How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller – What do you do when you're shopping for a side table, end table, nightstand, etc. and feel like they fall short?

I got it for cheap at a yard sale, but it was solid and had decorative drawers. I'm sure it was because he was so low to the ground. It has no equal (or a proper analogy) so I knew I wanted to do something special with it. It should be a separate section. But it takes a little longer to do this.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

So I went to Lowe's and got these little leg extenders for a few bucks each. Then I drilled a hole in the bottom of each leg and attached the leg extensions (the legs had screws). It was a project that didn't require a lot of time or money, but it paid off really well in the overall picture.

Virubi Rattan 2 Drawer Nightstand, End Table With Storage

I have been asked many times how to draw texture. I tried to explain, but I thought I'd take some pictures to show you!

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

I do my best to cover the area with paint as quickly as possible. I'm sure it would take me twice as long if I were painting in one direction or even sections. I start in one place (usually in a corner) and work forward without consciously paying attention to my brushstrokes. I use the “punching” technique to get into small spaces or hollows in the wood, and I don't try to repair brush marks from strokes.

Annie Sloan discovered that chalk paint wanted to be painted everywhere. This is artistic paint! So I love the texture created by this kind of paint pattern. I love that you can paint a table or dresser top like this and then before waxing I usually do a light sanding to smooth out the roughness and smooth out the texture a bit. It's very smooth to the touch, but the wax, especially the darker wax, still has a subtle texture to it that makes it much more interesting and unique than the perfectly smooth surface you can get with latex.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

King Queen Full Size Platform Bed Wood Frame Tufted Headboard Upholstered

I was making a dresser with the same color palette and design, so I thought why not an end table? This way, people who love my Union Jack wardrobe but don't have the space or money can buy the original Shades of Blue without spending $150!

For example, how did you replace the rose in the box? 🙂 I took an equal number of photos of both to see which one looked better, and the focus and lighting on most of the roses didn't look bad. Also, the pink color is more of a steal than the Union Jack for me! 🙂

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

It's hard to tell in this picture, but I painted the top two layers of this picture. Rose at Wood Icing showed me how to apply and paint the wax and it seems to add durability, especially on counter tops and cabinets, so I gave it a try! It has a matte finish all over, but the top is so shiny… love it!

Melody 2 Drawer Upholstered Nightstand Pacific Blue

If you're a local, head to Wood Icing in Chesterfield Mall and you'll see this amazing table! A new bedroom suite for our master bedroom has been on my to-do list for a long time. For all the other projects, I kept putting them off. But no more…

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

We teamed up with Kreg Tools and new project plan site to create the perfect bedroom and share the building plans with you for free!

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How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

Melody 6 Drawer Upholstered Dresser Pacific Blue

One of the best things about designing your furniture is that you are not restricted by standard heights. Most store-bought nightstands are 24 to 26 inches long.

But the mattress has become thicker and the bed has become higher. Hey, these bedrooms are so small next to the bed that it's hard to find things on the bedside table.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

The bedside table should be the same height as the mattress, about an inch or two more or more. This will keep these important items in bed handy.

The Nightstand Guide: What To Consider Before You Buy

That's why I designed these DIY bedside tables to go with a modern loft bed. They are 28 3/4 inches long! Plus, it means you have plenty of storage space in your bedroom.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

We use our bedside table as a charging station for our electronics. This includes phones, tablets, headphones, and more! But all those phones and cases made the office really messy.

So I designed these bedside tables as a second shelf! All charging can now be done, but the upper part of the bedroom is clean and clear. Or at least willing to decorate me properly.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

How Tall Should A Nightstand Be?

But I wanted the extra shelf to have a purpose, not like I left the third drawer off the plan.

The idea was developed in many ways until it was finally realized. The top and shelf extend slightly from under the bedside table. The sides are built with shutter-like sections.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

Now the rack looks like the original! The open sides of the stand allow for very easy access to chargers when needed.

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These DIY bedside table designs are also made using standard size wood. And all joints connect easily with the Kreg Jig. This makes it ideal for any job.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

The only plywood used in the design is for the cabinet box. This will give you solid furniture that will last forever.

You can use solid wood for the chests of drawers, if you prefer. I love making dresser boxes out of plywood because I know I can easily cut the straight panels that make perfectly square dresser boxes on a table saw.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

How To Upgrade A Nightstand To Look Insanely Attractive

Oak has had a bad reputation since the bad builders of the 90s. But I absolutely love the beauty of this affordable hardwood! It all started with a wooden light that I made last month.

So when I put up a white oak tree from my local lumber yard for sale, I knew I wanted to build with it. I've worked with soft hardwoods in the past, but white oak has definitely been the biggest challenge on my larger projects.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

So these bedrooms are much heavier than I thought. But I like that it doesn't slide around on the hardwood floor next to the bed.

Lucerne Two Drawer Nightstand In Vintage Coffee

I also broke two pocket drill holes in the hardwood. I learned that you have to speed up the drill bit before it hits the wood so you can bite through the bit without breaking it.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

To finish off my DIY nightstand, I decided to play with white oak. The loose grain pattern on it is perfect for that chalky wax experiment you've been adoring for a while on your friends' dining room table.

The white wax fills the wood grain and makes it stand out. But it gives the oak a little lightness and whiteness. Then I finished with my new favorite checkout tool: Maker Brand Simple Finish.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

Oz Sas Chalk Paint

One of the things I like to do with every new build plan is try something new. Also, in addition to using new wood, I made my first table saw!

The legs of this bedroom are narrow. This gives them a special luxurious look. Although this may sound difficult, it is not done with simple gaskets.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

No math or angle knowledge is required to get the perfect angle or conical shape. Alternatively, install a footing on the edge of the plywood so that the part you want to cut hangs over the edge.

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All information on how to make a simple DIY taper foot can be found here. I like that the jig only needs to be adjusted once so you can quickly cut all the tapers on all the legs.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

It also makes it easy to cut an angle on all four edges of the board to create a perfectly tapered leg!

If you're ready to build your own dorm room, I'm sharing my plans for free at

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

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I built the first of these two sleepers and it turned out great. However, I think there may be a bug while setting up the exclusion list.

How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

The fourth item on the cut list – the side top, 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ – I think it should be 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 11 1/2″.

Should Nightstands Be Taller Than The Bed?


How To Make Your Nightstand Taller

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