm at a time should be safe. Since each table top is 2 to 3 cm thick, we decided to do it three times.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Each time we start by mixing epoxy and reinforcement in a plastic cup prepared in a certain proportion. Then we can add black pigment and start mixing everything for a while. Once everything is properly mixed (and hopefully not too hot) it's time to pour the epoxy into the prepared molds.

Because the epoxy should be quite liquid at this point, it will level out on its own. Also be careful to get the same amount of epoxy in each part of the casting if possible. Then you have to wait for it to recover. While full recovery takes several hours, it begins to harden quickly. Until that happens, it's a good idea to remove as many air bubbles as possible trapped in the epoxy. We decided to use a small torch for this, which worked well. .

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Traditional Resin River Table

We also noticed that the pigments always started to gather together and sink to the bottom. That's why we use epoxy regularly. This makes some very interesting patterns.

After the first pour is complete, we wait a few hours to make sure the epoxy has cured properly. Then we repeat the same process.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

The third and final casting is done in the same manner. We were careful to pour enough epoxy so that it ran over the wood a bit. This way we can make sure that the epoxy surface is clean afterwards, just like wood.

Black Walnut Multi Blue Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

It is also important to ensure that the pigment pattern in the epoxy looks good for this third cast. Finally we poured more epoxy into the small holes in the wood for the second large table. Then he waits again for everything to heal properly.

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Epoxy spreads very well on flat surfaces. It still takes a little more work to get the right surface where the wood and epoxy are exactly level. Also, as explained earlier, we made the mistake of not leveling everything correctly before casting, so in our case we have a height difference of almost 5 mm between the different parts of the table.

We don't have access to a planer or CNC router, so we decided to make a small jig to place On the table with the portable router. It is a very simple : the base is made of the same laminate

How To Make Resin Coffee Table

Custom Order Coffee Table With Handmade Resin Wave Effect

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