How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers – Today I’m happy to be a part of a DIY hop that’s all about seating. My DIY project was to cover an ugly office chair. It’s so comfortable, I can’t wait to trade it in for something cute.

You only need a few basic sewing skills to make this simple cover. You could do this with fabric glue, but I think it would take longer. This chair cover requires no skill beyond a straight stitch to join the edges of the fabric. I salvaged an old duvet cover, but a set of pillows would work just as well with this simple cover.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I decided to recycle the pillow because most of the seams are already done for you. If you don’t have extra pillows to recycle, you can buy a set to use. Flamingo P Stretch Office Chair Covers Computer Chair Universal Chair Cover Slipcovers Contemporary High Back Office Chair Covers Thick Checked Jacquard With 2 Arm Covers (off White, Large)

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How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I made a cover for the back and seat. Each can be made with one of the pillows.

First, measure the length and width of the back of the chair. Place the cushion cover over the back of the chair and make sure it is covered. Take the width of the back of the seat and add 1.25 inches to the skirt. Take the length of the seat and add 1.25 inches.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

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You will use two existing stitches for the pillow, one for the side and one for the bottom edge. Measure and mark the length of the seat from the bottom of the cushion. Add 1.25 inches for extra allowance.

Measure and mark the width of the seat from one side of the cushion. Add 1.25 inches for extra allowance. Cut the pillow top and side according to these measurements.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

After cutting the fabric, turn the pillow right sides together. Pin the two open sides together and sew along the two edges. Try to keep the felt less than 1/2 inch from the edge.

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After both stitches are sewn, turn the cover right side out and place it on the back of the chair.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

Covering the seat is a bit of a problem. If the seat is popular, there is a lot of stuff under the seat. Start by measuring the width and length of the chair.

Place a second pillow on the chair. Fold the ends so they wrap around the bottom of the seat.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

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Cut the width of the pillow to one side. Save the finished edge and use it as one side of the cover. The width should be the width of the seat and 1.25 inches. Place the fabric right sides together. Sew the other side together. There are now seat covers of the correct width.

Place the cushion on top of the chair and determine how much tape should cover the bottom of the chair. Place the fabric right sides together.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

Decide how much binding you want under the seat. I decided to use three. Pin the ribbon, reaching to the right side and inside of the excess fabric.

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Sew one end through the open end. Turn the fabric right side out and sew the ribbon the same way to the other side (with the ribbon on the right side of the fabric).

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

Turn the fabric so that right sides are facing each other again. Cover the other end by 2/3. Then, turning the fabric right side out, you can sew the remaining opening (or leave it open, under the seat). My dad lives by the motto: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is an understatement. But let’s call it frugal. She recently brought in this office chair for my dresser space, which is a huge upgrade from what I’ve been using (a metal folding chair) and the holes. I’m sure someone dropped it and he caught it. Thank you, Con Marie 😉

When I went into my closet the other day, fully prepared to “do some stuff,” I looked at the holes in this chair and then bought this beautiful fabric pillow (didn’t work. room). I couldn’t do any work until it was fixed! And by “it,” I mean this super cute couch cover! It only takes 30 minutes, less than a yard of fabric and elastic. Let me show you how easy it is to make a chair cover.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

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Start by pulling the fabric over the seat. Make sure the fabric hangs enough on either side so it wraps around the seat and is about 1″ below the seat. The next two pages will be longer.

Measure and mark the long ends of the fabric so that they wrap evenly around the chair.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I didn’t want tons of stuff piled up around the lid, so I made cushions in the corners for extra cohesion. Tuck the excess fabric under (the crease) at a corner and pin in place. Repeat for the remaining three corners. Necolorlife Office Chair Cover With Armrest Covers Velvet Computer Chair Cover Thick Stretchable High Back Desk Chair Covers For Universal Large Boss Rotating Chair,black

You will need 1/4″ wide elastic. I sew the elastic across the pillow and cut off the excess. Place the end of the elastic on the wrong side of the pillow and align the elastic with the pillow. Sew a stretch stitch to sew the ends of the elastic. When you sew to the pillow, the elastic will stretch as much as possible. Sew to about 1/2″. Cut off excess elastic.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

All of the chairs in this style are slightly different, but you can use this tutorial for all of them. For a more solid finish, you can sew a slat/gate on each corner. Aren’t the spare seats and spare seat fabric a bad idea? It makes a world of difference in the appearance of the space!

Need your sewing chair? Share your creations with us on Instagram I’ll show you how I transformed a boring (but very comfortable) desk chair with a custom cover and spray paint.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

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Also, check out the updates below that share what the chair looks like after two years of use.

Last Christmas, my mother-in-law gave Ken and I matching table chairs. We only have one and it is very broken.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I love it because it’s so (I mean) comfortable, it’s actually one of the best things I’ve ever had. My back feels so much better with this chair!

Inside Cover & Inserts

But it’s all dark and leathery and I feel like I’m stuck on it on hot days and it hurts when I get up 😛

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

The next day I decided to spray paint some polka dot fabric.

My main concern was to make a cover that can be easily removed and washed, because in the case of fabric, it gets dirty.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

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I used velcro and rubber on the seat and then removed them.

The couch had a few clothes under its arm, so it was time for a little update.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I’m an office-craftsman, so I’ll show you all the pieces I’m working on (I have 3 more projects right now)

Vantum Gaming Chair

Every chair is different, so if you’re looking to improve your own chair, I’ll give you some general advice.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I use about 4 yards of field cotton for the cover (but you’ll need to measure the height of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 yard of velcro, about 1 yard of 1/2″ elastic. .

First you need to define the surfaces you want to draw, in my case there were plastic parts and metal parts.

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So I bought a special sprayer for metal and another for plastic to completely cover each surface.

You have to tighten the seat with any tool, in my case the seat was ready to assemble with an allen key.

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

I separate all the different parts so I can spray depending on the material. Make covers for the seat, back and armrests.

How To Make A Cover For An Ugly Office Chair

The bay was the only one

How To Make Office Chair Arm Covers

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