How To Make An Ironing Table

How To Make An Ironing Table – Happy Tuesday! Today’s project will teach you how to make your own iron or iron and today’s “tool” is a gun!!

Over the years, I have regularly used irons in my sewing room. They work well for leveling up and down, but sizing works better than dressing. I love the iron-down feature when I’m sewing in a sewing machine and need quick ironing but I need a large surface area. The large area is perfect for ironing large clothes or blankets.

How To Make An Ironing Table

How To Make An Ironing Table

My friend Tabatha from work gave me this desk. Hello Tabby! Thanks!! I love the size…long, but narrow.

Let Me Show You How To Make Your Ironing Board Bigger

The first step in making a metal sheet is to cover it with a cotton cloth. I used 2 very thin polishing steps. You can decide whether you want your plate to be thick or not.

How To Make An Ironing Table

As for the beat, you only need to trim it in a few places to get started. Most of the stitching will be done as the fabric grows.

Depending on your staple gun and the type of wood you are pinning, some staples may not go in at all.

How To Make An Ironing Table

Diy Quilter’s Ironing/pressing Station::

Now for the fabric…I started ironing on the table, as the fabric was wrinkled from storage.

To make the fabric look good around the edges, I flipped the table over to apply good pressure to the main gun. Tie off all the loops and cut off the excess fabric.

How To Make An Ironing Table

I staple every 2 inches or so, pulling tighter as I continue. I have a nice black and white fabric, but it has a certain ride, of any kind, and I go crazy if it pulls too much in one direction in the same pattern. The smaller the size, the better the overall print.

How To Make An Ironing Board Cover That Stays In Place — Pin, Cut, Sew Studio

Help when you’re ironing and need to move the fabric vertically, but only hold the iron down for a second. Will not score.

How To Make An Ironing Table

You can use any size table to make an ironing station suitable for your sewing room. Find old tables at thrift stores, yard sales, from your family, or maybe in your basement. You might have something you don’t know how to do because you don’t like the way it looks. Well… cover it and iron it!! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog! That’s not to say I don’t sew – it’s just that sewing is more of a job than a hobby.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will see what I am up to as I update daily. And you don’t have to have an account to see what I post there.

How To Make An Ironing Table

How To Make An Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

At the beginning of January, I decided that my sewing room needed to be cleaned/reorganized. I spent several weeks remodeling my sewing room and adding new items. I think it will be more effective in the long run. (More on that in the next post.)

I finished about 90% of the reorganization and then I started doing the reverse and the last 10% took the longest to complete.

How To Make An Ironing Table

But before I got to work, I was able to build myself a new steel table! Yes, the table! No more flimsy iron planks for me! You may remember that I used the square end of my steel plate and ignored the pointed end for many years.

Home Basics Freestanding Folding Ironing Board In The Ironing Boards, Covers & Accessories Department At Lowes.com

I’ve always liked the big tables in the clothing stores I’ve worked at (usually lots of big irons). Time for me to have my desk at home!

How To Make An Ironing Table

And since I know everyone who sews wants to have one for themselves, I took lots of pictures so you can make one too. =)

I’m not sure how long IKEA has been doing this, but I noticed it recently. It’s exactly the size/height I wanted to use as an iron table leg, and it’s solid wood. Plus, it has the bonus of drawers and shelves!

How To Make An Ironing Table

How To Make An Ironing Board Cover (free Pattern)

So for $149.00 I had the perfect table and didn’t have to build anything from scratch. (I also find it funny that the least expensive piece of large furniture in my sewing room is the cutting table!)

The dimensions of the NORDEN sideboard are 47½” long x 16½” wide x 35⅜” high. Perfect height but a little short top. I wanted something that wasn’t too big and would fit on the wall where I already have iron. Without closing my closet door.

How To Make An Ironing Table

First, I made the sideboard exactly as suggested in the IKEA comic because I had my simple plan to enlarge the surface without changing the original design.

Reversible Diy Ironing Board Cover

I needed a larger piece than my iron, measuring 13½” wide x 53″ long (to the tip). I decided that a 60 inch length would be the right size for my space while still being long enough to iron a full yard of fabric from one size to the next.

How To Make An Ironing Table

I also determined that the 19″ width wouldn’t take up too much space in my living room – I have to be careful that my sewing room doesn’t feel cramped with other furniture spaces.

We cut each square dowel into 3 pieces measuring 3 inches, 14.5″ and 18.5″. The small 3-inch piece is the right size to prevent the latches from blocking the drawer fronts of the sideboard. Exact dimensions don’t matter because you can frame each corner of an existing countertop with dowels.

How To Make An Ironing Table

Wooden Ironing Board Upcycled Into A Console Storage Table

We turn the IKEA appliance upside down, place it on a plywood board and mark the base so that the base is in the middle of the wooden panel. (Note: Make sure you remove the adjustable shelf before you turn the table upside down!) We placed the sideboard a little closer to the front edge so that the latch is flush with the edge of the plywood (nice and stretchy). Easy.)

Then we put some special plywood on the floor under everything. This is so we can drill through the top of the plywood without having to worry about drilling holes into the carpet underneath.

How To Make An Ironing Table

Starting with the two small front dowels, we placed them on the edge of the sideboard and drilled a hole through the dowels and the first layer of plywood would be the new top.

This Iron Attached To A Table Doubles Up So You’ll Never Have To Hide Your Ironing Board Again!

Then we take everything off and put the bolts on top (the part that comes into contact with the floor during drilling) and attach them to the bottom pins with washers and nuts.

How To Make An Ironing Table

Then we do the same with the dowel on one side – drill a hole in each end because the dowel is long.

We drilled, finished and attached the dowels one by one so we could make sure everything fit perfectly and was side tight.

How To Make An Ironing Table

How To Make A Shutter Door Ironing Cabinet

Finally, we have all the dowel frames attached. It also doesn’t matter that the bolt head isn’t perfectly flat with the top surface because I know the padding I put in everything will make up for the difference in height. As long as the pins are stable in the plywood, it’s perfect.

Initially, I was going to cover the plywood with a proper iron sheet after attaching it to the IKEA sideboard, but it ended up being a tight fit that we didn’t need. For the first time, my crazy IKEA hack turned out to be less complicated than initially expected! Victory!

How To Make An Ironing Table

You may have noticed that I was able to move my spool from under my cutting table to under my new iron. This is perfect because with my new furniture arrangement, the pipes are less in the way under the cutting table.

Diy Ironing Board Cover

Next came the hard part: waiting for the extra fabric to be shipped so I could cover the top of the plywood.

How To Make An Ironing Table

The best iron table in the wardrobe shop is covered with an apron called an English cloth. I read somewhere (can’t seem to score the link) that it was first used as a lining for British royalty to make the lace better against the cold and damp.

I found something on Fabric.com on my first search and ordered it. Although the website said there were about 40 yards in stock at the time, a few days later I received an email saying they were sold out. Um (I’ve had bad luck with some of my last orders from Fabric.com!) If you want to take their chances, here’s a link to their Hanes Drapery Interlining Bump Fabric. List of #UK-528.

How To Make An Ironing Table

Ironing Station Ideas To Fit Every Type Of Space

When I realized I wasn’t going to get my first fabric order, I started looking elsewhere. I finally found one on BuyFabrics.com and it’s cheaper than Fabric.com! I quickly ordered 2 yards (I plan to use 2 layers to cover my plywood.

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