How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs – Dollygirl dolls needed a table and chairs. Toy accessories are not what we can find in local stores, and online options (new and used) tend to be more expensive; Good, but expensive. So Uncle Squirrel came up with some free alternatives. We used what we had; You can customize our plans with the toys (or boxes) you have.

The base of the desk is made from a two-part cardboard file box insert; That is a cardboard box that is 12 inches long, 9 1/2 inches tall, and 4 inches deep.

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

You will see a small cut on each side, which I used for the legs; it is optional I cut the 9 1/2 inches to 8 3/4 inches; Otherwise it would be too much for the toys to sit on. We realize that not everyone is kept in a filing cabinet; But I think you could find a cereal box or other food carton that would be an accurate estimate; Go as hard as you can and reinforce it with extra cardboard or a second inner box if you feel it’s necessary (especially if your box isn’t corrugated). Any box you use should be deep enough to sit firmly on its edge and long enough to support the table top.

Olivia’s Little World

I lined the box with crumpled up newspaper and placed a cardboard box in the bin to hold the newspaper (not visible in the photos).

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

I attached a pack of decorative pleats (I found several packs of decorative pleats at a garage sale) on the top and sides.

You can use scrapbook paper, gift wrap, or whatever else you have on hand, and add a middle layer like decoupage if you feel it needs extra protection. For our purposes, the archives were sufficient.

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

Small Doll House Wood Table And Chairs Set Yellow And Floral

The tabletop was intentionally left loose, both for storage reasons and because I wanted to modify it. Glue the two decorative files (cutting the tabs) to the granulated cardboard box, then add white plastic wrap to each side to secure it (leaving a bit of excess). The size of the table top stack was perfect for the size of the table base we had. If your site is narrow, a smaller table will work better.

Again, you can use any type of decorative paper or colored adhesive vinyl; There may be something good in the grain of the wood. If I were to do it over again, I think I could use a medium strength card; Because what we ended up with wasn’t too heavy for a post. It works fine (dolls have been using it for a few days), but a solid core wouldn’t hurt.

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

Each chair is made from two pieces of Doctor Baking-Mix cardboard. otkar; We picked up two gifts from the supermarket. They are made like thrones so that it is easy and difficult to sit on jointless dolls in all normal human positions.

Tonner Doll Co. Patsy Doll Table And Chairs Furniture W/ Box #r

From each I cut a large piece of cardboard 10 1/2 inches tall, 7 1/2 inches (although it extends over 8 inches at the open end), 5 inches deep, and flat back on three sides. and a seat piece, same pattern, 7 inches high, 7 1/2 inches, 5 inches deep. The top of the cardboard box had some flaps that I folded over the back and sides. I leveled the two parts (without gluing), the closed part of the larger part at the bottom, and the open part at the top. The seating area runs off the main area, but I wanted to give the dolls a nice deep seat. It’s best if the two parts come from different boxes, otherwise they don’t match; However, you will slip.

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

I used an old white cotton quilt to make the cover. (Any neutral fabric will work fine.) It is much easier than it seems. As you create the cardboard pieces, use them to create patterns on a large sheet of paper or on the back of fabric. Trace around the back of the largest piece; Then flip it over and trace around it again to find the matching front piece, leaving a bit of space between the two to allow for the thickness of the card. Turn the cardboard on its side and trace each side twice, again leaving a small gap between the smaller pieces. A favorite little thing I added: add a small amount to the front to create a cover that tucks under the sofa piece. Add a quarter inch below the edges of the design and any seam allowances. Your design piece will look like this:

The part of the pattern I created for the small part of the seat is very similar: I traced the top, then the front, and then the sides. I really should have looked for it in the back, or at least moved the flap back a bit, because if you don’t, when you put it on, you have a little bit of slack in the seat back. under. Together. Add seam allowance and hem allowance (unless you’re using a finished sheet hem, which is what I did here). The structural part of the backless chair looks like this:

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

Brrnoo Mini Furniture Model, Non Toxic Wooden Diy Dollhouse Long Table Bench For Mini Doll House

This is what the fabric parts look like, cut out, the cover added to the main section and the fourth side seat added. Let’s just say the paper is a little wrinkled—I’m excited after that.

The sewing is simple Adrian Mole. Don’t forget to take out the clothes first. For the sofa, sew the side seams, then lift the edge and zigzag if necessary. For the main part, you will have two small points that will end at the front edges of the seat. If you’re not sure where they go, test the seat sliders inside and out and bring the two joining stitches together before sewing. When adding a hem, zigzag up a quarter inch. Don’t discard an extra card if you’ve made one; Start by placing it on one side, adjust it, and stop when you get to the other side of the lid.

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

…that is all. Oh, you might want to add some padding to the trim between the deck and the deck. You can put some foam down or put the seat on cardboard, but I slid a folded piece of fabric between the two. One note: I added some masking tape to the back edges of the seat cover. If you add the fourth side when you cut the fabric, it is not necessary.

Stapiowal Dollhouse Real Like Scenery Accessory Wooden Mini Dining Table Chair Model Set Decoration For Playing Miniature Doll House Furniture And Accessories

Tags: 18 inch dolls, abby, american dolls, cheap, crunchy, crystal, doll furniture, thrift, fun, crafting, recycling, springfield dolls, tightwads, dolls, what have you got? So this project started “I’m more. It’s not going to work… Just paint some plastic furniture. It’s not going to look pretty or be the prettiest dollhouse I’ve ever seen…” And it was a great couple of weeks. busy adding tables. And tearing down walls and making little baskets and candle holders, it was crazy exciting, but it was so much fun! Very therapeutic. I highly recommend doing one of these crazy things that happen right now, and I took a video of it. wyo’s instagram stories (thanks) so I was able to scan them to get some photos for this post. If you wonder why the quality of some photos is so bad, that’s why. Sorry!

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

Here is the complete dollhouse for your viewing pleasure! You can watch the IGTV video tour on my instagram @hartley_home

When I made mine, I used a lot of things I had on hand because I couldn’t safely go shopping. But it made me more creative and interesting. We had some furniture salvaged from a Barbie Dreamhouse we owned (the girls never played with it). I will try to combine it as much as possible with the other furniture that I have bought. Some of them are now 3 times what I paid for other products. I will provide additional links and options in case they are not available when you read this post. I’m serious about getting this.

How To Make Doll Table And Chairs

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