How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop – Okay, so you've got some cabinets organized and you're wondering how to make your DIY kitchen island look professional? We got you.

Look, we've been doing this DIY for a while now and I feel like every time we finish a project we say it's our favorite. But this DIY kitchen island

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

Our amazingly large kitchen (not a modest brag, not meant for our tiny house) is waiting for an island, and we Who deny that? So we put three unfinished kitchen cabinets together and installed them on the floor (we did a tutorial this week since if you are wondering how to use this trick too).

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But there are only three cabinets on the floor, definitely not a tall cabinet, so we built the island to add the necessary support for the butcher's shelf and a simple bookcase. love for our cookbook.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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So we knew from the beginning that the bookshelf would support the shelf on the right side, but we needed to find a solution on the left side so that A) and B) wouldn't look the same. support from both sides.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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We took some pieces of 2×4 paper and made two large rectangles with pocket holes (but you can easily use screws if you prefer).

I won't give away the dimensions because it will depend on the position of your shelf and cabinets, but we knew we wanted to place the stand a few inches from the outside of the shelf, so we measured from the top. the cabinet. where the top of the table ends at the seat and subtract the required distance from the total width of the samples. Then simply the height as required is the same as the height of the cabinet.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

We copied our first 2×4 rectangle and put it together, it's just personal preference if we want the shelf to match the thickness of the bookshelf on the other side.

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We attach the 2 × 4 rectangles to the cabinet by driving a few screws into the frame from the inside of the cabinet.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

We used 1×8 for this. We have two pieces of paper equal to the full height of the main cabinet on one side and the other equal to the height of the main cabinet minus the height of the board (ours is a 1 × 6 piece ripped to the 4.5 inches). We have two shelves and we put the bottom shelf in line with the short side, using a level to make sure it is straight on the other side before we nail the 1×8 to the outside of the side. We have added another shelf in the middle of the space.

Finally, add a ¼ inch piece of plywood to the back of the bookcase using a nail gun and wood glue.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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Now you have a whole bookshelf. Take a piece of wood that you can cut to make a stand (we used three pieces of 2×4 cut to about 4.5 inches) and attach the bookshelf, making sure it's level with the front of the cabinet.

Slide the shelf to the bottom (it will probably fit, you may need to nail or hammer it in) and thread the back of the bookshelf into the cabinet. in many places.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

The bookcase looks great, but the rest is the stone. Using the same plywood you used for the back of the bookcase, cut one piece to cover the entire back of the cabinet where the chair is, one piece for the inside of the 2x support rectangle 4, one piece for the 2x. 4 for the front shelf and another for the 2×4 outside the island on the support side. Use the nail gun to hammer all the pieces into place.

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We run on the board 1×6, rip 4.5 “(rip, it means we run on the table, we see it from a distance, so it's 4.5” higher than 5, 5 “) on the entire outer part of the island.The outer part of the island, the sloping edges, looks more usable in all directions.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

I'll be honest: my plywood pieces are pretty bad. I cut the plywood using a jigsaw on the kitchen table and let me tell you the plywood is thin and brittle and so is my cut.

But don't worry: it's the end of your best friend. I eat a plate of unseasoned cheese and drink wine, then listen to the problems of unhappy boys. I really like it.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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The cuts are even on the edges, front and side panels, inside the seat and some decorative details on the seat. We just used nail guns to put everything together and hold it in place.

We filled all the holes with wood (mostly because we were crazy with that nail gun) and filled all the seams (also a lot because we used too much), but This step is very useful because it's very' in professional finishes.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

After the glue dried for a while and the wood filler turned white, we flattened the nail holes with a sanding block and then wiped everything to remove any dust.

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There you go, you have a new AF DIY kitchen island that looks like you paid thousands of dollars. Oh wait…. Are you sure. It is not painted and has no shelf. Yes, we will explain our usage in detail

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

Crayons next week. Spoiler: We love it and it's a perfect DIY game changer if you're looking for a new toy.

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How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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This post will show you how to make wooden signs that work well in a small space. It can give you a nice modern or boho look depending on how you want to use it!

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

We recently finished redoing our laundry room and the highlight is our geometric plywood shelf.

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In our old house, we glued two pieces of 3/4 inch plywood together to make a thick DIY plywood shelf in the laundry room.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

If you're like us, you probably hate having gaps in your washer and dryer. It prevents clothes from folding! Everything falls behind the device and will not be seen again.

In our new house, we made the laundry room a second room (after our son's room) because it was so messy.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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We created a practical plywood table top for folding clothes and we're going to show you how!

This pattern was used as a seal for us, but it would also work well on shelves of the same pattern – just add wrap ends and add legs of your choice!

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

If you know how to make a plywood board, you'll never lose a sock again! Well, at least it's not behind the dryer.

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Check out how we created this bathroom vanity for our boho laundry room and how we added some designer touches!

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

The first thing you need to know when making a plywood table is that it must be thick enough to withstand the weight you will be sitting on.

Thick plywood is less prone to cracking, especially if properly supported. For this project, we used 3/4 inch plywood on the bottom and 1/2 inch plywood on the top.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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With a free floating shelf like this one for our laundry room (one without legs), we screwed 3/4 inch pieces of plywood into the four wall studs. around the device to support the face. table.

The first step in any plywood deck is to create the base, a 3/4 inch thick board.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

For our boho laundry room, we wanted something more than a simple wooden shelf. We wanted something that reflected the natural style we were after.

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To achieve this look, we created a patterned top with strips of 1/2 inch thick plywood running in different directions.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

On top of the 3/4 inch base plate, we saw the whole design and started working. Draw any angle you want, then mark it on the pieces of paper.

To do this, we need to make a series of 1/2 inch plywood pieces to make the pattern.

How To Make A Table Out Of Countertop

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Because pushing the whole plate is difficult and unsafe.

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