How To Build A Small End Table

How To Build A Small End Table – I always love good furniture, and this round table project did not disappoint! I've created a free PDF of the plans for you, and you can also find all the details on how to build this DIY round side table in this post.

The last table I made was inspired by the Cora Side Table from McGee & Co. I love its simplicity and the contrast of black and wood. Turns out it's a pretty simple build!

How To Build A Small End Table

How To Build A Small End Table

I was able to recreate the look of this expensive long table for a fraction of the cost. I used cherry wood I had left over from another project so the cost was minimal for me. However, you can make this simple round table for about $30, depending on the type of wood you buy.

Walnut Wood Industrial End Table In The End Tables Department At Lowes.com

I also learned some fun new things while finishing this build! The first was how to cut a perfect circle in wood for the table. I used Milescraft's CircleGuideKit for this. Kit made quick work of cutting a circle for the table. You can find details on how to do this later in this tutorial. I will definitely be using this kit again soon!

How To Build A Small End Table

The second thing I learned about this project was how to make wood look like metal. I'm really happy with how this look turned out. It was a simple process to create a premium look for the metal bar section of the round end table at a fraction of the cost.

To receive the free PDF plans for this DIY round/end table by email, enter your email below: Tools Required

How To Build A Small End Table

Makeover Monday: Small X End Table + Free Plans!

To create this round table, follow the curated list of free PDF plans available to include all the detailed tables. I used leftover cherry wood I had on hand, so it took a little effort to match the hardwood.

I started planing the wood to the desired thickness. I then used my miter saw to cut the boards to length. Then I use my table saw to trim the boards to size.

How To Build A Small End Table

If you're new to miter saws, check out this article on the basics of using a miter saw!

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If using hardwood for this project is an option for you, I highly recommend it. It will cost more than pine, but the end result will be much more professional and calm. The inspiration piece is made of white wood, which is found in most large living rooms.

How To Build A Small End Table

Since I used cherry wood, I tried several finishes to recreate the look of the original wood end table. In the end, I just used it to keep the wood unfinished! Polished, unfinished cherry wood is very similar in appearance to finished white wood.

If you have a steam stain or water stain on your end table, check out this post on how to remove steam stains from wood tables.

How To Build A Small End Table

How To Build A Three Tiered Side Table

It is important to make sure that the edges of your boards are perfectly square (matched). In this post I take an in-depth look at the different ways to fix a long table. In another post, I described my preferred method of joining the router end which you may find useful.

Once the edges of your table are square, you can glue them together. If you use enough wood glue, it is enough to use only the glue to make the joints strong. However, if you want to make them a little stronger, you can add dowel holes and wood glue to hold them together.

How To Build A Small End Table

After applying the sticker, fasten the boards and let them dry completely. Remove the dogs. Tables are now ready to be made into a circle with the CircleGuideKit!

Enso Table Solid Wood Handmade Organic Finish Eco Friendly Made In Usa

To cut a perfect circle in your table wood, I highly recommend the CircleGuideKit by Milescraft. This is a kit that clips onto your router and makes cutting circles quick and easy.

How To Build A Small End Table

With this kit, you can cut circles from 1.5 inches to 52 inches. The circle I cut for this project was 22 inches in diameter.

To get started, assemble the CircleGuideKit and connect it to your router. Find the center of your piece and place the jig on your piece.

How To Build A Small End Table

Stacey Side Table Plans

Walk slowly in a circle with your router. Make smaller paths until you cut the whole path.

Once your boards are marked where the holes will go, use a template to drill the holes. You can also use a power drill, however, the drill will ensure that the hole is perfectly square, which is important for this piece.

How To Build A Small End Table

If you use a power drill, check out this post on how to use a power drill for starters.

Brookside Elise Wood Coffee Or End Table

For a closer look at how to make wood look like black metal, check out this post.

How To Build A Small End Table

Glue the two short sticks in the center of the long dowel and let dry. Make sure they are square.

After drying, reinforce the joint with wood epoxy. We used the same product to repair wood damage and rot around the garage door and it is amazing. It is like clay that dries very hard, but can also be sanded and painted.

How To Build A Small End Table

How To Build A Small Table

After the epoxy dries, burn it. Your wood pieces are now ready to be painted to look like metal!

Spray the first coat with this faux metal spray. It's a 2 in 1 color and it's neutral and gives it a metallic look.

How To Build A Small End Table

Once dry, you will use a black marker to do a dry brush technique to go over the paint. This method is similar to the 2 coat dry brush I did on the coat.

Vasagle End Table, Nightstand, Accent Table For Living Room,rustic Brown And Black

Cover it with clear acrylic finishing spray. It imitates the shine of metal very well.

How To Build A Small End Table

The clips can be positioned so that they stick out slightly from the backboard. This will allow you to clear it.

And now for the next step! Attach the round table to the base of the table from the bottom of the base. Be sure to use laundry detergent to cover the top of the stick.

How To Build A Small End Table

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If you're interested in a similar end table renovation project, check out this Ikea Rast hack! This table would also look great with this rustic square coffee table.

And that's it! A simple creation of a round table that will give you a designer look at a fraction of the price. Get the free woodworking plans for this side table if you haven't already!

How To Build A Small End Table

You can find a tutorial for the lamp pictured in this post on how to make a vintage faux ceramic lamp!

End Table, Nightstand, Side Table For Small Spaces

The real MVP of this project was Milescraft's CircleGuideKit! I love the simplicity and accuracy of this kit when cutting circles in wood for a round end table. I cannot recommend this kit enough!

How To Build A Small End Table

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my links, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission. Read the full disclosure for more information. Would you believe this modern accent table is made from a single 8 foot 1 x 8 and costs less than $15? Free building plans can be found here.

It's easy enough to make in a day and perfectly sized to fit almost anywhere. Click here for free programs and check out PneumaticAddict.com for more tutorials and programs.

How To Build A Small End Table

Vintage Mid Century Tile Top End Table Or Accent Stand For Sale At 1stdibs

Please read the entire plan and all notes before starting this project. Also, it is recommended that you review the introductory section. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and wisely. Work on a clean, clean surface, free of defects and debris. Always use straight boards. Make sure there is a square after each step. Always drill holes before attaching screws. Use nail glue for a stronger hold. For stained projects, remove excess glue from bare wood, as hard glue does not stain. Be safe, have fun and get help if you need it. Success!

Fill all the holes with wood filler and let it dry. Apply additional layers of wood filler as needed. When the wood filler is completely dry, sand the project against the grain of the wood with 120 grit sandpaper. Vacuum cleaning project to remove sandblasting waste. Also remove mold residue from work surfaces. Clean the project with a damp cloth.

How To Build A Small End Table

It is always recommended that a test coat be applied to a concealed surface or part to ensure paint integrity and adhesion. Use a primer or wood conditioner as needed. Do you have basic woodworking tools and some scrap boards? Come with me and let's build this simple coffee table for that space in the family room between the sofa and the sofa. Special thanks to Katie at Addicted 2 DIY for hosting this tool challenge #5 today. I joined a few others

Rustic Redwood Build Ups Small End Table 16in Length X 8in

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