How To Make A Willow Chair

How To Make A Willow Chair – This weekend I had the privilege of spending an evening with my friends/neighbors Kathy and Wayne. They visited families and planned to build curved willow boards together. I’ve always wanted to learn how to work with willow and jumped at the chance to join them. We were all happy to have Kathy do it and (with Wayne’s help) guide everyone through the process. Here’s Wayne (“Contraband”) ready with instructions…

Below is a chair Katie made earlier. It’s similar to the sofa we made, so we featured it for inspiration and to see how some of the pieces fit together.

How To Make A Willow Chair

How To Make A Willow Chair

On Friday, Kathy and Wayne went into the bush and cut the herd. Another trip on Saturday and today (Sunday) to get more branches. Here are some ready-made branches:

Willow, A New Old Crop

We worked as a group to prepare the tree. Someone cuts the branches, someone cuts the tree to length…

How To Make A Willow Chair

Once everything was cut and ready, we each chose a location and began building the main structure. We met as a couple. Kathy and Wayne led the way and we covered everything they did.

Then (Saturday) I had to leave. This evening (Sunday) I returned to finish my project. (Mine is in the middle.)

How To Make A Willow Chair

Rustic Bent Wood Sticks Twigs Handmade Rocking Chair Doll Bear Primitive

With help, we put the branches through the top bracket and attached to the front bracket to complete the place.

Then we cut the upper branches and cut the smaller branches into larger pieces. Here is my “finished” couch. The tape is left until the wood is dry and “hard”. At this point I will make a final cut of the branches and remove any dead leaves. I will also be looking for fabric to make a custom pillow for the chair.

How To Make A Willow Chair

It was a wonderful weekend! Not only did I learn a new skill, I spent time with good friends, made new friends, laughed until my stomach hurt, learned about Miller’s Lemon Beer (JAM! Perfect on our hot, sunny Saturday) and went home. A beautiful piece of furniture that I made myself. Have fun!

Make A Bent Willow Chair

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