How To Install A Ceiling Fan With 2 Light Switches

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I am installing a ceiling fan in my kitchen and we need to have 1x switch for the fan (switch preset fan control) and 2x switch for the light (1x 3-pole dimmer switch, 1x 3-pole switch). I couldn't find a diagram online for such a setup, so I made my own:

How To Install A Ceiling Fan With 2 Light Switches

Before implementing this I wanted to get an outside eye on the image to make sure it will work as planned and that it is safe and documented.

How To Shop For A Ceiling Fan

What you suggested is not for the code, because of the “solo” power loop the hot wire goes to the fan and then goes to the neutral of the other switch. This defeats the purpose of the 300.3 (B) / 310.10 (H) limitations against current loops and parallel wires that can produce magnetic fields and cause additional heating problems in your walls.

What you should rather do is run 14/3 from the two switch boxes (fan + light switches) to the fan box, then run 14/3 between the two boxes a switch as a 3-way switch.

It carries two passengers and is always warm or a warm “return” leg that goes back to where the junction box of the two groups meet. This moves the 14/2 from one gang box to the fan box, removing any gravity issues from your original plan.

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Note Some apps may require battery. Check the manufacturer's specifications to see if they are included when you buy a ceiling fan. Shop battery Product prices, availability and stock numbers may vary online or by market.

The ceiling fan you install should be the right size for the room. Here's a quick guide to ceiling fan sizes:

When installed, the tips of the fan blades should be at least 30 inches away from walls and other obstructions. The lower edges of the blades should be at least 7 meters from the ground. Once you have selected a fan, check the accompanying documentation for any additional blade clearance or ceiling height requirements.

WARNING Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and safety. Pay attention to the current building and electrical regulations and check whether you need a permit. Contact a licensed electrician if you have any concerns or questions about connections or if your house's wiring does not match your changes.

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It's good to know that ceiling fans can reduce dependence on air conditioners and heaters. Look for options with the ENERGY STAR® logo to enjoy and save even more energy.

It's nice to know that some parts may be included with your ceiling fan, or you may need to purchase additional parts. Check the packaging of any ceiling fan you are considering to see if everything you need for installation is included.

Turn off the power to the fan or light in the main fuse or circuit box and use a circuit tester to verify that the power is off. Place wall switches for appliances in an enclosed area. For help, see our DIY basics: What's in my break box? If the area has two wires – a switch that controls the fan and a separate switch that controls the light – label the wires so you know which one is active. Note If you plan to control the fan with a wall switch, make sure you have the correct switch. Some fans only work with a preset switch, which has a different speed. Do not operate the fan with a solid-state speed control unit, dimmer or toggle speed switch unless it is designed for use with a ceiling fan. It's good to know that if your electrical box has wires for separate fans and light switches, but you don't connect a light to the fan, cut the bare parts of the fan wires to shine. Attach the wire connectors to the ends of the wires and wrap them with electrical tape.

Disconnect the cables and remove the existing equipment. Ask an assistant to support the device while removing it. Check the electrical box in the ceiling. It should be acceptable for use with ceiling fans. Look at this sign printed on the inside of the box. You can also see the weight rating of the fan. The box must be securely attached to the building structure to support the ceiling fan. It must also be earthed or connected to the earth wire in the ceiling. If in doubt about the fit of the existing box, buy and install a new one. Make sure it is acceptable for installation of the fan and will support the weight of the fan.

Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Ceiling Fan

If you're installing a new electrical box, attach it to ceiling joists or 2-by-4 wooden studs between two joists. If proper joists or braces are not available, but you have access to attic framing, add a brace that can support the fan. Another option is to install an extended roof hanger and electrical box. The suspension bracket secures the beams with screws for the new job. To install this, you need access to the beams – for example from the attic. You can attach a hanging rod to the old work from under the roof by inserting it through a tight opening. Extend the rod until it is securely inserted between the two beams. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for details on mounting the hanger bar and box. The new electrical box must be connected to earth or an earth wire to the roof.

Remove the fan motor screws and mounting blocks. Save the screws as you will use them later to attach the blade arms to the motor. On some fan assemblies, these screws are packaged with other fan mounting hardware. Attach the ceiling fan/plate mounting bracket to the electrical box in the ceiling according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Route the fan cables from the ceiling through the center hole of the mounting bracket/ceiling plate. The steps to attach the fan to the mounting/ceiling bracket will depend on whether the fan is installed on the floor or ceiling. Adownrodada allows you to hang the fan from a high or angled ceiling. A flush mount works best for low ceilings. Some fan kits include hardware for multiple installations. You can also buy Downroad separately. It is good to know that installation on an angled roof may require a separate mounting kit for downspout and angled.

For the downrod filter, connect the wires through the canopy trim ring (if needed), the canopy and the downrod. Run the wires on the other side of the stud through the ball. For a flying fan, tie the wires from the fan motor to the top of the housing, cut the ring (if necessary) and the canopy. Good to know Make sure you have enough wire to carry the load underneath. If you need an additional cable for the download, you can purchase it separately.

How To Install A Ceiling Fan With A Light

To install the downbar, insert the downbar into the collar yoke on the fan unit and attach it to the electrical unit according to the manufacturer's instructions. For installation of the floating mount, attach the upper housing, cutting ring (if necessary) and canopy to the fan motor assembly. Fans operating in downrods or flush mounts may require additional modifications to convert to an electric motor. CAUTION Use pliers, a wrench, or a screwdriver to tighten the fasteners holding the neck brace down.

If necessary, cut and strip the ceiling fan cable according to the manufacturer's instructions. Watch our video: How do I remove a fence?

If the mounting bracket/ceiling plate has a fan support hook for cables, the fan hangs on the hook. Place the suspension ball in the mounting bracket/ceiling plate with other rod fins. Make sure the ball is seated correctly and that the mounting bracket/seal plate tab is aligned with the ball gap. If there is no hook or pole, support the fan by following the steps below. It's good to know that some fans come with a support cable that goes around and attaches to the bars in the ceiling that support the electrical box. You can also buy these cables separately.

Different fans come with different cables. Before buying a new ceiling fan, check that the included cord works with the switch configuration you plan to use. If it doesn't, you need to change the wiring. Use a circuit tester to make sure the power is off. Use wire connectors to connect the ceiling fan wires according to the manufacturer's instructions. The connections will depend on whether you use wiring for the light switch and the separate fan switch. wiring for the same unit for the fan and the light; or wire for a fan

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