How To Make Table Saw With Motor

How To Make Table Saw With Motor – This is the fourth wooden table I saw built, the embodiment of my mother's worst fears, and one of the few DIY table saws on the internet with a short circuit motor. If this is already a big claim, I will add that it is also mostly made from scrap material. It has a built-in dust collector, a nice handle for raising and lowering the blade, and it's not painted in the typical color scheme of my brand at all, because something like Chronic Mechatronic didn't exist at the time, not even in my yours a dream

In fact, it seems that I spent most of my teenage years building table saws (probably because as soon as the first one was finished, I wanted to come up with a new, better design), but it is this is also my first table saw. which runs on an induction motor. Anyway, the process of building this saw took me from mid 2017 to June 2018, so it was finished in time for me to spend the summer holidays building my own wood band saw.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

So, as I mentioned before, I used a lot of recycled materials to build this machine – mostly to keep costs down (obviously a priority if your dad is a cheapskate). Regardless, he had to buy the really bad flood I used for the table top, or everything else was pretty much junk or junk I already had.

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I put a lot of thought into the design of the fence system because I wanted something that would work reliably without covering the wood which would mess up the accuracy in the long run and still be easy to do without a lot of materials or tools special. isn't it So it took a lot of digging and watching tons of videos to pick the various good parts of other people's DIY table saws to have my own, completely over-engineered version of a DIY Frankenstein table saw.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

First, to make the wooden box for the whole saw, I used the kitchen cabinet side panels that we threw away at the time. Since these panels alone would be too low to reach the top of the table to a suitable height, I had to put the whole thing on legs, which also gave the possibilities of adjustment and leveling.

The top was just a very damaging flood with a hard wood edge strip on three sides, because the edges of the very damaging flood without protection is just a nightmare. It was a challenge to actually cut the slot for the cross-section slide because you can't rely on the heavy duty flood for a wear-resistant guide rail. Having previously had bad experiences with hardware store aluminum U-channels, I cut the slot a few millimeters, covered the insides with thin strips of Baltic birch plywood and the bottom with thin MDF lath, then cut to careful the whole groove back in one. . go with a 16mm router.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

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There is a nice hand grip on the front of the saw to adjust the depth of cut and a safety switch – there is no blade tilt mechanism – I haven't had one on any of my table saws and never wanted one, so I didn't need one. . bother to include it on this saw as well, because skipping the tilt mechanism also allows for a more solid and reliable .

There is a service hole in the back (actually there wasn't much left in the kitchen cabinet, so I decided to call the resulting hole a service hole and leave it at that), close it with a piece thin MDF. From this opening you can see the short circuit motor on the right and the dust collector on the left. At first, I had to deal with many problems with the motor in this huge box, because the natural noise of the motor turning the blade through the V belt was right at the resonant frequency of the saw body, which increased the resonance. . frequency of the body saw. noise to about three times the original intensity. It was a big problem because the saw could be heard all over the house and even earplugs didn't help when you were standing next to it because this frequency just transferred through the plastic shell of the earplugs! In the end, I mostly solved that by screwing a horizontal bracket in the middle of the box, so that the side walls don't bend so much, reducing resonance. In addition, I bundled the whole saw on a block of wood with rubber pieces to reduce the vibration transmitted to the concrete floor of the workshop. These countermeasures solved most of the problem, although wearing ear protection makes the noise more noticeable than standing next to the sight without ear protection. Don't worry though, it's a very acceptable level and much more acceptable than the cutting sounds the blade makes when sawing wood.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

In this picture you can see (more or less) the spinner with the lifting mechanism. The tree itself is actually a piece of 12mm M12 threaded rod to which a circle of dogwood plywood is glued, like a flange with wood glue. Not really the best solution if you consider, say, metal fatigue, but so far it's held up well. Obviously clamping the blade against a wooden flange doesn't allow for rock-solid precision, so I found a way around that and cut things down to a tenth of a millimeter. Interestingly, this saw's 1kw/1.35hp motor came from a broken pressure cleaner that a neighbor had given me a year before. Needless to say, pressure washer motors are quite unsuitable for such tasks, because the compressor is thrown directly into the motor housing, the rotor is not actually mounted on bearings, and the shaft does not extend far enough in in the motor to easily attach a pulley. . So I had to make some changes to make it work.

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On the left side of the motor is a built in dust collector which is driven by a simple shaded motor I got from an old man. I hadn't originally planned to include a dust collector, but the sawdust escaping from the dust collector hood and attaching (and blocking) the lifting mechanism made me think better of it. So I made a simple fan to create enough downdraft through the holes to pull the sawdust down and squirt it out in the lower left (or right) corner, which I closed to make it sawdust.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

Overall, while I was just trying to describe all the problems with this saw, it is the best table saw I have ever built. I tend to immediately analyze everything that is

Good at everything I do, so that I can do better the next time and because it is more interesting. Speaking of pros, I like that it's powered by a shunt motor, it gives me a lot more peace of mind when using the saw compared to the universal screw motor I had before. The height adjustment crank is neat, although I would add a

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

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Motor and adjustment knob for electrical work ;P Other than that it's just a table saw I can use when I need to…

Anyway, the saw is three years old now and has been quite reliable. I cut miles of wood on it while building the Matthias Wandel bandsaw, and because it's made exclusively from engineered wood, it's less prone to seasonal changes in humidity. A table saw sled (or crosscut sled) makes cutting wood against the grain safer. , and much easier. There are many technical ways to make a table saw, but sometimes you just need a simple and elegant solution to a problem. This is probably the easiest crosscut sled you can make and still make accurate cuts.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

Crosscut sleds (if you didn't know) are used to saw against the grain of the wood with a table saw or to cut really small pieces without fear of cutting your fingers. Crosscutting (or miter cutting) is a topic covered in the free Table Saw Course that will take you from zero to hero as a table saw pro.

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This cross-section sled can be made with scraps and only three cuts need to be accurate, the rest can be slapped together with careless abandon and the slab is made in a vertical cut. At the end of the Instructable we will use the 5-cut method to check the accuracy of the sled after it is created.

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

This table saw sled uses scrap wood and is based on some precise cuts and a very straight piece of hardwood. Here's what you need to make your own:

Gauges are essential to accurately measure the miter of your table saw. You also need a solid triangular line to line up the sled fence with the blade,

How To Make Table Saw With Motor

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