How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover – I’m five weeks away from my due date and I’m trying my best to finish the project before the baby arrives!

I wasn’t dying for anything specific for the nursery, but I knew I wanted a nice chair! I went shopping last fall and found that 1) fabric gliders are very expensive, and 2) they are usually not covered. I’m not willing to spend over $800 on a chair. I couldn’t believe that a piece of furniture used primarily for babysitting wasn’t covered! Doesn’t fabric stretch over time?!? I scoured Craigslist for weeks and finally found a $50 glider/recliner. When I went to test it, I found it to be the perfect size for my petite body and very comfortable. For Sale!

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Now comes the hard part, wearing a mask. I won’t tell you how to make a mask here – there are some very talented people out there with great tutorials. But I wanted to share some tips and tricks along the way that took my mask from “works” to “pro-style”! Don’t say I didn’t warn you: making a scarf isn’t easy, quick, or cheap (8 yards of fabric adds up fast!) but if you have the skills and patience, it can be very rewarding! This project cost $80 for the fabric, another $20 for materials like Velcro and elastic, and about 15 hours of labor.

Benchmaster Vittoria Flip Up Footrest Swivel Recliner With Adjustable Headrest

I googled the required threshold for the mask and ordered 8 meters. I have little more than a yard that I plan to turn into a parallel dog bed. If your fabric is directional (I can’t turn 90 degrees without losing my pattern), especially if it can only be placed in one direction (should be up), you need more fabric than recommended. Must order.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

The reason you wear a mask is to wash it off. Most linens are 100% cotton and recommend dry cleaning only. This is because they shrink. All these Cut a sample of your fabric and put it through the wash and dry cycle to see what it does. If it comes out well, wash and dry all your fabric before shrinking. I cut my laundry into two 4 meter pieces. My fabric shrank 5%. If I didn’t remove it first, it wouldn’t fit in the seat after the first wash!

If you’re short on fabric you can make smaller pieces from scraps at the end of your project, but you can’t get those big yards back when you cut them! First cut the pieces for the largest part of the cover. You won’t regret it!

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Corliving Recliner Chair With Extending Foot Rest, Dark Grey Fabric Lyn 596 R

I had two options for my fabric – designs with flowers in them and one without. I took photos with two fabrics on the center line of the chair and the floral design looked good. I made sure to use these shapes as the center line for the main part of the cover.

Why delete it billions of times? Attach the pattern to the chair! I wasn’t sure how to handle the odd shaped chair back, so I glued the flat back first and then covered the front until everything fit. I would never have made a design like this, but it was perfect when it was recorded.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Also, start with a nice bonus. If you have a 2-inch seam allowance to start with, you won’t have less fabric if you have to make adjustments later. You can cut them off when you are happy with the full coverage.

Fairfax Recliner & Footrest

My chair seat was removable and even had a removable cover. I removed it and used it as a pattern for the mask. Additionally, I removed the zipper from the original quilt and reused it in my quilt. Having a separate cushion cover makes the cutting board more professional. For the front “legs” of the chair, you can create a pattern on the paper by holding a piece of paper and gently tracing the edges with a pencil or nail file.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Most slipcovers fall into the foot stops. If you have a mask, you don’t need to work on the feet. You can fix this by making a small cover for the leg rest.

My hair is like hair, basically a long rectangular box with an elastic band around the edge. They still didn’t want to fit properly, so I added a velcro strap to the back to hold them in place.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Wade Logan® Felippe Vegan Leather Recliner

My seat doesn’t seem like a good candidate for a bottom skirt. To reinforce the edges, I velcroed the fabric around the bottom of the seat. One side of the Velcro was attached to the hood, and the other side of the Velcro was attached to the inside of the seat. This gave the finished product a nice and clean edge, but the slip cover was still 100% removable.

All raw stitches hidden inside the mask will be exposed when the mask is washed for the first time. You can avoid this by going over all raw edges with a zigzag stitch or serger.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

One of the reasons people list this chair for cheap on Craigslist is because the seat cushions are torn. This happens because the rubber layer breaks and the raw metal is exposed. I fixed this by customizing the lever for the slip cover. Look, it’s covered!

Foot Rest Cover

If you notice such problems before buying furniture, make sure you have an idea of ​​how to fix it. I knew I could fix it, so I didn’t worry about it!

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Look what happened! Perfect fit, clean lines, matching patterns – you can’t tell it’s a mask but an updated one. I can’t stay in this chair with my daughter for hours!!!

Hope these tips help you make a great cover for a chair that needs a little love! I’m really happy with how it turned out – for a fraction of the cost, I have a regular recliner/glider for the nursery and it’s washable!!! We share how to re-cover your feet.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Costway Recliner Chair Single Sofa Armchair Sleeper Lounger W/ Footrest Brown

I consider this quilting 101 because the technique works well for other simple projects with the same basic structure: foam board for a cushion, covered with your chosen material.

Before I get into the tutorial, I want to share some tips about my favorite fabrics to use when making quilts and quilts.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

When you’re changing something, you’ll get a lot of use, such as a dining chair; I recommend the oilcloth, especially if you have little ones!

Mcombo Large Power Lift Recliner Chair With Extended Footrest For Big

Oilcloth is a durable and waterproof option due to the strong weave and treatment (with boiled linseed oil) of the cotton.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Modern designers have recently used oil cloth and it can be found in very beautiful designs and patterns.

I especially love the Joanna Gaines line that appeared at Target over the summer as part of the Hearth & Hand collection.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Holden Dual Power Recliner

They are sold as tablecloths – but you and I both know that a nice large piece of cloth can be turned into many other things.

Now, if your project doesn’t involve a lot of messing around with the kids at the dinner table, you have more fabric options!

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

I feel for myself that my standards for clothing are higher than my standards for anything that has a purpose.

Luxury Velvet Recliner Chair Cover

So, a DIY wall hanging project may not only need to “look good,” but the fabric must feel good and be of good quality and durable.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

I’m one of those people who really wants to touch every option in a fabric store – I want to feel the texture and the weight, see how it wears and how it heals when stretched.

I guess the jury is still out on how the employees at the local fabric store feel about me and people like me! (I know I can’t be the only one!)

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

Easy Ways To Fix A Recliner Footrest So It Works In 2022

I would say that the mistake people make when choosing fabric for a nest or slipcover project is choosing a lightweight material.

(To give you an idea of ​​how much you might need, you’ll need about 1 and 1/2 sheets to cover an entire chair.)

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

As a material, they have a nice tight weave, a predictable quality, they are very soft, and they are nice to the touch!

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They often include the manufacturer’s monogram! I like to use them in my designs whenever possible.

How To Make A Recliner Footrest Cover

I also love that these hemp sheets aren’t pure white – they would definitely be difficult to clean.

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