How To Build A Hammock Chair

How To Build A Hammock Chair – Many of my projects are inspired by my children and born out of a need to facilitate activities that teach them independence or nurture their creativity. This DIY hammock is one of them.

I made this hammock especially for my oldest son who loves to read and often needs some rest away from his talkative sister. Our front porch often served as a little retreat from the chaos of a family of five and was the perfect place (literally) to hang out and read a book.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Although I made this hammock for my kids, adults can use it too. I used props strong enough to hold 200 lbs. to withstand the heavy pounds of a bigger kid, but there are accessories available at most hardware stores to make sure this hammock tutorial can hold even more weight.

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Supplies: -1 1/4″ x 3′ Oak plugs (Oak is a hard wood and is considered safer than poplar to support weight.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Step one: Fold two yards of canvas in half and lay it flat with the fold on the left as shown. Measure about 7 inches from the top right edge and mark.

I cut mine to about 12 inches and it was a little too much so I recommend 7 inches. Use a stick or ruler to draw a line from the top mark to the bottom right corner and cut the two pieces. Open the canvas.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Hanging Parachute Nylon Fabric Hammock Chair 275 Lb. Weight Limit W/ Storage Bag

Step Two: Fold the top edge down 1/2 inch and iron. Then fold again to 1/2 inch and iron. Pin and stitch the bottom part of the fold as shown above. Repeat with the long bottom edge.

Step three: Rotate the canvas 90 degrees to the left so that the longest edge is on the right side. You are going to make pockets on both sides for the rope to slide through.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Fold in each corner about 1 1/2 inches and iron. Then fold the unhemmed top edge in 1/2 inch and iron.

Backyard Hammock Swings

Fifth step: Sew two lines along the bottom folded edge as shown. Secure the beginning and end with backstitching. Repeat with the other side.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Step six: Make a mark 2″ and 4″ from each end of the dowel and drill through. Sand down the rough edges and patch if desired. I decided to leave my education.

Step Seven: Place the canvas on a large piece of cardboard and paint the pattern on one side. Let dry and then paint a pattern on the other side (optional). If you’re using a printed fabric, make sure it’s an upholstery weight or an outer fabric for strength.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Patterned Hanging Hammock Chair

Step Eight: Tie a knot in one end of the 16-inch rope, leaving about a 3-inch tail. Read the end so it doesn’t wear out. Insert it through the outer hole of the oak dowel, then from the widest corner of one side of the canvas chair to the top narrow corner.

Then tie a knot about 3′ from the first knot and thread it into the oak dowel. Continue in the hole 4 inches from the other edge, measure 3 inches from the loose end and tie a loose knot.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Go through the other burlap and back through the last hole before tying a knot with a 3-inch tail. If the two sides are uneven, adjust the knots before tightening.

Hammock Chair Diy

Step Nine: Find the center of the rope above the dowel and tie a knot about 8-10 inches above it. Attach the springlink, then the quicklink, and finally hang it from a hook screwed firmly into a ceiling joist or large tree branch.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Be sure to adjust all knots so that the chair sits evenly. Test it by hanging it up before you sit in it and make sure everything is tight.

A soft, round cushion can be placed at the end of the seat, providing extra cushioning for smaller occupants. The height can be adjusted depending on the height of the ceiling.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Diy Hammock Chair Patterns

Our porch ceiling is deeper than the inside of our house, so depending on the height of the ceiling you could add extra loops of knotted rope or just cut the rope about 2-4 inches longer.

I added a cozy rug (similar here) and some plants and woven plants to make the space cozier. I hope your hammock will be as useful as ours! -Rachel

How To Build A Hammock Chair

P.s. If you like this idea but are unsure of your DIY skills, I recommend getting one – so cute!

Diy Hammock Stand For A Perfect Lounge Space

Acknowledgments // Author and photo: Rachel Denbow. Note: As always, use this tutorial at your own risk. This chair is designed for gentle rocking, not actual rocking. Please use with caution. Beautiful Mess and its authors are not responsible for any injuries or losses resulting from the implementation of this tutorial. Safety first! A hammock in your own garden can make all the difference. You can just lie down and watch the clouds drift by, read a book or take a nap in the afternoon breeze. Who doesn’t want that? But what if you want to place the hammock indoors and there are no trees to hang the hammock?

How To Build A Hammock Chair

A unique handmade piece of a pine branch. A real design highlight and an absolute eye-catcher. The wood is finely smoothed and treated by hand

Instead of spending money on a hammock stand, which sometimes costs more than the hammock itself, you can make your own at home. A do-it-yourself hanging chair is not only cheaper, but also unique and personalized.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Crochet Hammock Swing Chair With Pillows

There is also a sense of accomplishment when you put it on. This article will show you how to make a DIY hanging chair stand.

I made this stand from a branch of a fir tree. Pine is a strong, impact-resistant material that is suitable for furniture, especially if you prefer a rustic or country style. Over time, the kien acquires a patina that gives it an antique look, which we love very much. Scratches and dents on the wood only add to the aged appearance.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

The solid pine stacker is mounted on a solid wood backing board to allow wall mounting

Hammock Swing For Kids

First you go into the forest and find a strong trunk. But please find a dead or dying tree for this!

How To Build A Hammock Chair

One thing in advance: buying a stand is certainly easier than placing a wooden stand in the living room. This makes the wall a bit more expensive, but really unique.

As mentioned, the heart of the DIY frame is a part of a tree trunk with a long branch from which the hanging chair hangs.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Diy Hanging Chair Ideas For Any Room

– A tree branch of 1.5 meters high and 1.62 meters out. The width should be 0.1 meters.

Note: The 8″ and 12″ screws are quite long and may protrude from the rack. You can also use shorter screws if you don’t want to keep them.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

First, the trunk must be pre-treated by means of debarking and planing. Ideally, a professional will do this for you.

Hanging Rope Hammock Chair With 2 Pillows Beige

The boards and branches should be treated to resist moisture and insects. This makes them durable. Follow the guide below to clean the wood before making the stand;

How To Build A Hammock Chair

1. Wash the board and branch thoroughly with soap and water. Air them out to dry completely.

2. Smooth the wooden surfaces with sandpaper. Hard-to-reach edges can be smoothed out with a sander.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Lazy Daze Hammocks Handwoven Cotton Rope Hammock Chair Macrame Swing With Cushion And Wall/ceiling Mount, 300 Pounds Capacity, For Indoor, Garden, Patio, Yard (natural)

4. Apply the waterproofing evenly to the wood surface with a brush, sprayer or roller. Give the caulk time to dry and then apply wood stain.

The shelf and branch should be made at least two days before you start making the DIY hanging chair stand.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

1. Lay down the wooden plate and drill the holes at both ends. The holes should be drilled 0.11 meters from the top of the board.

Hammock Chair From Old Swing Frame

2. Securely screw the branch to the board with the 8 inch screws. Then you can use the nuts and washers to tighten the screws.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

3. Once the branch is securely attached to the board, you can secure the board to the wall using the 12-inch screws in the holes on each end of the board.

4. The stand of the DIY hanging chair is ready to use and now you can hang the hammock on it.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

How To Hang A Hammock Chair

Tip: The task will be more fun if you find a way to help the kids when they are around.

If you don’t have time to make a hammock chair yourself, we recommend getting one of these wooden stands, or you can choose from the 10 best hammock stands.

How To Build A Hammock Chair

Here’s the story of how this hanging chair came about

Cute Diy Hammock Ideas

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