How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch – Hope all of you on the east coast are staying warm during the so called “Hurricane” I had a special snowman building day. carve snow angels and play sledding I hope this winter is over. And now the flowers have begun to bloom, fantasy!

Today I’m here to share with you a project I’ve been hard at work on! This is for women! I’ve always wanted a makeup vanity! When I lived in my apartment there is no room for it and until I renovate the room I see the perfect place for guests, girls, you will love this! All the furniture is from Ikea, the rest of the materials can be purchased at your local hardware store.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

To create storage for my vanity, I bought two Ikea Alex 5’s and a table top in gloss white (47×23). I came up with this.

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Since the bed was pushed out, I couldn’t fold it, so I pushed it against the wall. You can imagine my attention span. But I had an idea to fill that gap on the right side. Now the next part is more fun. quite laborious But I promise you can. Here’s what you need:

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

Because the lights should be hardwired. So they had to change and install. The first thing you need to do is remove the base of the extension cord.

Next, use wire cutters or a wire stripper. You will need to peel back some of the plastic coating to expose the wires inside. If you are using a wire cutter, do not cut the wire, just cut off the plastic coated part.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

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On the back of the wall lamp you will see three wires, black, white and yellow. You use black and white. yellow is ground You can wrap this end with adhesive tape.

Now at your branch You will notice that one side (the wire) is smooth and the other side is solid.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

When removing the white wire, wrap the wire with the hard side. When it’s all wrapped Secure it with wire wrap.

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Then bring the black wire to wrap the wire around the smooth side. After that your lights should work when you plug them in!

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

Once you’ve removed the yellow wire, you can use pliers to try to remove the metal behind it. Because you want the wall lamp to sit against the wall. So you want the wall lamp to be smooth.

Repeat these steps for the second candlestick. Using duct tape to hold everything in place and create your sign will help you rock the lights! Just hang the mirror and shine it on one side. I plug the cable into the source and press the red button when I want to turn on the light. To say I’m interested is an understatement. I’m so happy to have a place to organize my hair products, makeup and accessories. I’m nowhere near done with everything. But I didn’t plan to spend all my time here!

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

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You love it as much as I do! The best part is the price. The mirrors and lights will be under $80, which is good considering they cost around $400! If you decide to go for it, you should 100% love to see it!

I am currently working on a small gallery wall above the vanity. Stick to it! xoxo Coming up with creative storage solutions is one of my favorite things about design. in my opinion Are these overlapping interests or hobbies? Whether it’s art, cars, music or sports, drugs matter. Clean and tidy recreational areas get the creative juices flowing. Enables efficient startup and operation

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

A few months ago, my brother Alex started telling me about ideas for a decorative vanity he wanted to make for my sister-in-law Sarah. Beauty is by no means my area of ​​expertise, but medicinals are in high demand and some people are very interested. Of course I jumped on the bandwagon! Sarahi loves makeup and has been asking for a vanity for a long time. She signs up for every beauty show. So, as you can imagine, this girl has a lot of style and nowhere to hold it back.

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They settled into their new home. And lack of storage is a constant problem. But instead of telling her to remove all her makeup, Alex decides to surprise her with a custom-made vanity. which not only saves It also encourages her to use her talent and desire to decorate!

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

I started looking for ideas and found a table on the buy/sell/shop floor that looked sturdy and had lots of drawers. I knew I had to design the top and glass from scratch. So it’s good to start with a solid foundation and build from there. The paintwork was pretty bad, had to be stripped, sanded and repainted. Alex loved the way I decorated our farmhouse table and wanted to do the same for the dressing table.

After the painting is done the next step is to customize the drawer a bit. They weren’t in very long corridors. Therefore, what is behind the drawer is not easy to see or feel. It is very easy to turn it off. To make it work much better! My father also built an altar in the middle for additional storage. Adding a mirror stroke to the drawer is a very elegant way to apply foundation.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

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The drawers themselves do not have enough storage space. That’s why we decided to design the top with a vertical dresser and add a mirror. The top plate is made of two sheets of plywood, as it is suitable for vertical slots. and back plate for all closures Each cube has one built-in shelf to store units. and another layer on top to connect the cubic units. Additional layers can be customized. Add decorations on top. and use the iron to roll up the edge So the unfinished plywood side is not visible. We paint it in the same way as the base, leaving the middle part on the mirror.

Hollywood-style mirrors and lights top the must-have list. This vanity has been Sarah’s dream for a long time, so Alex can’t jump on that gorgeous mirror! However, Alex found a cheaper version with three bulbs. He bought two 36″ six-light strips and one 24″ four-light strip that we used to make the mirrors.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

We salvaged the bathroom mirror and cut it to size to fit the hole where the light was installed. Let’s paint the glass put the extension cord on the back and fasten the three screws (it looks complicated There is a hole in the back of the mirror to insert the tape on the wall. And because it’s a bit much So we decided to remove the bottom two lights. and cut out the hole for the light switch and dimmer switch on one side, then two.

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From figuring out how to use each drawer to finishing the shelves, Alex paid attention to every detail to create something Sarahi will love for a long time.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

We took the vanity to their house to get it set up and ready while Sarahi went shopping with her girlfriends. He didn’t know we were building it. Let alone prepare to show him when he gets home, but Alex manages to convince her to set up some decorations from the day before. It makes our job easier! All we do is put them in boxes and display things. The shelves are stocked with perfumes, nails, jewelry. and many others! Alex only bought two magazines. swivel dressing table and small table mirror for close-ups. Everything is waiting for you!

I would like to donate something cheerful for decoration.

How To Build A Makeup Vanity From Scratch

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