How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover – Let me say that my father lives by the motto: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” A little story. But let’s say he’s a banker. She just brought in this office chair for my sewing space and it’s a huge upgrade from what I was using (metal folding chair), holes and all. I’m sure someone shot him and caught him. Thank you Con Marie 😉

When I walked into my sewing room the other day, so ready to “finish”, I looked at the holes in this chair and then I looked at this beautiful fabric I bought for a sofa cushion (no, I don’t work in the room). I couldn’t do anything until it was done! By “this” I mean this adorable chair cover! It only takes 30 minutes and less than a yard of fabric and rubber. I’ll show you how easy it is to make your own seat cover.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

Start by laying the fabric on the seat. Make sure the fabric hangs on both sides so that it is folded and sits about 1″ below the seat. The other two sides need more time.

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Measure and mark the long ends of the fabric so they are exactly the same size on the seat.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

I didn’t want the cover to bunch up on all sides, so I made darts in the corners of the pillow to make it look better. Pin the fabric in one corner from the bottom (creating a fold) and pin in place. Repeat for the other three corners.

You’ll need a long piece about 1/4″ wide. I sewed the elastic to the pillow straight from the book and cut the rest later. Place the end of the elastic on the wrong side of the pillow and the side of the elastic on the opposite side of the pillow. With a stretch stitch, sew the end of the elastic in place. Stretch elastic as much as possible as you sew it for the pillow All the way around Sew so the ends of the elastic overlap by 1/2″ Cut the large elastic.

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There are many different types of this style of chair, but you can use this guide for all of them. To make it look better, you can sew bows/arrows on each corner. Not bad for a free chair and an extra yard of fabric, right? And it makes a world of difference in terms of location!

Does your sewing chair need a makeover? Share your creations with us on Instagram @Stitch_Upon_a_Time and tag #suatchairfacelift in the comments – that would be awesome! Sure, it’s a talking chair, but that’s what I was looking for. Our 60’s ranch house is very comfortable, but the rooms are very boring (low ceilings and low windows), so we need a lot of help when it comes to making them look nice. I love the look of our bedroom,  so I can change my office/art room to something more fun. A fun office chair is a great place to start!

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

I saw this gray office chair at Target ( similar here ) and thought it was a little more unique than your standard office chair (and at a much better price!). The perfect base for a decorative chair!

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I painted the silver legs and top of the wheels gold (use metal first) before adding the base and wheels. I left the wood to just sit on the base of the chair. The oil seems to make the stool move up and down on purpose. Not the best color palette…

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

I bought two yards of this gorgeous pink chair back fur and laid it on the chair (fur side down) with the excess fabric hanging down the front. When I do this, I do two large weaves on the back (equally spaced) until the weave is comfortable. Then I fixed the events on the spot. I then folded the fabric over the front of the chair back and attached a piece of fabric above the chair back.

Watch which direction your fur goes as you work so you don’t “roll over” it!

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

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After figuring out what the “extra” fabric was, I sewed those lines with needles, then tried the frame on the bench to see if I needed to remove some of the pieces to make it fit.

I trace the bottom line of the chair back with scissors, leaving 1 inch of fabric where the bottom of the back meets the seat. I then cut another piece of fabric along the line of the chair seat, joined it, repeated the sewing process, tested, adjusted if necessary, and cut more fabric (again, check the direction of the hair before you cut!).

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

I cut, sewed and trimmed the excess fabric on the front of the chair so I was pretty much done when it said done. Turn the frame right side out and you’re ready to attach it to your chair!

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I made sure to leave another 5 inches of fabric at the bottom of the frame so I could fold it over and put it around the bottom of the chair.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

Then, if there’s a section of the fur frame that doesn’t fit the chair well, or if it’s a little lumpy, I use a bent quilting needle and thread to attach the fabric to the chair material to hold it in place (it’s easier to sew on a flat surface with one of these people). Once the material was printed, all I had to do was wash the wool and it was done!

I’m not going to lie, this was probably one of the craziest projects I’ve done in a while – stray feathers were flying everywhere!! It works best indoors in a small room so you don’t end up with a lot of cleaning to do. However, I think the result is a really fun take on what could be a really boring chair. I think it looks cute under the gold BONJOUR logo and helps brighten up the room. Now I have to go do the rest of the room, but I think this is a good start! xo. Laura, you remember the post I did when I first started blogging about how I replaced my not-so-nice home office chair with a fabric chair. So the replacement of office chairs – now needs to be replaced. I covered the chair with a black and white print about six years ago.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

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The fabric back cover is still on – the seat I got is thin fabric. The dress is better than I thought, but it’s time for a facelift with a new color scheme in my study…

A black and white office chair cover has been great for years…but it’s getting old. Hello black and white chair.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

Happy new summer color! I found a woven cotton rug at HomeGoods for $7 and used it as a backdrop. The green fabric below is from JoAnn’s.

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I used a cotton fabric for the seat of the chair and a cotton rug for the back seat.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

I used a colorful beach towel for the office chair. So don’t think you can just use a fabric ruler from the fabric store.

1. Fold the mat in half, right sides facing each other, and sew a seam on each side.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

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1. Place the piece of fabric right side down on the work surface. Central access to the top. Start at the front of the cushion – pull the fabric around the seat and turn the raw edge and hem. Repeat on each side of the pillow, keeping the fabric tight and flat if it has a pattern on it.

3. Pull the fabric around the corner, cut and pull the corner. You should continue working the corner until the entire fabric is tight, free of bunches and wrinkles.

How To Make A Desk Chair Cover

If you have a bag – smoke some and go. If you are working on a square seat, you can fold the fabric like a gift wrap and then sew it. Cut enough fabric, fold over the raw edges and tuck under. Repeat

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