How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top – Everything you need on how to make and stain a 2″ x 6″ round tabletop DIY lumber with a circular saw. No fancy cutting or other saws are required. Also learn how to mix stains and paints to get the correct color and aged finish you want for your wood.

You might be wondering why I wanted a new kitchen table after I recently repainted and painted the tabletop to look like zinc.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

I like the effect of the zinc finish, but when we have more than 4 people sitting at the table, I really want a bigger table.

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The table is a 46″ round and when you spread it out with the plate, there isn’t much room for a centerpiece or plate.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

In the dining room of my previous house, I had a plywood table top that covered the table when we needed to seat more than 6 people. This is a great option.

My kitchen dining area is 8′ x 10′, so I knew a little taller would do.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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My kitchen dining area is square so a round table worked best. I could use squares, but that would add more straight lines and be hard to walk. The circular design is easy to walk through and contrasts with all the straight lines on the cabinets and walls.

Round tables also make for great conversation and good looks when playing parties and card games with a group.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

I prefer round table bases or bases that are centered like mine, with no legs on the edge of the table to get in the way of the chair or have to go around your legs.

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After looking at a lot of new round tables, I’ve decided that I really like the table base on my table, not the top size. I like that the plinth doesn’t take up too much visual space, and that you can see through the plinth, which makes the space seem larger.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

Instructions for making a round wood table from 2″ x 6″ wood can be made to any diameter. For my instructions, I listed the number of wood and pocket screws needed to make a 60″ diameter wood tabletop. The amount of wood and screws needed to adjust the table top to the desired size.

If you don’t have an existing table base like me, you can easily DIY one. Check out the link below for a round table making video I watched for tips on how to make a wood tabletop.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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The video uses a circular saw and a simple DIY jig, but I used 2″ x 6″ pieces of wood instead. I don’t need to add extra thickness around the outside edge of the table like they do.

Significantly simplifies the initial steps of table creation. If you’ve never heard of this nifty gadget – watch the video: How to Use the Kreg R3 Jig System

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

2. Wearing a pair of safety goggles, stir up the best side of each board with various objects. Hammer, 7-in-1 tool (not pictured), metal chain, wood screw, pole, or any sharp or rough object you can find.

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3. Put the chain on the board and hit it several times with a hammer. Put the wood screw on the board, push it hard with your foot and roll it on the wood. Dig wood with a spear to create artificial wormholes. Repeat the process randomly on all plates.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

3. Once each board is rough, use a 100-grit sander on the edge of each board to round the edges. Repeat for each board.

2. On each side of each board, make arrow marks in the direction you want to make the pocket holes. Space them 6″ – 10″ apart. Each board should have the same number of pocket holes in each direction. You will create small holes in these places for the screws to go into the corners to hold the board together.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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NOTE: Make sure you don’t insert screws where the table will be cut in circles, and that the boards on the outside edge of the table are the same width on each side to maintain symmetry. To be sure, line the boards together. Find the center point and mark it.

Drilling all the holes in the pocket is easy, but the process is quicker if you have two people: one to start the jig at each arrow mark, and the other to drill the holes in the wood.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

2. Place the first and second boards on top so that their ends are even and insert a pocket screw in each hole. This will nicely connect the two boards together. Make sure the boards are parallel to each other on the floor when placing the screws.

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3. Repeat this process for each board, making sure the pockets and screw holes are in both directions on each board.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

4. After each board is connected, check whether the upper edge is straight. As the top gets bigger, it will be harder to control.

2. Find the center point on the table and mark it. Make a jig so that one end can be drilled into the center of the table and the other end can attach and hold the circular saw within the diameter of the table.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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3. Move the saw gradually along the table top. Wood was present on every pass. The shape is not yet circular, but it will be eventually. Excited to see how this setup works.

4. Once the rough cut around the table is complete, repeat the process until the table is round. It took me about three times.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

2. Sand the surface with 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the top and rough edges of the wood.

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3. For a more distressed look, use the edge of the 7-in-1 painting tool to curve the edges around the table top. Note that some of what you added earlier may have been cut off when the top was cut into the circle.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

4. When using water-based products on wood, clean the wood grain after sanding and spray the surface with water. Leave on for a few minutes, then wipe off excess with a clean, lint-free cloth. Wait until the table is completely dry, then sand it again with 220-grit sandpaper. Clean the sandpaper.

5. Apply a coat of preconditioner with water. Leave it in the wood for about 5 minutes, then wipe off the excess.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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I did the paint with the stain to make the stain more transparent and also gave me more time to wipe off the excess and apply more if needed.

To create stained rays: I use equal parts of two colors of glaze, glaze and water. I mix it well in a plastic container and use a 3 inch brush to apply it to the table.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

6. Mix the glaze well and apply with a wide brush. Immediately wipe off excess with a clean, lint-free cloth. Doing two boards at the same time, quickly wipe off the excess of the overlapping boards to even out the color.

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My kitchen and living room are both open, but not very spacious. I find that when I add too much color to a space, it looks crowded.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

I’ve found that the trick is to work within a small color palette so the space doesn’t feel too busy or crowded. I chose a darker wood color than the floor, so there will only be a slight difference.

I want to remove as much yellow and orange from the wood as possible. I do this by blending the stain first to get a more brownish gray color but not too dark.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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After dyeing, I put the tablecloth on the table to see if I like the effect. I also put recycled board on it as it was close to the final color I wanted.

I used acrylic craft paint on the stain while it was still wet to add more gray to the paint. This makes it look more like a recycled board without the yellow or orange undertones.

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

I use a damp cloth to lightly dab the paint in random spots and dry with long pressure to press the paint into the wood. I used both of these colors where I thought the stain looked too orange.

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I like

How To Make A Round Wooden Table Top

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