How To Make An Epoxy Table

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Also known as epoxy board or river board, you can create your own unique piece of art on your own or with the help of a cabinet maker! There are many epoxy products, resin colors and materials! However, this project is not for everyone! You better be good with your hands and at least know how to work with wood!

How To Make An Epoxy Table

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Choosing and preparing wood! Riverboard can be made from a variety of woods, but make sure it is very dry and non-porous. After sanding and dusting, the board should be completely flat and free of bark. Then apply the first coat of resin with a brush to the cracks to avoid bubbles and prepare the wood to receive the resin while it hardens.

Epoxy Resin End Grain Coffee Table

Getting ready to pour the epoxy! For casting, of course, its surface must be very airtight. Clamps to fasten the frame as the resin is liquid. Cover with glossy PVC glue to prevent the resin from sticking to the frame. The casting frame should preferably be sealed with silicone. Hold the wood still while pouring. Now you are ready! Customize your river table with your resin mix!

How To Make An Epoxy Table

During the preparation of the epoxy resin mixture, you customize your future table in this step. Continue with whatever color pigments you want, but the most common color for river tables is blue. By coloring the mixture, the pigment in the mass is concentrated and transparent! The possibilities of customization cannot be imagined by integrating pebbles, shells or stones.

A room or workshop must be between 20°C and 25°C for the epoxy resin to develop properly! Epoxy resin is poured in several layers. If the suggested drying time is too long, it may go deeper into the jacket. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and data sheets. Failure to adhere to coatings can lead to cracks and bubbles when drying. You can extend the drying time by playing around with room temperature to get a thicker flow, or by sanding between each layer for thinner layers. Drying time is usually 8-12 hours for thin layers and usually 3-7 days for proper curing, depending on the thickness or product selected. At this time you can build, for example, the legs of the table!

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Diy Epoxy Resin L Shaped River Bar Top L Full Build Tutorial

Carefully remove the frame panel by panel and remove the silicone after removing the table. Then you can flatten it with a planer. If there is excess epoxy sand, it is a much larger grain than what you would use for a typical wood project. Use a compressed air blower to remove all dust from the table. Since epoxy resin is susceptible to sunlight, choose an anti-UV varnish. Polish, polish, choose the surface that suits you.

At Epoxy et Cie Canada, we provide complete training for woodworkers, ebonists and crafters in making the best tableware products on the Canadian market. In addition, we have a network of craftsmen and furniture makers who have attended the best trainings and can create your customized river table according to your needs! Also, check out our new Chemtec Clear Epoxy Coating for Flow Tables available exclusively at Epoxy & Cie. Canada!

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Contact us so that your floating table project can be completed as quickly as possible and according to your expectations. Want to bring the beach home? Here’s how to make an ocean table using cement and epoxy step by step.

We Now Make Epoxy River Tables

Don’t want to leave the beach at the end of your vacation? Bring it home with this side table that looks like a cross section of the ocean.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Bob Clagett wrote project instructions on his website inspired by river tables and his wife’s love of the ocean. This project takes about a week to complete if you do it in dry weather, and it took Bob three tries to get it right. He shares his best tips for concrete and epoxy processes in his video and the steps are outlined here.

Cut the melamine to fit the shape of the concrete. You’ll need a bottom piece that’s the same length and width as the table size, and four pieces on the sides that dictate the height. Make sure these two pieces are slightly larger than the others for a secure fit.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Epoxy Resin Coffee Table Tutorial: Diy Guide

Fasten the sides and the melamine base to each other with screws. Next, cut small pieces of melamine to mimic the dimensions of the inserted table legs. Cut one part of the width of the foot and cut a small piece to make up the difference in width on the other side. Glue the two pieces together with CA glue and hold them in place.

Finally, seal the mold with silicone sealant at each seam. Also seal the cut edges of the melamine to prevent the cement from sticking. Apply mold release to make it easier to remove corners and sides from concrete and epoxy.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

When the sealant dries, clean the mold. Then follow the instructions to add water to the cement mixture and prepare it in a large bucket. (See Roger Cook and Kevin O’Connor for some advice on working with concrete).

This Blue River Epoxy Table Is Made To Look Like A Satellite View Of Earth

Tap one side of your mold a few inches (Bob used pieces of melamine) to pour the cement on a slope. Due to this, the sea effect seems to be deeper.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Pour a little at a time, then take the time to shape the concrete so it looks like a beach when shaped. Bob made the base thinner on one side and thicker on the other, then added texture on top to give the concrete seabed a more natural look.

Get rid of some air bubbles by running an orbital sander (no pad) around the sides of the form. Cover with plastic and let set for about 48 hours.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Diy Live Edge Epoxy River Bar Top (step By Step)

Adjust the table saw fence to cut four square legs for your table. These dimensions must correspond to the dimensions of the inserts made in the concrete form. Clean and sand the legs properly and select the side of each leg you want to go on the table.

Bob used lumber from the same location to cut four pieces for the cross bracing. He cut them long, but made them a little bigger.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

After the concrete has dried and hardened for a few days, remove and vacuum the excess cement and dirt stuck to the sides of the form. Then adjust the shape of the epoxy and reinforce it in the opposite direction while pouring the concrete. Totalboat Diy Epoxy River Table Project Kit (quart)

Then follow specific reports and procedures to prepare the epoxy resin. Add blue resin dye (10 drops added by Bob) to give the epoxy an ocean color. Pour the first batch of epoxy, adjusting the shape by hand so that it covers the entire base and reaches the corners.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Easily placed with a heat gun, it will also find all the air bubbles that start to form. Continue adding epoxy until the table is the correct height, waiting 4-6 hours between each pour. Bob splits 2 gallons of epoxy into 4 separate batches. After adding the final coat and removing air bubbles, let the epoxy cure for 48 hours using a heat gun.

Avoid cracking by keeping the thickness above the maximum recommendation for each pour. If there are cracks, you can carefully repair the epoxy in the crack after letting it sit for 4-6 hours, then apply a heat gun to the area before pouring the remaining epoxy into the mold.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Make A Diy Walnut Wood And Epoxy Resin Table With Amy

Unwrap the mold one at a time and hammer the melamine pieces into the dry concrete and epoxy. Then use an orbital sander to remove the residue. Also, be sure to sand the edges of the table, which may be sharp after the epoxy sets.

Release the mold to help remove the sides and corners, but if you get stuck, use a hammer and chisel to remove the pieces. After you finish the initial sanding of the board save the broken epoxy corners and reattach them with CA glue.

How To Make An Epoxy Table

Go back to the cross pieces you made before adding the epoxy and cut to final width and length. One pair goes under the table and the other close to the end of the table legs.

How To Sand And Polish Epoxy Resin To A Mirror Finish

To create an X shape, install a stop at each end of the cross-cut sled. Cut the center of two of the four pieces of cross bracing wood

How To Make An Epoxy Table

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