How To Build Outdoor Seating

How To Build Outdoor Seating – Many people ask how to make an outdoor sofa. I won’t lie…Emmett and I weren’t sure how this was going to turn out since we’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m happy to say it’s probably my favorite part of the backyard! It is larger than the sofa in the living room and offers comfortable and stable seating on the terrace. If you’re willing to put in the time, energy, and elbow grease, this amazing project is calling your name. Click for the tutorial…

I originally sketched the idea of ​​the stucco couch when I was designing the backyard. Emmett was very skeptical of my idea and he did a lot of research before helping me build this thing. I am very happy with the end result and it exceeded my expectations. Here’s everything on the supply list:

How To Build Outdoor Seating

How To Build Outdoor Seating

To build a structure that helps a lot in planning. It doesn’t matter if you take a specific path. This is only important if you are shopping for outdoor cushions. Once we had the dimensions of the pillow, we decided how big the structure should be. Emmett triple-checked his accounts and we’re good to go!

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Preparing an area is very similar to preparing a terrace. We excavated the area, cleared the soil and added fine gravel before placing our cinder blocks. The key is to make sure everything is level.

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Sample until you reach the desired size and shape. We decided to leave the sofa bed indoors so we could use it as storage… this guide follows our process exactly. Use a spirit level to make sure everything is nice and square! It will actually start to look like a sofa frame.

Step 3 // Save the Cinderella blocks. Once the blocks are perfectly placed, it’s time to make them permanent and secure. This part is the worst. It took some muscle, but I took this step on my own, without Emmett’s help. So, friends… if you’re worried about needing a super strong guy to help you, I think you’ll be fine

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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Insert the back into the other holes, tap it with a hammer, before tapping it with the block of cloth underneath, as shown below.

After all the back wires are in place, mix the concrete and place the concrete in the back holes. You have to put some cement in the holes where the back wires are

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Let the concrete dry overnight before starting the next step. You want to make sure it’s nice and sturdy.

Thrifty And Chic

Step 4 // Add caps. Next, you’ll want to use cinder block blocks to finish off the sofa’s surface. Apply an even amount of adhesive around the perimeter of the cinder block using exterior brick adhesive.

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Place the lid over the glue and apply with a rubber mallet. Let them solidify and harden completely before moving on to the next step!

Step 5 // Add QuickWall. This product was new to us and we will be using it again in the future!

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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It’s like traditional stucco, but easier to apply and more durable. Adding the correct string is a bit tricky. Add water

You will actually be able to see the fibrous particles in the mixture. This is what makes the material so strong.

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Step 6 // Use QuickWall. Wet the concrete blocks with a hose in wet conditions. Using a towel, start applying the material. It’s best to finish a section by working from corner to corner. Smooth movements are also best. Emmett fared much better here…wiping his towel onto the cloth in one motion.

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It’s also worth reading the directions on the pack… you want the material to be damp while you’re working and after it’s finished. Helps in the healing process.

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Step 7 // Stop… then add location. Once the entire structure is covered, follow the treatment instructions

Measure and use a chalk line to determine where the seat will go. Drill holes to determine where the structure will be placed. Again, it’s all a matter of preference: frame size, cushion size/style, etc.

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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Emmett used weather-resistant reclaimed wood to build the support structure of the net. When it was finished, I helped him assemble it into a frame. Unlike the photo below, the wooden stand will be placed under the seat. That was until we put it in the right place…

Cut a clean piece of plywood to size and place it over the bracket. It should be perfect with the stone chair and look like this…

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Step 8 // Add pillows! The best part is adding the pillows and seeing the end result. While there are a few steps to this DIY, this project went relatively quick compared to some of our other gardening projects

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I’d love to hear your thoughts! I was so impressed that Emmett was able to find a way to bring my vision to life…and the best part was that we built it together. We already spend a lot of time enjoying our garden and now we finally have a comfortable place. This sofa seats eight comfortably. Ask me questions in the comments below…just listening!

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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Thinking of decorating your garden for outdoor parties? With the right tools and materials, you can make inexpensive outdoor furniture for backyard cookouts and gatherings. Check out these 21 DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas!

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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Put your feet up with a DIY ottoman! You can easily make old tires, ropes, and furniture legs with materials you have around the house. You can even sew your own pouf ottoman using plain fabrics and styrofoam beads.

Provide a coffee table where you and your guests can place drinks and snacks while entertaining outdoors or relaxing in the outdoor living room. For an inexpensive DIY option, build an outdoor coffee table out of 1×4 and 2×4 wooden planks and finish the table in your favorite stain. Or you can make an alternative coffee table out of pallets, cinder blocks, spray paint, and paint!

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Make sure there’s plenty of outdoor patio seating with DIY accent chairs! With some wood, wood filler, and glue, you can make the perfect DIY outdoor chair to complement your other outdoor furniture. Don’t forget to include pillows and cushions to show off your style and add extra comfort!

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Show off your DIY skills by assembling Adirondack chairs! You can make these classic outdoor chairs with 2x4s, raised pallet wood, and more. Remember, you’ll want to paint your DIY Outdoor Storage Adirondack chairs, and you can even consider them fun colors!

How To Build Outdoor Seating

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable seating option for your deck, patio, or pool, consider adding sleigh chairs! With a few dowels, weatherproof fabric, and other inexpensive materials, you can quickly and easily make a folding chair for outdoor seating!

Need the perfect outdoor chair for relaxing? Add a DIY rocking chair! Make a chair out of old pallets or cedar. Treat the wood to protect it from all weather conditions. You can then use the rocking chair as a fun accent piece on your fireplace, porch, or porch table.

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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Relax after a long day or sunbathe in your garden with your guests! These DIY lounge chairs are perfect for setting up by the pool or under a large canopy. When setting up your room, include an adjustable backrest so you can sit or lie down as needed!

An outdoor bench is a classic and simple way to add seating to your porch, deck or patio! Make a DIY outdoor bench out of reclaimed wood, then find a bench to protect you from the elements. You can even add hooks on top to create an outdoor bench!

How To Build Outdoor Seating

For the ultimate outdoor living room, don’t forget to add an outdoor sofa! You can create a blank or a large section! To make a DIY outdoor sofa, you’ll need 2x4s, 4x4s, and UV-resistant untreated wood stain. You can even make an outdoor sofa out of pallets!

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Create an outdoor space on your porch or patio! After you build your DIY chaise lounge, don’t forget to add stain or paint to protect the frame from water damage. Complete this cozy living room with cushions, pendant lamps, blankets and cushions

How To Build Outdoor Seating

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