How To Make A Mosaic Table

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How To Make A Mosaic Table

How To Make A Mosaic Table

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How To Make A Mosaic Stain Glass Table From Scraps

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How To Make A Mosaic Table

A mosaic table top is a fun and creative piece of furniture that can brighten up your space and give it a more artistic vibe. But finding the right table can be difficult because they all have different designs and colors. Fortunately, you can make your own tile table out of the old table you have sitting around the house. First design the tile and prepare the table top. After that, the only thing left to do is place your tiles on the table and enjoy the new unique tile you have created.

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How To Make A Mosaic Table

How To Make A Mosaic—plus 3 Pretty Project Ideas

To make a mosaic table, cut your own tiles into different shapes or buy pre-cut pieces and arrange them on the desired butcher paper. After that, prepare the table top by sanding, cleaning and sealing the surface. Then glue the tiles to the surface of the board, working outwards as you recreate your design. Seal tiles overnight, seal grout and grout! For tips on creating a design for your table top, read on! About: I am a doctor and in my spare time, I like to cook and trick-or-treat. Check out the link on my cake website to see more of my work. I also have a blog: More about creativesocialoperator »

This is a tutorial for a mosaic table top made mostly of sea glass. It was very difficult to do, but I started and I could do it.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

This design takes time, but it makes a wonderful and personalized gift. I made this for my sister for Christmas and can’t wait to see it! Over the past 18 years, we have spent countless hours on the beach and rock climbing collecting this sea glass and finally found a good way to display it.

Upcycling Projects: Mosaic Mirror Table Top Makeover!

The pieces can vary in size, but if you want a flat surface they should not be thicker than the lip of the table. Choose the shells you use carefully. They should be firm and flat. Fill any cavities with grout. You can dip the shell in lacquer (or clear nail polish) to protect it and prevent it from staining the grout.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Clean and dry your tile material thoroughly before use. My favorite method is to soak the parts in denture cleaner (full tutorial here). You can also clean it with rubbing alcohol or soak it in a soapy solution. I have organized my members by color.

If something goes wrong, you don’t want it to happen on your desk, so I recommend doing a few minutes of testing. I made mine in tile for $.75. It’s a good thing I experienced because as you can see from the picture, my grout was starfish colored. The entire rectangular table was the one I used before making the rounds (my sister would kill me if I wasted my sea glass collection).

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Custom Broken China Mosaic Coffee Table By Vintage Butterfly Mosaics

If the table already has lips, this will not be necessary. Apply a thin layer of tile adhesive and secure the tiles to the edge of the table so that the edge is formed by the part of the tile that goes behind the panel.

You can also replace the rectangular boards with 1-inch long strips of wood that you nail or glue to the surface before starting the tiles. If you’re adding a table, make sure you stain or paint the chest to match the rest of the table before you start tiling.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Some people cut the cardboard to match the size of the table and make a mosaic/glass design on it before transferring it to the actual piece (see here). I decided not to and it doesn’t bother me. The design should be like a puzzle, but with gaps between the pieces for the grout. I decided to make the center of my table separately so I could make a perfect circle and get a better angle. I used a pencil to draw my circle on a piece of thick paper, and then glued the circle to the parchment paper. Then I put tile adhesive on top of the parchment and added my glass. When it dried, I peeled off the film and glued it to the center of my board

Best Mosaic Table Top Designs For Home Decor

You can use a trowel to glue the tile (click here for a more detailed tutorial) but this can be difficult if you are using small pieces of tile and doing small areas at a time. My preferred method is to fill a groovy bag with adhesive and press it onto the table because it gives you more control over the placement and depth of the glue.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Start by adding pieces to your tile. You will drill into different sized pieces of different depths to get a flat top that is flush with the top edge of your brick. Be sure to wipe off any adhesive that sticks to the top of your tile pieces right away. I have a paint stick to press on top of the board to help achieve a flat surface. Allow the tile to set for at least twenty hours (or longer if the weather is wet). Take a comb and remove any adhesive on your parts.

Apply the grout to the table, spread it between the tile pieces (I used my fingers) and let it sit for at least 15 minutes (click here for another tutorial)

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Mid Century Side Table W/ Mosaic Tile Top

If you are using cement board you will need to put a thin layer underneath. I rub the thick slide with a sponge, then dry brush followed by a clean sponge. Apply sealant after 2 days.

Once the grout has set for 15 minutes, begin by wiping off the excess grout with a dry paper towel. Shake/blow off the dust particles, and use a large damp sponge to continue cleaning the tile grout. After the grout has dried overnight, wipe the tiles with a dry cloth and sponge again to remove any haze left behind by the grout. If you are still not satisfied with the look, you can try some more techniques below;

How To Make A Mosaic Table

If your scan shows some glue, use a toothpick to apply more grit to the area.

Make A Beautiful Table With Mosaics — Homebnc

After it is done, and you can enjoy your table. Here’s more silver sea glass and some great jewelry from this site. Safety note: Always wear eye protection and follow proper precautions when using power tools or pneumatic tools. Additionally, be sure to use safety glasses or other eye protection when the tile breaks into pieces.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

2. Since this board design requires metal glue around the edges, attach a 1-by-3-inch strip of oak to the edges of the old board that will serve as a border.

3. Using a hammer, break the tiles into a five-gallon bucket and shake vigorously to remove sharp edges.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

Santa Theresa Tile Works

4. Decide on a plan for yourself. For the painted panel, the 4-inch tiles were applied around the edges of the four-inch tiles, and the square was surrounded by four square tiles in the center.

5. Apply a lens brush, and then start creating extensions. Place the first square tiles around the edges and on the center square. Then arrange the pieces of tiles to create your own tile arrangement.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

7. When the lentisk is dry, mix your coulis to the consistency of aerated butter. Apply on the table, using floating grout. Hold the float at a 45 degree angle to work the grout into all the holes. Allow the thin filling to cure for at least four hours.

Winado Metal And Ceramic Tile Mosaic Patio Bistro Table 991946046767

8. Use a tile sponge to gently remove the grout covering the tiles until only the grout is between the tiles.

How To Make A Mosaic Table

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