How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable – Did you know you can (almost) make a table or floor lamp out of a lamp? How stupid! Easy to switch light switch from bright to dim.

This DIY project takes five minutes and is a great starter project for beginners interested in learning how to do electrical work at home. You don’t need to pay electricity bill for renewing these installations.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

We have a lot of three-way lights in our house and love having the option to change the intensity of the light. But those bulbs are very expensive and now everyone is switching to energy saving bulbs.

Ray Modern Floor Lamp By Rodolfo Dordoni

In addition, I’m mad because one level of brightness fades faster than any other bulb on those bulbs – we have two bulbs in our setup. Normally we glow against each other in low light. 🙂

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

But last fall, my friend Diana told me that you can easily change your lamp, and I put it on my mental project list. It never occurred to me that light wire dimming was an option.

That’s right up my alley, you know! Having been interested in soft lighting for years, I shared how to install a wall switch.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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To replace a lamp, you only need this lamp replacement kit and a few common tools – I’ll share them below.

By the way, You can use this to attach any lamp. But the key must be kept from being found.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

After you remove the shade (and in my case the guitar) you need to remove the socket. Mine is plastic and the top is open.

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If you have a brass or metal sign; You can move up by simply sliding down to the base. (If a stick, use a knife or something similar.)

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Then close the connector – if it’s tight you may need to pull the wire back into the ignition:

If I have to put it back together, I always take pictures of what I’m doing.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

How To Make Any Lamp Dimmable In Minutes

You need to remove the main base from the lamp and attach the new one to the tie rod that goes into the lamp:

It’s usually an easy step – my previous lights wouldn’t move, so I had to take apart all the parts and knock off the stick. Fun times! 😂

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Note the small screw on the bottom of the new connection – you will need to loosen and/or tighten the screw when removing or installing.

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You will be left with a split cable. Here’s what I did with the old popcorn:

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

A protective cord should be tied to two parts of the cord – this is to secure the connections and to prevent the cord from being pulled out of the outlet.

I cut the wires to remove the old panel, so I may have to remove it again. Again…very easy.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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You need a wire cutter/cutter to do this. They make it as easy as inserting the cord and turning the tool a few times. He cut the protective cover, but not the wires inside.

I always cut under an inch, so I have a lot of wire. As you can see, Sometimes you need to use it in difficult situations.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

You will be left with an open end where the cords are sticking out – secure the cords and twist. This makes it easier to screw in the new dimmer socket:

Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable Led Smart Table Lamp White 798082

See those two signs (or buttons)? One is bronze. Another thing is money. Open it slightly to make room to wrap the wire under the screw head.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

A string should have a few herringbones. That goes with the silver screw. The other wire will go completely smooth and go to the copper screw.

You don’t need to wrap the wire much – just screw and bend it. Then install clamps on each cable.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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Slide the top of the socket you’re connected to down to the one attached to the light. It should fit perfectly; But it will be easy:

Turn off the bulb and reattach the lampshade to the guitar…you now have lamps that can be turned on at full brightness.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

If you take these pictures at night, it will be more noticeable. But you’ll get the idea. 😉

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This is the dim light I use. You don’t need many tools other than wire cutters. You need a screwdriver and an awl or fork; But that’s about it.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Now that I’ve successfully completed this project, I know how easy it is to retrofit or make new light bulbs. Use a light box to do this. Add an affordable sofa with a red slide to any table or floor lamp to add excitement to any room – no electrical skills required.

One night it’s a dim light that cools any room, and the next night it’s the same lamp when you need it to shine, reading, or reading. Did you know you have the option to take up a hobby or sport?

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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In my house I like a wall outlet with a dimmer switch connected to the drain. Any lights connected to these sockets are controlled by a safety switch. Ignite by turning or moving the wheel on the safety switch.

Wall sconces are common in the dining room of many homes, so they can dim the lights above the table while you’re entertaining.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Did you know you can even turn on your current light without needing electricity or plugging it into a circuit breaker? The device’s socket needs some tweaking.

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Being able to have these two lights on in my living room gives me maximum comfort.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Dimmable light for watching TV; To feel the glow of the candle; It’s the perfect light for sitting by the fireplace while sleeping under a warm blanket.

Imagine being able to turn on any light or bulb when you don’t need it all the time.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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There are many window treatments available at home improvement stores. Most of these bulbs work with any standard bulb up to 150 watts. For LED bulbs – you may need special lighting.

Option 1 – Switch socket Dimmer – No electrical knowledge required. Easily replace the lamp with a rotary switch. This is my goal. Watch the how-to video below.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Option 2 – Switch to a Socket Dimmer – The fastest and easiest dimmer to add to a light. No equipment required.

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Option 3 – Find the light and wire. It’s easy to plug in, but you have a light switch and a wire. Too many strings to handle.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

Option 4 – The red wall wire connected to the ceiling burner is controlled by a light switch.

Is there no shade in the room? If you don’t have an overhead lamp and want to add a glamorous touch to the space, use one or more 15-watt light bulbs to act as candles. It works like magic if you don’t have a dimmer switch or when the bulbs in your lights and fixtures have dropped.

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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There are several types of bulbs that can be used in incandescent lamps. These include LED bulbs; Includes CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs. Each type of bulb has its pros and cons, so it’s important to choose a bulb for your style and needs. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient option and last longer. However, it can be more expensive than other types of bulbs.

Below are different styles to choose from. nickel brass antique bronze Available in plastic and vintage. New: brand new; unused Unopened Undamaged items (in packaging … read more about condition) New: Unused in original packaging; Unopened Non-perishable contents (if packaging is suitable) Brand new. It’s the same as what you find in stores, except it’s handmade or packaged by the manufacturer. See the seller’s listing for full details, such as a non-printed or plastic-wrapped box. View all definitions opens in a new window or tab

How To Make A Table Lamp Dimmable

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