How To Build A Nightstand

How To Build A Nightstand – Here on earth I currently have 5 separate fans running in my garage. They don’t really help with the heat, but they do keep mosquitoes from getting a foothold on my skin, so that’s it.

Can I tell you that the steamy heat of the south is not for the faint of heart? Well, not so much heat, but

How To Build A Nightstand

How To Build A Nightstand

Seriously, I can’t walk from the front door to the mailbox without an oxygen tank. It seems that I am complaining. Well, that’s why

How To Build A Diy Mid Century Modern Bedside Table / Nightstand With Ebonized Oak — Crafted Workshop

. Why can’t it always be 72 degrees? You all know that 72 points is my favorite.

How To Build A Nightstand

My brother-in-law asked me to make him a pair of legs and a wardrobe. “Of course!” I said. “Nothing of the sort!” I said. Before I knew it Alabama was a burning inferno.

Note to self: building a workshop with air conditioning. We’ll have to address this… as soon as we stop moving, which is… in about 10 to 15 years, say when Adam retires from the military.

How To Build A Nightstand

Easy To Build Diy Floating Nightstand / Side Table Plans

Hello. In spite of the heat, I considered these bedsteads for him and prepared the design plans for you. I suffer for my loved ones. This is my cross to bear. Welcome dear brother

First I made the shell with my Kreg Hole pocket jig. If you don’t already own one of these jigs, I highly recommend getting one. I rarely make anything without it. Here’s a great video tutorial on how to use it by my beautiful and super talented friend Jen at Build Basic.

How To Build A Nightstand

Then it was time to make the drawer. I used pocket hole making again to make the box. I also drilled 3/4″ pocket holes on both sides of the drawer fronts to attach the drawer fronts in later steps.

Diy Modern Floating Nightstand

I chose these sliding drawers with soft close bearings. I prefer these heavy duty slides to the cheaper white ones. They cost a little more, but the extra strength and durability is worth the cost in my opinion. They are full stretch sliders and the soft close feature is so adorable!

How To Build A Nightstand

I then attached the drawer sides, the back panel to the back of the bedside tables and finally added these breadboards I got from Osborne Wood. I left the bottoms of the backs open because my brother in law has a pair of vents where do these bedspreads go.

After I finish making her matching cabinet, I paint the three pieces together and finish. Wait for matching wardrobe designs!

How To Build A Nightstand

Build 2 Diy Floating Nightstands In Less Than An Hour

Thanks for reading, friends. If you would pin and share this project, I would love you forever. Use the photo below and pin it to your heart’s content! Also join me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of upcoming projects. Jenn Largesse, Old House DIY expert and House One editor, shares how to build a sturdy bed using simple woodworking techniques.

The DIY projects that rise to the top of my list seem to be the ones that add more functionality to our home. If a building promises to make good use of empty space or tidy up a cluttered area, I feel inspired.

How To Build A Nightstand

Preliminary steps. Jen uses a miter saw to cut the 2 x 2 legs of the bed and the 1 x 2 bar. A table saw is useful for cutting the sides and shelves, and a miter saw also works. Fake tuna

How To Build A Nightstand With Drawers

So when I noticed charging cables, books, and miscellaneous items piling up on the nightstand, I decided to do something that would provide more storage than I currently have. And while drawers aren’t usually thought of as easy to make, the pocket hole assembly method I used provides a great solution for beginners.

How To Build A Nightstand

Thanks to the large footprint, two stacked drawers and a lower shelf, my nightstand is neat and tidy when it’s time to turn off the light. Roshan: What you need to know to make your own.

Standard headboard heights are usually between 24 and 28 inches. Although modern furniture design favors low side tables, I like a traditional nightstand to be 1-2 inches above the top of the mattress.

How To Build A Nightstand

Wyndenhall Hampshire Solid Wood 24 Inch Wide Traditional Bedside Nightstand Table

I designed this side table for my bed, which is 30 cm high. So the reading light sheds its light on my book and the key is in hand. To increase or decrease the size of the bedside table, you can easily adjust the height of the 2×2 legs while maintaining the distance of the bottom shelf to the floor.

