How To Make Tiled Side Table

How To Make Tiled Side Table – This DIY side table with tiles looks like a designer piece – but you can make it in a weekend

The 90s have been back in fashion for a while now, and with them some familiar materials are returning. The one you may have seen popping up on Instagram and TikTok? Tile furniture throughout, using old-school square tiles to decorate surfaces from top to bottom. Although the look is retrospective, the style is decidedly fresh: these pieces – in almost every color – are modern, elegant and completely versatile. The tiled coffee table contrasts beautifully with the plush sofa, just as the rattan headboard complements the lines of the tiled nightstand. It seems like the perfect addition to any room.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

How To Make Tiled Side Table

To make this simple yet chic tile side table, I started by making a basic cabinet side table using plywood. Then I covered it with porcelain tile sheets – much faster and easier than applying individual tiles. The whole process works well for beginners and seasoned creators alike, and the end result is equally universally appealing. Once finished, feel free to furnish it with books and plants, plus a few drink coasters. The best thing about a tile side table is its durability, so even if you forget the coasters, they won’t show. Read on for a complete guide on how to bring this vintage and modern trend into your home.

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Before installing the tiles, you need to make a base table. This is a cube, with the bottom face open. In order for the plywood pieces to line up exactly, you need to cut two out of five.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Cut 1/4 inch off the length and width of two of your five panels. You can use a jigsaw, circular saw, or table saw for this task; you can also ask a hardware store to cut the boards for you.

Using five square sheets of plywood, start making the box shape. Lay your first untrimmed square boards flat. Screw two brackets to the side of one of the untrimmed square boards so that their corners are flush with the edge of the board, as shown in the photo above.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Diy Tiled Side Table Makeover Story

Place the console board on top of the glued board so that their edges are flush and form an L shape. Screw the top of each bracket to the base plate.

Attach two brackets to one side of one of your cutting boards. Next, make a line of glue on the top edge of your base plate (next to the already attached plate). Place the attached, cut panel on the glue line so that the edges of each panel are flush; screws in the bottom plate.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Repeat until you have a five-sided box. You should alternate full size panels with cut panels for straight edges.

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Turn the box so that the open side is facing the floor. Take your spatula and glue. Apply about half an inch of glue to one side of the box.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Place the tiles. You should have four sheets for each side of the box. Carefully press the tiles into the glue. If you get glue on the tile, remove it with a sponge. Allow the tiles to dry for 24 hours.

For this project I used pre-mixed grout. Take a treated grout sponge and apply a small amount of grout to the tile. Go over the tile three times with the grout sponge diagonally, making sure the grout gets completely between the tiles.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

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Use a grout sponge to add grout and smooth the edges along the box. I also recommend doing this on the bottom edges of the table.

Use a sponge and a bucket of water to remove excess plaster. You must do this within 15 minutes of applying the grout. The glossier your tile, the easier it is to wipe off the grout. Leave the mass overnight.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Move your finished piece into your living room, bedroom, or even outside when the weather is nice. Then enjoy your DIY skills and prepare for your friends to start asking where you bought your nice new table. If you’re familiar with TikTok, you’ve definitely seen this DIY tile board that’s gone viral. I am currently renovating my terrace for the One Room Challenge and had to find/make a coffee table.

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I decided to make up for the lack of an IKEA table and tile it 😁 , And let me tell you, it was much easier than I thought! Let me share some tips and what I learned during this extremely satisfying process of reupholstering this table top.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that easy to locate. I checked my local Home Depot and they were out of stock for all the 2×2″ tiles. Amazon also had ridiculous prices on the 12×12″ tile slabs.

And then I found this shop – Bedrosian’s tile & stone. And well, the perfect tile I was looking for was on sale for $2.99. Hurry up; they have many other beautiful colors!

How To Make Tiled Side Table

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Case finish, which I love! But if you’re looking for the easy way, you’re probably going to get a great guy. Once I applied the grout, it was not easy to wipe off and I had to work hard to make sure this tile table was sparkling clean.

On that note, I’ve seen people paint tile, but in my humble opinion it can end up super messy. I recommend choosing a color that you want to look at for a long time.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

The next important thing to note is that you need to choose the right tile adhesive and grout.

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To be honest, I had no idea there were different types of joints, but here we are. I clearly got the sanded version, which had small areas of sand and felt a little rough to the touch. Non-abrasive grout should be smoother and therefore should not scratch the tile too much.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

I can’t say that it bothered me too much, but the large sandy section was a little uncomfortable.

Sanded grout is usually used on larger holes because the sand provides a better bond to the surface. Unsanded grout is used in small widths of 1/16 to ⅛ inch and may crack if applied over a wider area.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

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The IKEA LACK side table is perfect for this! It has 2-inch square legs and a 2-inch square table thickness.

But don’t rush to IKEA just yet! Instead, check your local store or Facebook Market. I got mine for free from Facebook Market, and you can imagine how excited I was to transform it!

How To Make Tiled Side Table

I had 2 sheets of tiles that were perfect on the top and 2 that I had to fold on the sides. I’ve seen people cut the tile to the side, but I don’t see the point. Either way, it will be the same hole on the edge.

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As you can see, the bottom left side was my first tile that I attached. It was better afterwards 🙂

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Wipe your table with a wet cloth to make sure it is clean. Then take the glue spreader and put the glue on the table. Choose a spreader that has a V-notch.

There are a few things to note about the process. You have to be generous with the glue so the tile sticks, but not too generous that it comes out of the gaps and ruins the whole thing. I feel like it’s more trial and error, and everyone has to find the perfect amount for themselves. I would say apply ⅛ inch and spread evenly.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

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If you end up putting too much glue and it comes out of the holes, wipe it off, don’t let it harden. You will save a lot of time later.

Place the tile on the table and gently but firmly press the tile (what??) onto the glue. As I mentioned before, wipe all access with a cloth. Try to use something that doesn’t have too many particles (like paper towels, for example, don’t work because they leave a little lint and it doesn’t look good).

How To Make Tiled Side Table

Once you get to the edges, it’s also relatively simple. Just press the tile sheet to the side and hold it for a few seconds.

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Then I recommend moving to the sides and lining the pages. I actually started tiling the legs first, but if you tile the edge before the legs, you have less space between the edge and the leg.

How To Make Tiled Side Table

The great thing about it is that you only need 1 sheet to wrap the leg. And then you have to add 8 small tiles to the bottom.

The biggest challenge I faced when tiling this DIY tile table was fitting the tiles to the legs. It would probably be easier to get dressed if I cut the sheet into strips, but who’s looking for the easy way out here?

How To Make Tiled Side Table

How To Make A Tiled Table

In my defense, since it would have been harder to line the tiles together if they were all different strips, so I did the right thing!

In the beginning, the tile was unwrapped and

How To Make Tiled Side Table

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