How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker – When I shop at yard sales, I always look for potential in the items I see. You’d be surprised how often I find yard sales that are broken up and have a big FREE sign on top or a very low price. In most cases, these broken items are old or valuable if they were in good condition and in working order. One of my favorite FREE items was an organ from the 1890s that didn’t work but had so many parts that I had to salvage and restore parts. I have used this broken organ in many projects and some of them are still in our house. This DIY rocking chair recycling guide was one of the “broken” finds.

The top half of the chair was on top of the box, while the rest was inside the box.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

I didn’t mean to break this chair, but what an old tree

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Intellectually he had so much potential that I could not miss him. There are also some parts in the box that I will use for a separate project (two projects for the price of one!). 😉

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

The first thing we did was to seal the parts we want to use. It stains the wood a bit, which I like.

I then talked to Matt about making a “flower box” for the back seat. He looked at it and of course jumped into the boat. We can make it work.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

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We used furniture in a box to make a flower box. First I measured the size of the flower box and Matt cut it into pieces.

I then screwed the screen to the top of the wire fence. This way the soil stays in place and supports drainage.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

The moral of the story is… look beyond the obvious. Think outside the box and don’t give up on something just because it’s broken. There isn’t much you can do with an old chair, other than perhaps completely transform it. However, at some point you get tired of using the same old furniture and feel the need for a change. This does not mean that the seat has reached its useful life. You can, for example, turn it into a unique planter for your balcony or garden.

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It all starts with a simple way to remove the seat. Depending on the type of chair you have and its design, this section may vary. Either way, find a way to remove the seat completely to expose the frame or make a hole.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

Here’s how the process would work if you cut a hole in the chair seat. Start by moving in a circle centered on the chair. You can use a container or a large round container for this part. Then live somewhere inside the circle. Then continue with the second hole. Then you take your jigsaw and trace the inside of the circle. Cut in half and sand the sides. .

The type of chair you use for this project is up to you, so don’t feel obligated to find a wooden chair. Steel can work well. And if the chair looks really bad, you can put a new coat of paint on the frame before doing anything else. After exposing the frame and removing the seat, place a large planter inside.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

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The same treatment can be used for an old wooden chair, no matter how bad it is. You can make small improvements if you need to, like adding a few nails here and there, or gluing something to the bottom. Then take the paint and show it again. Wooden chairs usually have a nice and strong frame that can be seen when the chair is removed. So find a planter in the right size and place it in the middle. .

A rocking plant can look very attractive on a balcony. For such a project, you naturally need an old rocking chair. If you don’t have it, you can probably buy it cheaper. Clean well, sand and paint. Remove the padding if there is anything exposing the frame. Then you can attach a hanging basket to the frame and place the pots in it.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

The beauty of this project is not limited to the chair and planter. There are many options to choose from and although it is easiest to find a plastic or terracotta planter with a classic design, a wicker basket can look great and can also add a rustic feel to the whole design. You can spray paint the basket to match the chair.

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Since you are using an old chair for this project, it would be somewhat unnatural to try to hide its age. So if you feel it needs a new color, you can color it by sanding in the right places. For more information, see the Drawing Therapy Tutorial.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

Yes, there is another option you can choose from. This would work for a chair that looks very old and has a design to prove it. A good example can be found at Flatcreekfarm. The method used here is inspiring and beautiful. Rocks, jewels and stones create a very beautiful scene.

And if the conventional planter is too common and you want to try something while keeping the cost of the project as low as possible, check out Cottageatthecrossroads for an interesting idea. Take an old chair, remove the chair and put some wire mesh over the frame. Then place a basket full of flowers inside. Create your own outdoor furniture using free blueprints: step-by-step blueprints, shopping lists and scrapbooks, and video tutorials.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

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Can I use other sizes? Yes, as long as the seat cushion is approximately 20″ x 20″ and the back height is 24″, it is easy to change plans. If you have a “deep seat” (approx. 24 x 24 x 4-5″ thick), use the deep seat drawings here.

Do I need a lower back? No, you can add extra slats to your back without using a back pillow, or you can use a back pillow.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

Is it suitable for use as a dining room chair? Maybe, but the chairs are heavier than a dining room chair should be, so it’s not very easy to move back and forth. I would use this around a fireplace or with a sound table in the middle.

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Which wood should be used? Any 2×4 will do, cedar is the best option but will be expensive. Wood paneling works, just make sure you use the right look and finish.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

Which finish should be used? Any finish suitable for fences, decks, exterior shutters or doors will do. I do NOT recommend “film primer” as it can crack and peel off the wood as it ages and develops, use an opaque stain instead. Also avoid film-forming polymers, use clear or transparent paint instead. Plain water will do.

Can this furniture be used indoors? YES!!! We would like these chairs to be used in an interior with soft cushions!

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

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Ready to build your own? Free plans for this chair follow. Please share a picture if you build one, we love to see how your projects turn out!

Dimensions are shown in the drawing. The work and cushion measure 20″ x 20″ x 2-1/2″ (seat) and the back measures 20″ x 24″.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

2 – 2×4 @ 27-1/2″, all ends cut 5 degrees to square, long to short, ends equal

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When cutting a corner, position the miter saw up to 5 degrees from the corner and cut so that the ends are even and the length is slightly longer.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

The second part of the hand must be built in the same way as the first, but on a mirror. The easiest way is to tie it over the frame of the first arm using the appropriate straps.

On the front of the seat and on the side of the seat, with the seat frame on the floor, place spacers on your work surface and attach a 2×4 @ 20″ to the studs.

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

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I recommend adding fabric to the back, measured from your seat – 21-1/2″ was ideal for my cushions, even though the cushions are 20″ – because I calculate the back cushion from the depth created by folding the cushion. on the back seam.

When you have the back planks, the two middle planks are separate (you can see that).

How To Make A Regular Chair Into A Rocker

Lay the material 1-1/2″ thick and poke two holes on each side of the bag.

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