According to the cutting list above, cut the pieces to the desired length. Using a pocket die, drill two holes at the top of the front and back for the drawers, each 1×2.

How To Build A Nightstand

Drill additional pocket holes along all edges of the plywood shelf and bottom of each drawer and along the top and side edges of the plywood.

How To Build Simple Wood Nightstands

Place a 12-inch 1×2 between the two 2×2 posts, 12½ inches down from the top of the legs. Attach it with glue and pocket hole screws. Place the plywood side up on top of the 1×2, with the bottom edges flat and the top edge supported. Attach with glue and pocket hole screws.

How To Build A Nightstand

Mark a line 5 cm from the bottom of each leg. Place the 12″ x 2″ between the legs, resting on the 3/4″ blocks and flush with the inside of the legs. Using a bar clamp, fasten it with glue and slotted screws. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side.

Glue and screw 20-inch 1x2s to the front and back edges of the plywood shelf with its top. (The plywood covers one of the two pocket screw holes at each end.) With the flat side assembly, inside facing up, attach the shelf with the pocket hole and screw it so it is flush with the top edge of one of the bottom 1x pieces. . 2 seconds, turn the workpiece and repeat on the other side. Glue and screw two 20-inch 1×2 joists between the sides, flush with the top of the 1×2.

How To Build A Nightstand

Diy Nightstand With Drawers

Place the workpiece face down on the top plywood board, flush with the width of the top and the back edge. Drive the pocket hole screws through the plywood and across the top. Iron the facing tape to finish the edges. Trim the excess

Glue the front and back pieces of plywood and screw them to the bottom of the drawer so that they are flush with the bottom surface. Glue and wrap the sides of the drawer with pocket holes down, front and back. Repeat smoothing both sets and coloring each part.

How To Build A Nightstand

Remove the slider and screw one piece to each drawer box, vertically and flush with the front edge. Connect the corresponding parts inside the workpiece. Insert the drawers by rejoining the two halves of each slide.

How To Make A Modern Nightstand With A Drawer

Mark and drill holes in the fronts of the drawers to be used, then attach them to the drawer fronts with screws through the drawer holes. From inside the drawers, insert the screws from the front of the drawers and into the front of the fittings. Remove the temporary screws, drill holes in the drawer boxes and screw in the pins.

How To Build A Nightstand

Get the latest vintage home news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts – straight to your inbox. I am so excited about these nightstands! I love the modern clean lines that the black frame gives them, I love the shelves and drawers and I love how the shelves float! It’s my favorite furniture features in one! They are fairly simple to make and won’t break the bank either! Let’s build!

Cut the shelf pieces to the desired size. Measure and cut the side panels and attach them to the sides of the shelf with 1-inch studs and wood glue. Measure and cut the front and rear trim pieces and attach in the same order. Build 4 shelves.

How To Build A Nightstand

How To Build A Floating Nightstand — Bent’s Woodworking

Next, cut the shelf side pieces to size and drill 3/4″ pocket holes on one side of each board. I used my own Kreg Foreman for this project, but you can use a smaller Kreg Jig!

And attach them to the sides of the bottom shelf with 1/4″ screws and wood glue. Do this for the bottom two shelves.

How To Build A Nightstand

Measure and cut the back shelf piece, drill 3/4″ pocket holes on one edge and both ends of the table. Attach it to the back of the bottom shelf between the side pieces with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws and wood glue.

Diy Nightstand With Drawer

Cut the side frame and top frame pieces to size. Drill 1 1/2-inch pocket holes in the top of each frame side piece. Attach the frame side pieces to the top of the frame with 2 1/2″ slotted screws and wood glue.

How To Build A Nightstand

Cut the bottom rails to size and drill 3/4″ holes at both ends. Center the rails on the inside of the frames and secure with 1 1/4-inch self-tapping screws and wood glue.

Attach the bottom shelf to the frame with 1 1/2-inch wood screws through the inside of the shelf and into the frame. The rack should hang on the frame 3/4″ in front and back.

How To Build A Nightstand

Diy Tall Nightstand Build Plans

Attach the top shelf in the same way, making sure to allow 3/4 inch overhang.

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