How To Make Acrylic Table

How To Make Acrylic Table – Today I have a furniture repurposing idea for you – an idea I saw Miss Chris make and loved so much I had to make it myself.

Here’s an easy way to repurpose an acrylic shop frame and legs from a TV stand. Put together you get a glamorous and affordable piece of furniture for your home.

How To Make Acrylic Table

How To Make Acrylic Table

Furniture made of acrylic or lucite is trendy and hip furniture. It goes well with modern furniture, but also in rooms with a more traditional style.

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Adding a clear piece of furniture to a small room is one way to reduce clutter, as clear acrylic creates the illusion of a large space because it is transparent.

How To Make Acrylic Table

When the frame is placed on the stand, it prevents the stand from collapsing and a table is created immediately. No screws required.

I used the legs of a black TV table to make a clear acrylic table. You can also use the stand below the photo. I found this at a thrift store. You can use laundry sorters or a metal or wooden stand with crossed legs.

How To Make Acrylic Table

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1. Sand the surface of the TV tray table with 100 grit sandpaper. Clean the sand with a damp cloth. Allowed to dry. Check out these spray paint tips and tricks to learn how to get the perfect finish with spray paint.

2. Gold foot paint. Use light, long, sweeping motions. Reapply the second and third coat every 5 minutes until coverage is even. Allowed to dry. I used this 24 Kt Gold spray paint. This is the best gold spray paint I’ve ever used. I used silver on the towels in my kitchen.

How To Make Acrylic Table

Gold sprays smoothly and easily. I found it at AC Moore, but you can buy it on Amazon. Barsics 4×6 Sturdy Table Tent Menu Holder, Commercial 2 Sided Acrylic Sign Holder (pack Of 6)

3. Brass corners have holes so that you can screw them to the corners of wooden boxes and/or boxes. Since I was going to be gluing the copper corners of the frame instead of screwing them in, I had to find a way to fill the gaps. What I found worked was cutting off the screw head with pliers.

How To Make Acrylic Table

4. I put a dot of clear glue under each hole and then lowered the screw head onto the hole at the top of each hole. Let the glue dry.

6. Place the frame over the painted stand and VOILA! An elegant and modern table that can be placed almost anywhere in the house. I spent a few hours yesterday and made a table that can be used specifically for liquid acrylic painting. I didn’t actually make this project to share it on the blog, but after I started it I thought, “Maybe I’ll take a picture just to be safe.” And when I finished it, I was like, “Yeah, I have to share this.”

How To Make Acrylic Table

Acrylic G Shape Accent Table

That’s it right. You know I want to spend more of my spare time on art in various forms and one of the most relaxing things I’ve discovered is painting with liquid acrylic paint. This is the method I use to create the artwork that is on my street.

You can read the details of this painting here and if you want to know something about this liquid acrylic painting, you can check out two of my favorite liquid acrylic artists on YouTube, MelyD and Annemarie Ridderhof.

How To Make Acrylic Table

I know that when I start painting these pictures and maybe share a video of the process, many of you will be saying to yourself, “Oh, that looks really interesting! I want to try it!” So put down your rags, or maybe even somewhere you can get really dirty, and give it a try. For some of you, this creation will be enough. But at least some of you will like it so much that you want to make more, but you will say to yourself, “It’s too messy and too much effort to create a safe space, so maybe ‘don’t make more’ .

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This is actually my own thought process after making this painting for my entry, except I didn’t use rags. Working on it in the studio, I placed my “canvases” on a full piece of plywood (as in, full 4′ by 8′), figuring there would be enough room to accommodate any runoff.

How To Make Acrylic Table

. Paint dripped from the plywood onto the floor. I’m not worried because my current studio only has plywood floors. But of course after the floor was finished I needed better arrangements to prevent this from happening again.

So I designed this table that I think will be used to store most of the acrylic paint. And for the three or five of you who I know will love it as much as I do, and want to make more and need an easy way to clear the mess, I’ve decided to share my desk design. Nothing fancy, but not necessary, right? As long as it does its job, I’m happy!

How To Make Acrylic Table

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I didn’t want my desk to be huge, so I decided 2′ x 4′ was plenty of room, at least for now. So I bought a 3/4 inch chipboard panel from Home Depot. They cut them down to 2 feet by 4 feet. Then I also bought a marker board (aka dry erase board or white board). It is in the same section and is also cut to size. Using contact cement, I glued the marker board to the top of the chipboard.

I want to use a marker board because the surface is super shiny and smooth. I thought acrylic paint wouldn’t stick to this surface easily so it would be easy to clean or scrape off if needed.

How To Make Acrylic Table

While drying, I prepared the long sides of the table. I cut two pieces of wood from 1 inch to 48 inches long. I then measured two inches from one side and drew a line. On this line I marked every four inches and then used my 1/2 inch drill bit to drill a hole at each mark.

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Apparently my drill has a problem. 😀 It doesn’t make the cleanest of holes, but it’s fine for my purposes. I don’t make furniture here.

How To Make Acrylic Table

I then ran the board through my table saw set to 2 inches so it would cut along the lines I drew, leaving half circles every three inches.

I cleaned them with a rolled piece of sandpaper, but if you have a Dremel (or other rotary tool) and one of the built-in sandpaper attachments, it works better than sanding by hand. I have a Dremel but I never use it so I forget I have it. 😀 I hand sanded everything before I remembered to use it and it made the process faster and easier. Oh good.

How To Make Acrylic Table

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After I taped off the holes, I attached the pieces to the sides of the chipboard/marker board base with wood glue and 1.5″ 16 gauge nails.

Then I cut pieces for the ends and attached them the same way. There’s no need to drill a hole for it, and I didn’t bother cutting the corner because it’s all useful and shouldn’t look pretty.

How To Make Acrylic Table

And the last step was to cut some 1/2″ dowels, which I cut into 26.5″ lengths, and fit them into the groove on the long side. Ambesonne Day Of The Dead Coffee Table, Sugar Skull Girl Face With Make Up Hand Drawn Mexican Art, Acrylic Glass Center Table With Wooden Frame For Offices Dorms, Small, Pale Orange

I left the dowel bars loose so they can be removed and it will make it much easier to remove the excess paint from the bottom of the pan.

How To Make Acrylic Table

And that’s it! I will use this several times and see if any changes need to be made. All that needs to be added is some caulk around the edges where the sides meet the base. I hope the thick bead of carpenter’s glue I used throughout is enough to create a seal at this joint, but it’s very likely that caulk will need to be added if the glue doesn’t seal completely. I will test it and add more information to this post if changes need to be made.

But apart from that, I think it would be good for small and medium sized paintings. Obviously it’s not big enough to do a big triptych like the one I have in my hall, so if I ever feel like doing something big in the future I’ll still have to completely drape part of my studio in Dexter – love it. contains a mess. But I’m sure it will work for most of what I want to do.

How To Make Acrylic Table

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That doesn’t mean I won’t use rags. I’ll still keep the plastic just in case (well, maybe not

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