How To Move Electrical Outlet For Wall Mount Tv

How To Move Electrical Outlet For Wall Mount Tv – Get rid of ugly and often dangerous extension cords. If you already have an outlet on the other side of the wall, you can quickly and easily add a new outlet without tearing out the wall. There are no extra holes. No messy patches and repaints. The process we'll show you here will allow you to place your TV in the middle of a wall in a living room that doesn't have outlets. We already had an electrical outlet on the other side of that wall (opposite the side bedroom), so we added a new outlet in the living room to draw power from the bedroom outlet.

This technique will only work if the power outlet can be used with the opposite or near opposite power source you want the new wall outlet to be. Follow the list below to determine your outlet wiring and ensure that your existing electrical outlets are safe to use.

How To Move Electrical Outlet For Wall Mount Tv

Always check with your local building inspector what box size you need. In most locations, a local building department electrical permit is required for this work. This helps ensure a safe job. Here are the eight most common National Electrical Code violations.

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Before tackling any part of this project, power off the main circuit board by turning off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse.

Before touching exposed wires or terminals on switches or outlets, use a voltage tester on all wires to make sure they are off. If you have old fabric insulated wiring, contact an electrician to recommend a safer connection. This outlet wiring method usually does not have a ground wire, and it is difficult to tell the hot wire from the neutral wire because both are covered in black insulation.

Aluminum wire requires special handling. If you have aluminum wiring, contact a certified professional to do the work. This wire has a dull gray color rather than copper's usual dull orange color.

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When installing electronic equipment such as a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, simply plug it into the wall and hide it instead of hanging it on the wall. Whether you call it a plug, socket, or receptacle, you can always move it if it's not in a convenient location. The electrical cord does not restrict the placement of the plug on the inner wall, so the finished wall plug can be moved to a more convenient location.

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According to the experts How to clean your shower How to install a low-voltage doorbell How to replace a double-wall outlet box How to move a drywall outlet How to wire two-in-one bathroom lights How to wire under-LED cabinet lighting How to install kitchen lights with direct-wired outlets into an existing house TV Wiring from the back to the wall outlet can be a bit obtrusive. Luckily, there are ways to get rid of pesky wires to make your entertainment setup more aesthetically pleasing! We've done DIYs and tutorials on how to move a power outlet behind a wall-mounted TV. Read on to see how we did it!

With so many flat-screen TVs these days, mounting them on the wall has become commonplace. In most cases, the problem is that the outlet is close to the floor, leaving electrical and other wires dangling and constantly in sight.

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My bedroom has an outlet near the floor, so I kept the code simple when installing the TV in the kids' room! If you're like us, you're not a fan of these codes, which can be a safety issue if you have kids. We decided to move (actually add) a socket behind the television in our child's bedroom.

Here's a list of tools and supplies you'll need, along with a few that will make your job a little easier.

The first thing to look for is the location of your new store. We decided to put the two new outlets directly above the one that gets power. This made wiring very easy without having to drill holes in wall studs. , you can also do this if needed. After selecting a location, use a pencil to mark the area (old ) where the new electrical box will be installed.

Once you know where to put the new outlet box, use a pin finder near where the outlet is to place a small mark where the latch is. Before finalizing the placement of the socket box, make sure it is 1 to 2 inches away from the stud (this will ensure you don't drill a hole through the top of the stud). Now you can make another small mark to define the position of the edge of the socket.

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Use the last mark to hold the new crate against the open side of the wall. Use a pencil to trace along the sides and top of the box to make reference marks for their location. Next, use a small spirit level to make sure the outline is on a true level. If your lines aren't flat, you can easily redraw them by placing them horizontally on a wall and using them as straight edges.

Now you can once again check if the wall hangings are affecting the placement of the box you drew. Of course, this only applies if you currently have your TV mounted on a wall. Hold the cradle and TV against the wall and make sure there is enough room for the new plug.

Before drilling a hole in the outlet box, double check that the wires are inside the recess. When placing holes, moving a few inches away from the placed stud will help avoid them. If there is a risk of cutting the wires in your home, you should carefully consider moving the circuit breaker to the work area.

Also, be very careful not to go too far into the wall when using drywall or whatever hole you decide to drill. Otherwise, you risk stabbing or cutting through the wall. the wall behind it.

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So, you need to mark the area on the wall and you are ready to start cutting. We recommend using a drywall saw as it will help cut the hole faster. When we cut, we decided to start at the top left, cut vertically to the right, then go to the right and cut vertically again, cut the top horizontal line for no particular reason, then cut the bottom. When I finished the last part of the cut, I held onto the removed part so it wouldn't fall into the recess. It's time to check if the socket box you're using is right for you.

At this point you should be ready to plug the power cord into the groove and into the outlet box on either side. The first step is to turn off the power to the outlet you are connecting to. At your own risk, turn off the breaker and make sure there is no power to the outlet. You can use an electrical outlet tester to check for power outages in the area you are working in.

After confirming that the power is turned off, disconnect the wall plate and outlet. I had to open one of the holes in the back of each outlet box to fit the new wires into the groove. One in the old outlet box and one in the new outlet box. You will need to cut a piece of cord long enough to thread it through the groove and from one receptacle to the other.

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