How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

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Are you dreaming of becoming the ultimate king? Or how about the lawn? If so, you need a throne! For our medieval themed Halloween party we created a Game of Thrones Game of Thrones. It was not, by any means, a copycat for Swords on HBO, but it was a real hit. It was made of ordinary materials and took time to put together. Worth spending $30,000 on an official copy!

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Our main requirement was to have a decent sized and sturdy throne to handle the evening party guests (some in chainmail).

Red Royal Chair On A Background Of Red Curtains. Place For The King. Throne Stock Photo

We made it in about three weeks (although one could probably recreate it in less than that time) with roughly the following ingredients:

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

You can certainly build a throne from scratch, but you’ll save time by starting with a chair to build. I found a plastic Adirondack chair to be a good place to start, inexpensive (under $15) and lightweight. The flared, simple slats of the backstrad are reminiscent of the shape we’re going for, and are a good foundation for building a high-strength armrest.

With the base chair selected, I was able to begin sizing the entire project in terms of approximate height, width, and depth. I decided to build a platform for the throne in two steps, because you really don’t want to see anyone if you’re sitting on the iron throne.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Red Royal Chair Isolated On Black Background. Stock Image

Don’t forget: if you’re not building in this space, it’s important to keep things sized or modular so you can walk through the door later! In my case the throne can be moved separately from the platform and the throne can only be tilted to fit through the *36* door.

The platform was constructed of 2×4 lumber, with cross pieces and additional bracing where the back chair legs (with most of the weight) would rest. The legs were attached to 2×4’s and 2×2’s and 1/2/”” plywood.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Since the Adirondack leans back a bit, I added 2x4s to the back of the platform to raise the back legs of the chair. I also added some additional bracing to support the back of the chair as it is quite flexible

Chair Or Throne (chokwe Peoples)

Next I used the yardsticks to lay out some of the main shapes of the couch. Meters are a great building material because they are straight, strong, and inexpensive — they cost about 70 cents at a home improvement store.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

I used small, flat head screws to secure the parameters to the chair, taking care to always point the screw points away from the seat surface. I extended the slats from each of the chair’s vertical slats, most of which would later become the sword handles.

I enlarged the shape of the front legs and used some 2×4’s to attach more sticks to the bottom.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Diy ‘game Of Thrones’ Iron Throne Office Chair

This existing chair will point towards the back of the sword I cut strips of liquid pink foam insulation and nailed them to one side of the parapet to start making the sword. The thickness of the foam (1/2 inch) makes it adhere well to the surface of the chair.In the case of the sword handle I cut it to meter width.

On either side of the chair, our first two swords will rise. Here’s the same routine: Cut the foam at an angle and glue two yards forward.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

I then repeated those steps over and over to glue the back yard. The foam was cut to fit the back of the chair for the downward facing sword. A small gap (meter wide) between the front and back foam pieces. will, so small strips are glued to fill it. In the next pictures you can see how the sandblasting process begins to create the handle and blade area. At this point there was a lot of sanding to do, but an electric palm sander helps a lot.

Luxe Throne Rentals

I also started adding pieces of foam for the hilt guards. For most of these I left the back half of the guards as they will have another sword behind them. You can also see the foam starting.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

From here it’s just a matter of adding more blade shapes to fill in the open spaces on the sides and cover the chair surfaces. I used different materials for this

First I found some “” wide metal binding strips, which I bent over the arms. It is a strong metal so it helped to add a framework to the parameters. You can cut yourself on the edge of the metal, so I covered it with tape around the arm.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Italian Renaissance Stylered Velvet Throne Chair For Sale At 1stdibs

So I cut a bunch of craft foam strips – 1/8″ or so thick is fine here – about 1″ to 1.5″ wide. I started with plain rectangular strips, but then cut a little tapering to them. Craft foam is very Good. Also, because it bends and wraps around the shape of the chair and the glue can get in easily. Also, the chair will stay comfortable even if it is attached to all surfaces of the chair, not that comfort is really a factor. Game of Thrones features.

Next I needed some swords on the front that looked better than the plain strips, so I wanted to go back to cutting out the pink insulating foam. The four swords on the front of the chair are smaller, but built like the back of the chair

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

So it was just stuffing more and more. , but I decided to do it first, to buy some time, but not turn it all into one big bulb.

How To Make Your Own Iron Throne From A Lawn Chair

With the sides and front of the chair well padded, I needed to complete a few layers of foam on the seat and back of the chair, and importantly, one of the blades on top to complete the iconic look. add row . I decided to add 7 blades that fan around the top and place them between each of the foam swords we made earlier. Again you can go crazy and make two dozen but this was a good number without too much crowding Again I spent a few more hours sanding it with a palm sander.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

A pair of wooden balls have been added to give the pommel to the front sword. They are fixed with screws from under the arm of the chair.

Before the next step of painting I used a bunch of latex caulk to fill any gaps throughout the project. It did a good job of blending the layers together to give it a fused look

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Come Into

After making sure all the foam insulation was primed, the entire chair was spray painted. First a full coat of dark gray primer was applied then I followed with a coat or two of “hammered steel” paint the hammered color doesn’t add much structure to the throne, but it does give consistency to the different materials used.

Gold and copper highlights were added to bring out the pommel and hilt guard. These are just washed to add character without being too flashy.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Thin black paint was applied with a brush to darken the hilt of the sword and better define all the edges of the foam and give the layer more dimension. I rubbed in some oil based aluminum paint to add some highlights to some of the blades. It’s thin, but the extra metallic finish catches the light a bit more

French Regence Red Velvet Throne Chair

And that’s a lot. The chair was placed on top of the platform and I folded the two back legs together to transform it all together to a height of over seven feet.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

Not only is a Game of Thrones decoration cool on its own, but you’ll get great photos with your party guests! Click here to request these 2 free guides: 10 Secrets of the Experienced Furniture Painter + Tips for Preparing Furniture for Painting.

Damn, that’s a great title, isn’t it? I’ve been working on this upholstered chair makeover for the past two weeks and it surprised me at first.

How To Make A Chair Into A Throne

The Coronation Chair: Anatomy Of A Medieval Throne

It came into my life a year and a half ago when I saw it for sale

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