How To Make A Mushroom Chair

How To Make A Mushroom Chair – To play with garden furniture, create a mushroom table and chairs using a tomato cage, wire bases and concrete.

Note: This takes about two weeks to complete, but the actual application only requires a short amount of time per day.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

1. Make a table frame by turning the tomato cage upside down and bending the ends perpendicular to the base. Make the frame of each tomato cage chair by cutting off the top of the cage and using long spikes to make the seat.

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2. Cover the entire frame with ¼-inch wire mesh, being careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the wire. Cut pieces of wire mesh from the roll. The size and shape of the pieces doesn’t matter as long as they fit together and are tied together with twisted pieces of 22-gauge wire. Trim the mesh pieces so they don’t stick out too much. Create wire mesh ribs under the mushroom. Ribs should not be hollow and should make large holes under the mushroom cap. The table must have at least four ribs and the chair two or three, depending on the width. Ribs make the top strong and help secure it to the base to cover a large area. Note: A very small diameter seat does not need ribs.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

3. Mix the cement, wearing rubber gloves, following the manufacturer’s instructions and taking care not to inhale the powder. Add water to the cement and mix with a trowel until the powder is wet but not dripping from the hand holding the bubble. Break up any pieces of hardened cement with a hand aerator and mix until the concrete has a uniform consistency. The mixture should have the consistency of powdered pudding. Mix the cement in small pieces because it dries quickly. Note: Water cannot be added to concrete once it has begun to dry, and shears should be washed between mixes to preserve dry chunks of concrete from future mixes.

4. With a spatula or gloved hand, apply the concrete in thin layers on the bottom of the mushroom and on the bases (internal and external). Push the concrete through the mesh so it holds.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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5. Before repackaging the flooring and subbases, gently rinse under running water and allow to soak for a few minutes. This prevents hardened concrete from draining moisture from your wet concrete application and causes it to set faster and therefore weaker. Repeat this every time a new coat is applied to any hardened concrete.

6. Apply the foundation a few times until it becomes thick, especially when it touches the bottom. Concrete should not be thinner than ½ inch in any one area. Make sure the edge of the base is flush with the measuring tool. Add concrete where necessary to even it out and where necessary to cover a thin area or cover sharp pieces of wire. Mix the concrete soup mix and wet the entire base with gloved hands to create a final layer. Note: You can increase the output of the hands by squeezing the hands from the bottom of the base; You can also use your hands to smooth the coat into place. Remember that the bottom of the base is in the air and the top is below at this point. Let it dry overnight.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

7. Turn the mushrooms. Dress the mushroom heads in the same way as the base. Keep your head as calm and balanced as possible. Minor differences can be corrected by placing the finished product on a layer of sand. The flat area should be wide and flat all the way to the edge where you pull it down to the edge of the lid. With each coat, make sure the edge of the cap has no sharp edges and that the concrete blends into the finished floor.

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8. Run your hand over the cup around the rim to ensure there are no sharp edges and the bottom is smooth.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

9. Finish with a top coat after applying 3 coats and the coats are thick enough.

10. Add a round cloth on top, starting in the middle, or smooth the fur as desired.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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11. Let the mushrooms dry for two days before painting. Spray them with water several times during the drying process to shorten the curing time. This creates a solid dough.

12. Paint the mushrooms as desired with a coat or two of paint. Or, for a natural look, leave the mushrooms unpainted.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

13. If you use the table and chairs indoors, you can cover their legs with carpet and silicone adhesive. Place the old rug face down under each piece and use a knife to cut circles, using the base feet as a size guide. Apply silicone adhesive to the base edges of the carpet circles (you want the carpet pile to be on the part that touches the floor) and place the mushrooms on top of them. If you are going to use the set outside, you can create an even space by making a sand bed under the table. Dig a hole 2 inches wider than the foundation and 2 or 3 inches deep and fill it with sand. Beat a little and arrange your table, using a step. Shake it a little in the sand bed to settle it.

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How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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How To Make A Mushroom Chair

I removed the bottom part of this newspaper article that was next to our house and ended up with a nice little stool to read!

I thought it would fit in my daughter’s room which keeps my original red/turquoise plate but with a wood area on the girl’s side.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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This was super easy to make and the mushroom dome fabric shape is easy… no measuring or counting!

[Sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s a quick job I did in the afternoon between lunch, meals, errands, and dinner prep… just a few quick steps]

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

Wooden circle I took a piece of 1/2″ melamine plywood and cut out a 13″ circle with Mom’s band saw. You can also buy a chair.

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Note: I had a 4×4 piece. It would be better to use a real piece of tree trunk

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

For the chair leg, I cut a 10″ long piece of 4×4 post. To give it a dome shape, I cut each corner by tilting the table saw blade 45 degrees and running the block through an 8 degree angle, to that he cut off part of the top and melted down to the bottom.

3. Rotate the base so the small screw is on the outside and use it to guide the screw into the pilot hole in the leg to ensure both are connected in place. Tighten the middle screw with other screws.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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4. Paint the chair leg. I used white for the base, then brushed dry ivory and a little bit for a natural look.

5. Hot glue the 3″ thick foam to the wood base. I used pieces of my pachaise cushions for the chaise lounge so I had to glue those pieces too, then the seat.

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

8. To give the mushroom dome a peak, I added some small dashes at the top.

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10. Roll up the stuffing and

How To Make A Mushroom Chair

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