How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

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Looking for a leather reclining chair? Learn how to make cushions or leather cushions with this easy tutorial. Plus, check out our great selection of modern ottomans if you want to shop instead of DIY.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

I always love the look of metal furniture and the durability is great too. One thing about metal furniture is that it is durable. If you don't have a loveseat, they don't recommend lingering around the table. Happiness Decoration Polyester & Cotton Dining Chair Pads With Ties All Seasons Living Room, Office, Kitchen Chair Seat Cushions (yellow, Set Of Four (4))

A few years ago I realized that I could make modern metal furniture suitable for our family by making leather furniture. It's been a few years since I made a pillow and since then I've blessed others with leather pillows and chairs, but I still love the craft and want to update this tutorial and share it with you.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

Chairs are simple and practical, right?! Before we get into the lesson, let's talk about metal furniture.

We bought a set of 4 (because you can get a set of 4 for $150 or less) when we moved into this house. If you are new here, we moved into this house (3800 sq ft) from a 1400 sq ft house. When we moved here, we actually had no furniture. So this chair is a cheap purchase that we can use in our dining room, kitchen or living room when we need more chairs. This is a great chair to take outside when we have other people, keep it on the table (especially when we have game days) and use it as an accessory.

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The worst thing about the chair is that it has no padding. When our son was little, I didn't want to stuff things. It's another thing to pollute, isn't it? But as I got older, I started wanting a slightly softer chair.

Skin Hiding Shop asked me to try their skins and I jumped at the chance. They all have different skin tones, but I was most drawn to the tan method.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

I knew I wanted medium leather for the seat and I wanted something that looked good. I want a job that has errors or other indicators. In fact, I want him to come into our house with children without worrying about us beating him.

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Boys, they added. God, now I'm like #givemealltheater. You can see it on IG if you follow me. If you don't follow me – you should! =)

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

Let's go to the lesson. I would say it's easy to make (about 30 minutes for a chair cushion). I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing, so if I can do it, so can you!

Seriously, if you can sew pillows, you can sew leather chair cushions. One thing to remember is that working with leather is more difficult than working with fine fabrics. I have an old sewing machine and had a skin problem, but I'm done. So FYI if you've never worked with leather before.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

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Honestly, I recommend trying this project, but I understand if it's not your chance, or you can just buy cushions. If shopping for leather cushions is your thing, here are some great options:

As I said before, I did this project a few years ago. I like it, but I don't like how the white furniture in the space works after a few years. I still think that adding cushions to metal chairs is a great way to provide more space, create more comfortable furniture, and make the dining room look more welcoming. We have black metal chairs in our old dining room and I added feather chairs last year! It adds to the excitement. I could have added some cushions with round leather, but I found some of these while we were traveling and fell in love with them right away.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

Special thanks to Hide Skin Shop for providing the skins for this project. I am happy with the quality and color of the leather. As usual, I only post things that I really like.

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Disclosure: This content may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase using my link, I receive a small commission for free. Looking for an easy way to make your own inexpensive cushions, chair covers, or dining room chair covers? If you can't find store-bought kitchen or dining room chairs in a fabric or color you like, consider making your own.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

This tutorial will show you how to make dining chair cushions and rugs with solid corners that are easy to sew and wear.

I need to add some color to my neutral kitchen cabinets. DIY chair covers allow me to change the decor quickly and cheaply for the season or the way I want it.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

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My kitchen chair has a straight back and the seat is slightly curved in the back, the store bought cushions don't fit and

Where I bought the furniture didn't make cushions to go with the furniture so I ended up making my own custom cushions.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

I wanted the look of thick chairs without the piping. I'm not a big fan of ductwork because it's a place for dust or food to collect.

How To Measure For Replacement Cushions And Furniture Covers

I also didn't want the pillows to have screws on the back of the chair to keep the pillows in place. I wanted a sleek look and needed to figure out how to secure the cushion to the seat without using screws.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

Finding the right blue and white fabric that didn't cost $50 by the yard took me online and from fabric store to fabric store in my area. I found the perfect fabric at JoAnn Fabrics in the decorative fabric section. They are made by Waverly and are called Seeing Dots.

Bonus… Retail $8.99 per square, down from $21.99!!! It's part of their sun and shade collection, which is an added bonus as it cleans up spills and stains with ease.

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Once I had the fabric, I had to figure out how to make a recliner with a removable cover so I could easily take a shower if I needed to.

One of my favorite posts here on my blog is how to make a no-sew pillowcase. I can make a chair, but since the shape of the chair is not square or rectangular, making a pillow without sewing will not be easy.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

If you work in the industry, I bet you've tried real kitchen cushions. My sewing skills are limited. I can sew straight lines to get the perfect pattern for a chair cushion.

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I do both… I use both sewing and non-sewing skills to make pillows. I also used one of the tricks I use in commercials to help keep the pillows secure without tying them.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

The advantage of making your own cushions is that they fit your chair perfectly. Thick foam for pillows can be expensive. If you want to save money, wait until the foam is on sale at your local fabric store like JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby to save money.

I made my chair cushions to match the square pillows. I also wanted it to be easy to clean and easy to remove. Sewing on the zipper is not my specialty, I know my limits, instead I use safety pins or velcro to seal the metal.

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1. Glue pieces of printing paper together to make a pattern. You want the adhesive paper to be slightly larger than the seat of the chair.

2. Place a sheet of paper on the edge of the table and place a chair facing the table. Use a pencil to trace the seat of the chair. Cut a line with scissors.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

3. Place the paper on the chair and use scissors to cut the paper if necessary so that the paper is the same size as the chair seat. This will be your example.

The Best Ergonomic Seat Cushions For 2022

4. Place your pattern on 2″ thick foam paper. Trace around the pattern with a marker.

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

5. Use scissors or an electric knife to cut the foam to size. An electric knife speeds up and makes this process easier.

6. I don't have any

How To Make Seat Pads For Kitchen Chairs

Dining Chair Cushion Makeover — Stitched In Color

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