How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools – I don't like sitting on empty chairs. My bum doesn't agree with them. They hurt. Every chair in my house has some type of cushion for this reason. Sometimes I'll even layer pillows because one just isn't enough.

I recently got a pair of white metal bar stools to match our kitchen counter. Unfortunately, like the metal bar stools, there is no cushion. I briefly put another seat cushion on the chair before sitting down. It was going well… until my 18 month old started learning how to climb on the couch. His technique involves first pulling into a pillow, then grabbing the sides of the chair before moving and pulling.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

I know I will have to get a harness seat as soon as I see my little one's new climbing win. My bottom won't give way to an 18 month old whim. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a thick seat cushion that I liked, so I decided to make my own.

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I used Joanne's 2 inch thick pillow foam for these pillows and they are better than the thin 1 inch pillows you can buy at Ikea. I also made a velcro tie to stay securely in place when attacked by a baby. (My son has now mastered the art of climbing on a cushioned barstool, but at least the cushion stays in place).

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

Since the cushion cover has rounded corners (to match the rounded corners of the bar stool), it doesn't matter that the foam is a square piece because it is nicely rounded inside the cover. This is perfect because it is impossible to cut perfectly rounded corners on 2″ foam. I also found this easy video on how to cut foam for a mattress. A bread knife seems to be the answer! who knows!

Measure the circumference of the seat pattern using a tape measure (be sure to measure the traced pattern, not the pattern with the extra seam allowance). My seat circumference is 45”. Since the foam I chose is 2” thick, you will need to add 1” (for two 1/2″ seam allowances) to both measurements. This means you cut a piece of fabric that is 46″ x 3″.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

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Cut with scissors and mark the notches down the center of the [side piece] and the length of the quarter. Make sure the length of the quarter is measured 1/2” (seam allowance) from the edge of the fabric.

Left: Use a loop turner to turn the entire Velcro tie right side out. I do this by gently and lightly pushing the end of the loop turner*

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

*Depending on the thickness of your fabric, you can use a loop turner to hang the fabric and turn it right side out. However, I couldn't do that with the fabric I chose because it was heavy.

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Cut the foam with a bread knife, following the drawn lines. Use repetitive cutting motions instead of sawing.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

Note: Standing seams prevent the fabric from stretching, especially around curves. This is important when sewing a curve on a straight edge. I usually set the stitch length to the highest (it's 4 on my machine) and sew 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. When I sew a seam, I hold one finger behind the presser foot and gently press the fabric as it flows through the machine. This will cause the fabric you touch with your finger to come together slightly to prevent stretching.

Attach the [SIDE PIECE] to the [SEAT PEARN], aligning the notches on the [SEAT SATTERN] with the notches on the [SIDE PIECE]. Sew on a 1/2” seam allowance.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

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Cut the [VELCRO TIE] in half and apply another piece of [SEAT CHASSIS] to the center of each side (black dotted line). Make sure the wrong side of the [VELCRO TIE] is facing the right side of the [SEAT PATTERN].

Sew [SEAT PANEL] to [SIDE PANEL], turning right side out leaving one side open (red dotted line).

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

Use a pin to mark where the velcro tie overlaps and cut the 2 pieces of velcro (loop and hook) to match the length of the overlap.

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Wow! Done! Sitting on a hard chair does not cause back pain. Let me know in the comments below if you plan on making one (or several) for your chairs. Happy sewing!

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

Welcome to Mindy Makes! Here you will find easy sewing and crafting tutorials for the whole family. Take a look around and enjoy the step-by-step photo tutorials! My laptop sits on the end of our kitchen counter. It is the main thoroughfare of our home and the center of many activities. In the mornings, I check what's in the cafeteria that day so my oldest can decide if she wants to be a “trader” or a “packed lunch.” I also check the weather forecast because by the time my son gets home we are in the 30's. And I'm always Googling something or other. After watching me slouch most of the time, my dear husband pulled out an old chair for me and placed it on the end of the counter in front of my laptop. The chair is a natural light wood color and isn't too distinctive, but it's neutral enough to fly under the radar for months without the treatment it deserves.

Things came to a head when I got a round of foam to dry out my shower. not good I have good intentions of making a cover for it [immediately], but it's been sitting in our kitchen for a month or two. Now, we won't be living in a show house, but that's definitely not the design statement we want to make.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

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So this morning, while my daughter was sleeping, I scooped up the dirt outside and put it on some blocks to paint it. If it sits too long it turns creamy white like every piece of furniture in our home. I didn't get out the paint sprayer because it was a small job and I just did it by hand with a foam brush (to avoid brush marks). Then Sissy and I went to the fabric store where I picked out some beautiful fabrics that blew my mind. But I know

There is one. I like this. I want to make it easy. I love how neutral it is going in our home, but also has a slightly softer color (a muted aqua that I love).

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

To make the pillow cover, I simply cut a foam pillow, adding 2-3 inches all around, and cut a piece about 3-4 inches long (including seam allowance and extra…remember, it's easier to cut. more than ADD length) to go around the edge of my pillow. I literally “measured” this length by turning the pillow with the fabric in a complete rotation.

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Then it goes to the sewing machine. Of course you can pin a long strip to the edge of your circle, but you know me – you work counterclockwise (an afternoon sewing dream), so I saw that as I went along, sewing both sides. I sewed my ribbon a few inches from the edge of the circle because I realized my circle was too big.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

I'm afraid I'm missing the picture here: Once you've added your ribbon to the circle, sew a straight stitch through the part where the two strips meet the edge of the ribbon (you did it right after you rounded the circle. The two open ends of your ribbon sew).

Then turn the flap right side out (this will look like a round top with a fitted tablecloth or skirt) and tuck it under the fabric about 1/2 inch. Again, you can pin and sew, but you know I folded.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

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Next, measure your elastic (I used 1/2 inch wide elastic) by wrapping it around the leg of your chair from the top down.

Then use my super technical method of closing that loop by moving the stitch back and forth to bring the two ends together.

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

Then turn the pillow cover over and tuck the elastic under the second fold of the edge. Make sure you fold enough so you can sew the elastic channel, not sew

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Of course, you'll run out of elastic loops before you run out of fabric stitches, so just lock the needle to hold the fabric in place and gently pull the elastic until you have enough to work with (this will bind the fabric. Back the needle , but don't worry).

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

And I must say that this project can be good for your health too. I couldn't stop standing and sitting and standing and sitting to see this relatively small improvement!

Hey, glad you stopped by! My name is Gina. A follower of Jesus who is forgiven by grace. Born in England; Texas

How To Make Seat Cushions For Stools

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